A.W.A. Radiola Mica Condenser Coding391
A.W.A. Radiola 156Broadcast Model 15647
A.W.A. Radiola 251 & 303Dual-Wave Models 251 & 30356
A.W.A. Radiola 251 & 303Dual-Wave Models 251 & 30357
A.W.A. Radiola 251 & 303Dual-Wave Models 251 & 30358
A.W.A. Radiola 251 & 303Dual-Wave Models 251 & 30359
A.W.A. Radiolette 33Dual-Wave Model 3341
A.W.A. Radiolette 33Dual-Wave Model 3342
A.W.A. Radiolette 33Dual-Wave Model 3343
Airflow Not Identified241
Airmaster M30, T30Mantel and Console241
Airzone Tele-dial Tuner - Adjusting388
Airzone Tele-dial Tuner - Adjusting391
Airzone Teledial389
Airzone 1052AA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 1052A158
Airzone 1052AGA.C. Dual-Wave Radio-Gramophone Model 1052AG159
Airzone 1062AA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 1062A161
Airzone 1062AGA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Radiogram Model 1062AG163
Airzone 1062AGRadiogram Model 1062AG164
Airzone 1082AA.C. Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 1082A167
Airzone 1082AConsole Model 1082A168
Airzone 1152AA.C. Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 1152A160
Airzone 1252VVibrator-Powered Dual-Wave Console Model 1252V126
Airzone 1262UA.C./D.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 1262U165
Airzone 1262UDual-Wave Model 1262U166
Airzone 1352D1.4 volt Battery Dual-Wave Console Model 1352D155
Airzone 300Model 30022
Airzone 404/454Model 404/454370
Airzone 456Battery-operated Broadcast Console Model 456352
Airzone 464Battery-Operated Broadcast Console Model 464141
Airzone 505 and 515Models 505 and 51520
Airzone 5052 and Mantel 5056A.C. Broadcast Console Model 5052 and Mantel 505679
Airzone 5053, 5054A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Models 5053, 505480
Airzone 5055 and 5065A.C. Broadcast Table Radio-Gram Models 5055 and 5065162
Airzone 5060A.C. - Operated Model 5060139
Airzone 5066, 5076A.C. Dual-Wave Table R.-G. Models 5066, 5076169
Airzone 510/584A.C.-Operated Broadcast Console Model 510/58489
Airzone 553Broadcast Midget, Model 55354
Airzone 554Broadcast Mantel Model 55449
Airzone 554Model 55451
Airzone 556A.C. Operated Broadcast Model 55662
Airzone 558A.C. Operated Broadcast Model 55867
Airzone 560A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Mantel Model 560260
Airzone 570A.C.-Operated Broadcast Console Model 570272
Airzone 585 and 586Battery-Operated Broadcast Models 585 and 586261
Airzone 587 and 588A.C. Tele-Dial Broadcast Models 587 and 588390
Airzone 587, 588 Model 587, 588390
Airzone 591 and 5063Vibrator-Powered Broadcast Console Models 591 and 5063140
Airzone 592 and 5062Vibrator Dual-Wave Console Models 592 and 5062142
Airzone 650 Dual - Wave Receiver- The Magnificent Model 650 Dual - Wave Receiver90
Airzone 652, 658 Model 652, 658231
Airzone 652, 658A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Models 652, 658216
Airzone 652, 658A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Models 652, 658217
Airzone 6551AA.C.-Operated Broadcast Mantel Model 6551A133
Airzone 6553AA.C.-Operated Triple-Wave Mantel Model 6553A132
Airzone 6653 UA.C.-D.C. Operated Triple-Wave Mantel Model 6653 U131
Airzone 672Battery-operated Dual-Wave Console Model 672306
Airzone 673Vibrator-Powered Dual-Wave Console Model 673307
Airzone 6851 - VVibrator-Powered Mantel Model 6851 - V134
Airzone 750, 751Battery Dual-Wave Console Models 750, 751283
Airzone 803/850 Model 803/850290
Airzone 803/850A.C. Dual-Wave Console and Radiogram Model 803/850286
Airzone 804, 854A.C. Dual Wave Console Model 804, 854135
Airzone 850A.C. Operated Dualwave Model 85069
Airzone 850Model 85070
Airzone 854 and 854CModels 854 and 854C136
Airzone 854 and Radiogram 854CA.C. Dual-Wave Console Model 854 and Radiogram 854C136
Aristocrat 850 A.M.A.C.-Operated Broadcast Model 850 A.M.240
Aristocrat 850, 850MA.C. Broadcast Models 850, 850M193
Aristocrat 850M, 860, 855M, 867A.C. and Battery380
Aristocrat 851, 851MA.C. Dual-Wave Models 851, 851M206
Aristocrat 851, 851MModel 851, 851M209
Aristocrat 852 P.B.A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Model 852 P.B.243
Aristocrat 855Battery Broadcast Console Model 855266
Aristocrat 855MBattery Broadcast Mantel Model 855M381
Aristocrat 855MModel 855M382
Aristocrat 861A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Model 861255
Aristocrat 866Battery-Operated Broadcast Model 866255
Aristocrat 866Model 866256
Aristocrat 868 Model 868264
Aristocrat 868Battery Dual-Wave Console Model 868266
Aristocrat 881A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Model 881315
Astor 110Model 110278
Astor 123866386, Model 1238678
Astor 170Model 170278
Astor 550PModel 550P99
Astor 550P Series HDA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 550P Series HD100
Astor 77-Chassis Type DGBattery Model 77-Chassis Type DG218
Astor 77-DG Model 77-DG219
Astor 900-Series CEA.C.-Operated Broadcast Console Model 900-Series CE95
Astor BFMystery-Gram Wireless Record-Player - Series Model BF150
Astor CDAladdin-Series Model CD96
Astor CDAladdin D.C. Operated Dual-Wave Mantel-Series CD94
Astor HE/63866-volt Two-Unit Auto-Radio Model HE/638676
Astor HF/1238612-volt Two-Unit Auto-Radio Model HF/1238677
Breville 57 and 58A.C.-Operated Dual Wave Console Models 57 and 58106
Breville 59Battery Operated Broadcast Console Model 59105
Breville 81A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Mantel Model 81314
Breville 85A.C./D.C.-operated Dual-Wave Mantel Model 85314
Breville 89Vibrator-Powered Broadcast Mantel Model 89353
Breville 99A.C. Dual-Wave Console Model 100385
Breville 99A.C. Dual-Wave Console Model 99384
Breville 99Model 99385
Breville 99Radio Circuit Diagram Model 99383
Briton 10A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Model 10330
Briton 11A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Model 11374
Briton 11Model 11377
Briton 12DWSA.C./D.C.-operated Dual-Wave Model 12DWS232
Briton 4CD, 6CDA.C. Dual-Wave Models 4CD, 6CD214
Briton 4CD, 6CDA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Models 4CD, 6CD208
Briton 4DWS, 6DWSA.C. Dual-Wave Models 4DWS, 6DWS243
Briton 4DWS, 6DWSA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Models 4DWS, 6DWS242
Briton 6 B and 5BModel 6 B and 5B29
Briton 6ADA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Model 6AD209
Briton 6ADModel 6AD214
Briton 9A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model 9330
Briton 9 and 10A.C. Console Models 9 and 10329
Briton DWS4 DWS and 6Model DWS17
C.R.P.6 Circuit Arrangement, Trimmer Locations and Layout368
Calstan B4/5A.V.A.C. Operated Broadcast Model B4/5A.V.74
Calstan B4MA.C. Operated Model B4M72
Calstan D4/5A.V.A.C. Operated Dual-Wave Model D4/5A.V.74
Circuit 409GData-S.T.C. Model 409G172
Columbia C139A.C.-Operated Broadcast Mantel Model C139111
Columbia C139BBattery-Operated Broadcast Mantel Model C139B121
Columbia C239A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Mantel Model C239122
Columbia C439A.C.-Operated Broadcast Mantel Model C439144
Columbia C439B1.4 volt Broadcast Mantel Model C439B145
Columbia C889A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Mantel Model C889114
Columbus (part)385
Crown DW/6 Kit Box20
Crown Radio Components75
Crown DP3Type DP3 Tuning Unit Alignment370
Eclipse 523Croyden A.C. Broadcast Model 523219
Eclipse 583Croyden A.C. Dual-Wave Auto-Tuned Series Model 583354
Eclipse 606Croyden A.C. Dual-Wave Series Model 606233
Eclipse 617Croyden A.C./D.C. Broadcast Console, Series Model 617387
Eclipse 617Croyden Series Model 617386
Eclipse-Croyden 569 & 570A.C. Triple-Wave Series Model 569 & 570316
Eclipse-Croyden 583Series Model 583358
Eclipse-Croyden Series 313Battery Broadcast Series 31368
Eclipse-Croyden Series 539A.C. Dual-Wave Series 53968
Genalex 150Battery Broadcast Console Model 150336
Genalex 300A.C.-operated Broadcast Mantel Model 300325
Genalex BA.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model B337
Genalex BC135A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model BC135375
Genalex BC170 (modification)A.C. Broadcast Console Model BC170 (modification)377
Genalex BC170 (original)A.C. Broadcast Console Model BC170 (original)376
Genalex BC200A.C.-Operated Broadcast Mantel Model BC200296
Genalex BC2106-volt Broadcast Auto-Radio Model BC210355
Genalex BC225A.C. Broadcast Catkin 8 Model BC225297
Genalex BC245Battery Broadcast Console Model BC245298
Genalex BC250Battery 4-Band Console Model BC250299
Genalex BC260A.C./D.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model BC260300
Genalex BC265A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model BC265309
Genalex BC280A.C./D.C. Broadcast Console Model BC280308
Genalex BC285Battery-operated Broadcast Console Model BC285310
Genalex BC290A.C.-Operated Broadcast Console Model BC290318
Genalex BC295A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Model BC295319
Genalex BC3156-volt Broadcast Auto-Radio Model BC315326
Genalex BC325A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model BC325281
Genalex BC325Model BC325282
Genalex BC330A.C./D.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Model BC330331
Genalex BC360A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model BC360332
Genalex BC370A.C./D.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model BC370340
Genalex BC375Battery Broadcast Console Model BC375344
Genalex BC415Battery Dual-Wave Console Model BC415346
Genalex BC430A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model BC430362
Genalex BC435A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Model BC435363
Genalex BC440A.C.-operated Triple-Wave Console Model BC440369
Genalex BC440Triple-Wave Model BC440370
Genalex BC445A.C./D.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model BC445371
Genalex BC470Battery-Operated Broadcast Console Model BC470396
Genalex BC475Vibrator Dual-Wave Table & Console Models BC475398
Genalex BC480Battery Dual-Wave Table & Console Models BC48087
Genalex BC485Vibrator Broadcast Mantel & Console Models BC485400
Genalex BC6206/12v. Auto Radio Model BC620113
Genalex BC620Auto Model BC620115
Genalex BC685 and BC676V1.4v. Dual-Wave Console Models BC685 and BC676V116
Genalex BC685 and BC685V1.4v. Models BC685 and BC685V115
Genalex BC695Vibrator-Powered Broadcast Console Model BC695151
General 464EElectric A.C. model Talisman Model 464E16
General 654Electric A.C. Broadcast Mantel 254E, Console Model 654262
Generic Two Useful Battery-Operated Circuits40
H.M.V. 321 Service DataModel 321 Service Data129
H.M.V. 475, 500, & 515Models 475, 500, & 515340
H.M.V. 718, 719, 720Models 718, 719, 72036
H.M.V. 718, 719, 720Models 718, 719, 72037
H.M.V. 718, 719, 720Models 718, 719, 72038
H.M.V. 721, 722 & 723 Model 721, 722 & 723223
H.M.V. 721, 722, and 737A.C.-Operated All-Wave Models 721, 722, and 737221
Healing 36EBroadcast Model 36E33
Healing 446EDual-Wave Model 446E48
Healing 447MA.C.-operated Dual-Wave Midget Model 447M342
Healing 46BBattery-Operated Broadcast Model 46B60
Healing 47EA.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model 47E81
Healing 47MA.C.-operated Broadcast Midget Model 47M341
Healing 556EDual-Wave Model 556E53
Healing 55D32 v. D.C. Broadcast Console Model 55D287
Healing 55D32 Volt A.C. Broadcast Model 55D71
Healing 56EBroadcast Model 56E52
His Master's Voice 345 and 350Broadcast Models 345 and 35044
His Master's Voice 345 and 350Broadcast Models 345 and 35045
His Master's Voice 475, 500 & 51A.C. Dual-Wave Models 475, 500 & 51338
His Master's Voice 475, 500 & 515A.C. Dual-Wave Model Console 475 and Radiograms 500 & 515339
His Master's Voice 522 and 523A.C. Models 522 and 52364
His Master's Voice 651Vibrator-Powered Dual-Wave Radiogram Model 651127
His Master's Voice 651 Service DataModel 651 Service Data128
His Masters Voice V321ibrator Powered Dual Wave Console Model 321130
Hotpoint 457DE, 557DEBandmaster A.C. Dual-Wave Model Console 457DE, Mantel 557DE301
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 357MEA.C. Broadcast Console Model 357ME364
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 367DEA.C. Dual-Wave Console Model 367DE288
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 367DE 1937 ConsoleModel 367DE 1937 Console288
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 447DD & 547DDD.C. Dual-Wave Models 447DD & 547DD365
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 447DD & 547DDD/W Models 447DD & 547DD366
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 447MB, 547MBBattery Broadcast Models 447MB, 547MB291
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 447MV1937 Console Model 447MV290
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 447MVVibrator-Powered Broadcast Model 447MV290
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 549MBBattery Broadcast Console Model 549MB103
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 559DBBattery Dual-Wave Mantel Model 559DB104
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 559DEA.C. Dual Wave Mantel Model 559DE92
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 559DEModel 559DE93
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 559MEA.C. Broadcast Mantel Model 559ME91
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 657MEA.C. Broadcast Mantel Model 657ME302
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 867MV6 or 12v. Auto-Radio Model 867MV335
Hotpoint-Bandmaster 867MVAuto-Radio Model 867MV333
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D176BBattery Dual-Wave Model D176B267
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D186E, D186CA.C. Dual-Wave Models D186E, D186C249
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D186E, D186CModels D186E, D186C251
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D256DD.C. Dual-Wave Console Model D256D274
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D256DD.C. Dual-Wave Console Model D256D275
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D256DD.C. Model D256D276
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D256D (32 v.)Model D256D (32 v.)289
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D256D (32v.)Console Model D256D (32v.)294
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D266BBattery Dual-Wave Model D266B245
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D266BBattery Dual-Wave Model D266B270
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D266BDual-wave Model D266B244
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D276EA.C. Dual-Wave Console Model D276E280
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D276EA.C. Dual-Wave Console Model D276E285
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D356EA.C. Dual-Wave Model D356E284
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D356EA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Model D356E248
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D556EA.C. Dual-Wave Model D556E210
Hotpoint-Bandmaster D556EA.C. Dual-Wave Model D556E258
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M256BBattery Broadcast Model M256B234
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M256BModel M256B236
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M346BBattery Broadcast Model M346B235
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M346BBattery Broadcast Model M346B279
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M356EA.C. Broadcast Model M356E223
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M356EA.C. Broadcast Model M356E231
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M356UA.C./D.C. Broadcast Model M356U244
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M356UA.C./D.C. Broadcast Model M356U273
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M356UA.C./D.C. Model M356U242
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M546BBattery Broadcast Model M546B222
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M546BBattery Broadcast Model M546B259
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M656EA.C. Broadcast Model M656E207
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M656EA.C. Broadcast Model M656E211
Hotpoint-Bandmaster M656EA.C. Broadcast Model M656E213
Howard 731A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 73188
Howard 754Battery-operated Broadcast Mantel Model 75488
Howard 784Model 784295
Howard Type 784A.C. Band-Spread Console & Radiogram Models, type 784292
Jubilee 241
Kriesler 4K851.4 volt Broadcast Portable Model 4K85109
Kriesler 4K871.4 volt Dual-Wave Portable Model 4K87112
Kriesler 504Model 504387
Lekmek 514PA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 514P102
Lekmek 516C and Mantel 516MBattery Broadcast Console Model 516C and Mantel 516M101
Lekmek 54-BBattery Broadcast Model 54-B230
Lekmek 540, 402, 430V, 541T1938324
Lekmek 705Battery-Operated Dual-Wave Model 705225
Magnavox 6A7 Pentagrid191
Monarch 955 - Series CEA.C.-Operated Broadcast Console Model 955 - Series CE98
Monarch EC/954A.C.-operated Broadcast Midget Series Model EC/954373
Mullard Master Radio220
Mullard 72Battery-operated Broadcast Console Model 72311
Mullard 80, 80AA.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Models 80, 80A293
Mullard 81A.C.-Operated Tele-Tune Dual-Wave Console Model 8197
No Identification190
Paramount 6-7 Valve Dual-Wave Superhet236
Paramount A.C. 8/9 All-Wave-Tuner Section320
Peal 62UCAC/DC Dual Wave Console Model 62UC184
Peal 62UCAC/DC Dual Wave Console Model 62UC185
Peal P6551AA.C.-Operated Broadcast Mantel Model P6551A125
Peal P6552AA.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Mantel Model P6552A157
Peal P6641AA.C.-Operated Broadcast Mantel Model P6641A156
Peal P6752D1.4 Volt Dual-Wave Mantel Model P6752D180
Peal P6851-VVibrator-Powered Mantel Model P6851-V176
Philco A.C.-Operated Broadcast Consoles 40/51 and 41/51179
Philco A.C./D.C. Dual Wave Consoles 40/53U and 41/53U183
Philco 40-40 and 41-40A.C.-Broadcast Midgette Models 40-40 and 41-40170
Philco 40-41A.C. Operated Dual-Wave Mantel Models 40-41182
Philco 40-4B and 41-4B1.4 volt Broadcast Mantel Models 40-4B and 41-4B173
Philco 40-4MV and 41-4MVVibrator-Powered Broadcast Mantel Models 40-4MV and 41-4MV177
Philco 40-4X and 41-4X1.4 v. Broadcast Console Model 40-4X and 41-4X175
Philco 40/65 and 41/65A.C. Dual Wave Consoles Models 40/65 and 41/65189
Philco 653A.C. Broadcast Model 653193
Philco 653A.C. Operated Broadcast Model 653192
Philco 654, 654D Model 654, 654D214
Philco 654, 654DA.C.-Operated Broadcast Models 654, 654D215
Philco 656A.C.-Operated Dual Wave Model 656237
Philco 656 Duplex Model 656 Duplex344
Philco 656-DuplexA.C. Dual-Wave Console Model 656-Duplex347
Philco 667 Model 667321
Philco 667 Model 667322
Philco 667A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Model 667323
Philco 66XBattery-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 66X321
Philco 696 Model 696239
Philco 86VBVibrator-Powered Model 86VB110
Philco 86VBVibrator-Powered Spread-Band Console Model 86VB107
Philips Radioplayer Model ?188
Philips 3250ARadioplayer Model 3250A186
Philips 3250ARadioplayer Model 3250A187
Philips 6517Radioplayer Model 651745
Philips 6620Radioplayer A.C./D.C. Broadcast Model 6620226
Philips 6620Radioplayer A.C./D.C.-Operated Broadcast Model 6620224
Philips 666ARadioplayer A.C. Dual-Wave Console Model 666A108
Philips 6709Radioplayer Model 6709252
Philips' 5511Radioplayer Battery-Operated Broadcast Model 551165
Philips' 6500Radioplayer A.C. Broadcast Console Model 6500276
Philips' 6505Radioplayer A.C. Broadcast Model 6505247
Philips' 6506, 6507Radioplayer A.C. Broadcast Models 6506, 6507285
Philips' 6709Radioplayer Dual-Wave Model 670934
Philips' 6709Radioplayer Dual-Wave Model 670935
Philips' 6709Radioplayer Dual-Wave Model 670939
Philips' 6709Radioplayer Dual-Wave Model 6709250
Philips' A & 5500Radioplayer A.C. Broadcast Models A & 5500343
Racophone 9169Model 916925
Radiokes KitsAll-Wave Kits 5 Valve Battery Model14
Radiokes Type 12-42All-Wave Kits Type 12-4214
Radiokes Type 12-44All-Wave Kits Type 12-4414
Radiokes Type 12-89All-Wave Kits Type 12-8914
Radiokes Type 12-89All-Wave Kits Type 12-8914
Radiola 136, 139A.C. Operated Broadcast Console Models 136, 139304
Radiola 138Battery-operated Broadcast Console Model 138305
Radiola 141A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model 141327
Radiola 144A.C./D.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model 144328
Radiola 145Battery-operated Broadcast Console Model 145313
Radiola 146Battery-Operated Broadcast Model 146228
Radiola 147Battery - Operated Broadcast Model 147239
Radiola 148A.C.-Operated Broadcast Model 148254
Radiola 151A.C.-Operated Broadcast Model 151246
Radiola 152Battery Broadcast Console Model 152264
Radiola 157Battery Broadcast Model 157192
Radiola 157Battery-Operated Broadcast Model 157195
Radiola 157Battery-Operated Broadcast Model 157202
Radiola 157Model 157196
Radiola 160A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model 160357
Radiola 170A.C.-Operated Broadcast Console Model 170118
Radiola 170Model 170119
Radiola 171Auto - Tuned A.C. Broadcast Console Model 171117
Radiola 171Model 171119
Radiola 171Model 171120
Radiola 172A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 172154
Radiola 172Model 172152
Radiola 173Auto-Tuned A.C. Dual-Wave Console Model 173153
Radiola 173Model 173152
Radiola 174B and 174VMedium-Wave Console Models 174B and 174V149
Radiola 174B and 174VModels 174B and 174V146
Radiola 175B and 175VDual-Wave Console Models 175B and 175V148
Radiola 175B and 175VModels 175B and 175V147
Radiola 176D.C.-Operated Dual Wave Console Model 176138
Radiola 176 Circuit DataModel 176 Circuit Data137
Radiola 241A.C.-Operated Triple-Wave Console Model 241265
Radiola 242A.C. Triple-Wave Console Model 242263
Radiola 242A.C. Triple-Wave Model 242262
Radiola 243Battery Triple-Wave Console Model 243268
Radiola 243Battery Triple-Wave Model 243263
Radiola 246Battery-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 246282
Radiola 253Battery-Operated Dual-Wave Model 25363
Radiola 258D.C. Triple-Wave Model 25885
Radiola 258D.C.-operated Triple-Wave Console Model 25884
Radiola 76Battery Broadcast Model 76272
Radiola 92, 273, 199, 275, 282, 313, 36ZVarious361
Radiola 92X and 92YA.C. Operated Broadcast Mantel Models 92X and 92Y143
Radiola Coil Connections for 1936 & Radiolette Broadcast Models - Coil Connections for 1936 213
Radiolette 27, 47A.C. Broadcast Model Mantel 27 and Console 47303
Radiolette 28, 68A.C. Broadcast Model Mantel 28 & Console 68312
Radiolette 29, 71A.C. Broadcast Models 29, 71205
Radiolette 40, 43 Model 40, 43360
Radiolette 40, 43D.C. Dual-Wave Model Mantel 40 & Console 43356
Radiolette 57A.C./D.C. Broadcast Console Model 57294
Radiolette 67Battery Broadcast Console Model 67295
Radiolette 70Battery-Operated Broadcast Model 70204
Radiolette 72D.C.-Operated Broadcast Model 72227
Radioplayer 6505 Model 6505246
Radiotron 5-6 Valve AC-DC Receiver32
Raycophone 53AEA.C. Broadcast Model 53AE230
Raycophone 53AEA.C. Broadcast Model 53AE258
Raycophone 54PEA.C.-Operated Broadcast Model 54PE256
Raycophone 83s.b.Model 83s.b.15
Soldering Notes (part)361
S.T.C. A.C. Broadcast Consoles 505G and R/G 505K174
S.T.C. 409GVibrator-Powered Broadcast Console Model 409G171
S.T.C. 45BBattery-Operated Broadcast Model 45B238
S.T.C. 5017A & 5017BA.C. Broadcast Mantel Models 5017A & 5017B348
S.T.C. 5018Model 5018395
S.T.C. 5018C & Consoles 5018E, GA.C. D/W Mantel Model 5018C & Consoles 5018E, G393
S.T.C. 5028HA.C. Broadcast Console Model 5028H319
S.T.C. 5028HA.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model 5028H320
S.T.C. 541HBattery-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 541H181
S.T.C. 570D, 572D and 577DA.C./D.C.-Operated Broadcast Models 570D, 572D and 577D253
S.T.C. 577A, 578AA.C.-Operated Broadcast Models 577A, 578A229
S.T.C. 629G and R/G 529GA.C. Dual-Wave Console Model 629G and R/G 529G178
S.T.C. 778A.C. Dual-Wave Model 778271
S.T.C. 778A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 778269
S.T.C. 77BBattery-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model 77B257
S.T.C. 77BBattery-Operated Dual-Wave Model 77B259
S.T.C. 5018Model 5018393
Sterling 10C and 12CBroadcast Models 10C and 12C24
Sterling 10C and 12CBroadcast Receivers Models 10C and 12C23
Sterling S5A and S5MDual Wave Models S5A and S5M24
Sterling S5A and S5MDual Wave Receivers Models S5A and S5M23
Stromberg 532Carlson Model 532 - Superhet All Electric 4 Valves & Rectifier11
Stromberg-Carlson 355Broadcast Model 35526
Stromberg-Carlson 355 and 355ABroadcast Models 355 and 355A66
Stromberg-Carlson 407Battery Broadcast Console Model 40785
Stromberg-Carlson 47Battery Broadcast Mantel Model 47389
Stromberg-Carlson 47Battery-Operated Broadcast Mantel Model 47392
Stromberg-Carlson 496, 436A.C. Broadcast Models 496, 436194
Stromberg-Carlson 505Battery Broadcast Model 505197
Stromberg-Carlson 506Battery Broadcast Model 506196
Stromberg-Carlson 536Model 53628
Stromberg-Carlson 588Dual-Wave Model 58846
Stromberg-Carlson 633 (S/C) and 693 (Audiola)Receivers Model 633 (S/C) and 693 (Audiola)18
Stromberg-Carlson 634 (S/C) and 693 (Audiola)Receivers Model 633 (S/C) and 693 (Audiola)19
Stromberg-Carlson 636AC-DC Dual Wave Model 63631
Stromberg-Carlson 636Dual-Wave Model 63655
Stromberg-Carlson 703 Model 703268
Stromberg-Carlson 703Battery Broadcast Console Model 703271
Stromberg-Carlson 836A.C.-D.C. Dual-Wave Model 83661
Stromberg-Carlson D7A.C. Dual-Wave Mantel Model D7349
Superheterodyne First Detectors & Oscillators391
Tasma 135Broadcast Model 13550
Tasma 135Model 13551
Tasma 190Battery-Operated Broadcast Model 190199
Tasma 210Six-Volt Auto-Radio Model 210198
Tasma 335Battery Operated Dual Wave Model 33530
Tasma 335Battery Operated Dual Wave Model 33556
Tasma M150 Battery Operated 8 ValvesSuperheterodyneModel M150 Battery Operated 8 Valves13
Tasma M190 Battery Operated 5 ValvesSuperheterodyne Model M190 Battery Operated 5 Valves12
Tasma M245Battery-operated Broadcast Console Model M245372
Tasma M250Battery-Operated 4-Band Console Model M250367
Tasma M260A.C./D.C. Broadcast Console Model M260378
Tasma M265A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model M26583
Tasma M280A.C./D.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model M28086
Tasma M290A.C.-Operated Broadcast Console Model M290399
Tasma M295A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model M295397
Tasma M300A.C.-operated Broadcast Mantel Model M300379
Tasma M365Superheterodyne Model M365 4 Valves and Rectifier27
Tasma M375Battery-operated Broadcast Console Model M375334
Tasma M415Battery-operated Dual-Wave Console Model M415322
Tasma M430A.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model M430350
Tasma M435A.C.-operated Dual-Wave Console Model M435358
Tasma M440A.C.-operated Triple-Wave Console Model M440359
Tasma M440Triple-Wave Model M440360
Tasma M445A.C./D.C.-operated Broadcast Console Model M445351
Tasma M475Model M475395
Tasma M475Vibrator-Powered Dual-Wave Console Model M475394
Tasma M480Battery-Operated Dual-Wave Console Model M480395
Tasma M480Model M480395
Tasma M485Vibrator Broadcast Mantel & Console Model M48582
Tasma M695 & M595CVibrator-Powered Broadcast Models M695 & M595C123
Trade Gossip Feb 13 1947124
Valve The Mystery of the Burnt-out Tube345
Velco EV 524, CLEV524, CL241
Weldon Radio Clock 1938317
Weldon 1/36, 5/36A.C. Broadcast Models 1/36, 5/36201
Weldon 13302A.C.-Operated Broadcast Model 6/36200
Weldon 5/36BBattery Broadcast Model 5/36B73
Weldon 5/36MA.C. Operated Dual-Wave Model 5/36M73
Weldon 6/36 D.W.A.C.-Operated Dual-Wave Model 6/36 D.W.203
Weldon 7/35BModel 7/35B21
Weldon 7/36BBattery Broadcast Model 7/36B212
Weldon 8/36MEA.C.-Operated Broadcast Model 8/36ME212
Westinghouse 458Battery Dual-Wave Console Model 458277