HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 07/04/2018
Condition codes (as provided by the sellers):
DO: Display Only, EC: Excellent Condition, FC: Fair Condition, GC: Good Condition, NIB: New in Box, NOS: New Old Stock, NW: Not Working, PC: Poor Condition, PO: Perfect Order, R: Restorable, RW: Requires Work, U: Untested/Unknown, VGC: Very Good Condition, W: Working.

1Operatic radio model A12-32 volt with electronic vibrator GC W 44Rapar AC Bridge BR8GC W
2AWA Radiola 428 MA cream Bakelite FC U 45Dick Smith Receiver D2833FC U
3Timber console radio 5 valve battery model 157 made 1936GC W 46Healing console radioFC U
4RCA 100B loud speaker GC W 47valve testerFC U
5one box of power transformersGC W 48Timber Radio unknown brandGC U
6one box of valvesGC U 49AWA timber radio table setFC U
7AWA mantle radio model B15GC W 50Regal 1937 Tombstone radio restoredGC W
8AWA Radiola Burgundy mantel radio FC U 51Astor loaf of bread and butter GC U
9Rambler cream portableFC U 52Aristone mantle radio ivoryGC W
10Kriesler mantle model 11-81GC W 53Precedent mantle radio brownGC W
11Breville table radio 5 valve timber caseGC W 54Arvin mini radio 110VGC U
12Box of vintage telephone and speaker partsFC U 55Philco mantle radio brownGC W
13Box of old telephone partsFC U 56Box of assorted valvesGC U
14Two replacement headphone cable 6 metres and 8 mtres NOS PO 57Box of seven hard bound radio booksGC U
15HP 412A VTVM (DC probe not well but works)FC W 58AWA chassis and speakerFC U
16Advance P1 signal generator ( slight damage to front panel )FC W 59Box of assorted manuals FC U
17Kriesler 11-99 mantle radioGC W 60Six valve chassisFC U
18Astor M5D mantle radioGC W 61Sencore Mighty Mite valve tester and transformerGC W
19Rambler TR6000 mantle radioFC W 62Box of 12 early valvesGC U
20Velco PAGC W 63Minifone wire recorderFC U
21Kriesler mantle model 11- 81AGC NW 64Astor personal portable radiofFC U
22Mullard 5 valve Dual wave radioGC NW 65Telstra split section telephone displayGC U
23Philips Radio Player Chassis 6 valve dual waveGC U 66Astor model GS Widows Peak radioGC W
24Kriesler mantle model 11-81AGC U 67Philips radioGC NW
25Quadraphonic Amp 1.5 twin carb amplifierFC U 68kriesler beehive radioFC NW
26AR21 RAAF receiver with power supplyFC U 69Eumig recorderFC U
27Panoramic Radio Spectroscope SA-1 ( vintage )GC U 70Box of old radio parts GC U
28Gyro test unit GC U 71Box of 32 early Telephony filmsGC U
29Box mixed radio parts GC U 72Standard Micronic Ruby RadioGC NW
30Mutual conductance valve tester DSRI NZ radio development labGC U 73Admiral valve radioGC W
31Box books various including ARRLGC U 74Box of Novalty transistor radios most workGC W
32Spare valve box Army No5 ZA10418GC W 75Box of nine early valvesGC U
33240V Wall mount UPS works but needs battery FC  76Sanyo Transworld model 18H-815 grand radio GC U
34Velco sound equipment Valve Amp ( AJ veal )FC U 77Ferris power portable radio transistor radio AC/DCFC W
35Kingfisher 65 transceiverGC U 78Kriesker model 11-99 mantle radio GC W
36Airzone Battery radio model 525GC U 79Kriesler madel 41-45 transistor radioFC W
37National RF5000-B ( elaborate transistor set )GC U 80Philips model PP1 transitor radioFC W
38JVC CD4 Disk Model 4DD-5GC U 81Pye midel TM-7 Ranchero transistor mantle radioFC W
39Erricson 24V switch mode Power SuppliesFC U 82Philips model PL1 transistor portable radioGC W
40STC valve PA nice condition workingGC W 83AWA model B29 eight transistor portableFC W
41Philips EV4437 PA AmpGC U 84Philips model MT6 transistor radioGC U
42Heathkit HW-17 2M transceiverGC U 85National Panasonic 8 transistor radio AC/DC woth power leadGC W
43Siemens selective receiver 200HZ to 18MHZFC U 86Ferris model 254 car portable picnic modelGC U

HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 07/04/2018

87Astor Airchief car portable picnic modelGC U 130Hotpoint mantle radio cream colour GC W
88Philips model RC291 transistor portableGC W 131Kriesler maroon colour FC W
89HMV Sprite transistor radio portableGC W 132Hotpiont mantle radio maroon colourFC W
90HMV Sprite MK11 transistor portableGC W 133Philips mantle radio cream colour FC U
91crystal set home brewGC W 134Airzone cathedral with step down transformerEC W
92Healing MBR 10 transistor radoGC W 135Philips mantle radio Model 147EC W
93Brunet headphones 2000 Ohms impedenceFC NW 136Astor mantle model BPJGC W
94GE chassis GC NW 137Vintage crystal set circa 1920/30EC U
95Philco Safari solid state TV works needs mirror and glassFC W 138Optimus potable PA Model 32-1160FC W
96Philips TA155 2 inch Oscilloscope parts or repairFC U 139Genac 3 band portable 1 fet 2 IC 7TR - mod GRC-457 FWEC W
97AVO model 7 multimeter parts or repairFC RW 140Revex Mod W 540 - SWR and Power meterNOS W
98AT5 transmitter complete no valves AR8 receiver most valvesGC U 141Drager gas detector Mod Combiwarn 50GC U
99Flying doctor hybrid valve/transistor HF TransceiverFC U 142Kriesler tablegram model 179. turntable requires attentionFC W
100AN/ARC-3 Transmitter x 2 ( one complete ) Receiver x 1 (complete )GC U 143AWA extension bakelite speaker with volume controlEC W
101240V-120V multitap autotransformer GC U 144Vintage valve tester circa 1930'sGC U
102Two x Car Cassette/radiosGC U 145Panasonic portable cassette player model RQ 2101EC W
103NationalRQ102 R-R tape recorder with Arlec battery chargerFC U 146Wireless magazine No65 June 1930EC W
104BWD 820 dual-trace oscilloscope GC W 147AWA Radiola clock radio Mod 563M colour greyFC U
105Telequipment D83 dual-trace oscilloscope FC U 148Philips radio gram Chassis Mod 4462 & speaker Made for OrchestrelleGC U
106K142 Vacume tube voltage multimeter FC U 149JVC-Pair 2 way speaker units - Mod MSB 206UAEC W
107RVT322 dual millivoltmeterGC W 150Astor Mickey OZGC U
108Box of AC and DC plugpacks some okay and some notFC U 151Bundept Horn SpeakerVGC W
109Box of mains and data cablingFC U 152Astor Mickey model DL crack in marble cabinetFC U
110Wayne Kerr bridge CT492GC U 153Early wooden cone speakerGC W
111H.P. signal generator model 606BGC W 154AWA black Empire State cabinet onlyVGC PO
112Heathkit TV alignment generatorGC W 155Stunning Oriental Oak speaker box c/w speakerVGC W
113Astor radio model JJ painted GC U 156Radiola egg crate radio cream cabinetFC U
114Astor radio plastic cabinetGC U 157Early cone speakerEC W
115PMG power suppl 240V to 48V DCGC W 158Freshman masterpiece 1920's 5 valve radioEC U
116A&R power supply 0-25 DC 0-18V ACGC W 159Early Metro Cone speaker with unique volume control in metal frameVGC W
117Leader LSG 20 Signal generator deluxGC W 160Small Brand Brown Horn SpeakerVGC W
118Marconi AM/FM signal generator 7F/995B/5GC W 161Healing tombstone radioGC U
119Birko soldering ironGC W 162Toy GramophoneGC U
120Zenith signal generator model 572GC W 163Astor JJGC U
121Gibson Girl life boat transmitterGC U 164did not showGC U
122HMV Super 5 mantle radioGC W 165did not showGC U
123Stromberg Carlson mantle radioFC NW 166did not showNOS W
124Astor model 3PM mantle radioGC W 167did not showVGC W
125Cream painted manantle radio 1 knob missingGC W 168did not showVGC W
126Kriesler Beehive brown bakeliteGC W 169did not showGC W
127Large Astor mantle GC W 170did not showNOS W
128Stromberg Carlson cream colour one knob missingGC W 171did not showNOS W
129Tecnico AristocratGC W 172did not showNOS W

HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 07/04/2018

173did not showNOS W 216One box containing 31 Edison music cylindersVGC W
174AVO MK111 valve tester fully calibrated and tested with valve manualVGC W 217Paton valve tester calibrated and fully tested with valve manualGC W
175Tasma Baby model 180VGC W 218Large Variac GC W
176Crosely small tombstone 110VGC U 219Army communications reciverGC W
177Healing model 44 tombstone GC W 220Murphy multi band table model radioGC W
178Breville timber table modelGC W 221Paton ET3 valve tester GC W
179Echophone cathedral 240VGC U 222Sony transistor radioEC W
180Airmaster mantle radioVGC W 223Military BC211B frequency generator built in power supplyGC U
181General Electric DuetteVGC W 224Philips Philoscope GC U
182Mullard model 40VGC U 225HMV Range Master radioGC W
183AWA Radiolette empire state stunning cabinetVGC W 226Astor mickey radioGC W
184GE model K64 110VGC U 227Philips Record playerGC U
185Monarch model DKLEC W 228Power Visa 100G power monitorGC NW
186AWA big brother Empire stateVGC W 229Astor model TVI Oscilloscope restored with manualGC W
187Airzone star model 520 crack in cabinetFC U 230Leader model LBO - 586-IA waveform monitorGC NW
188Genelex model 505VGC U 231BC 312M receiverGC U
189Astor radio model HQ green bakelite cabinetGC W 232AWA F240 Noise and Distortion Meter and ManualGC U
190Astor mickey model ECGC W 233T.E.S model MC66IC field strenght meter with circuitsGC U
191Healing model 404E green bakelite cabinetVGC W 234Racal RA7915 crystal locked receiverGC U
192AWA Fret and Foot paintedPC U 235did not showGC U
193Atwater Kent model 708 table modelGC U 236HP model 5245L electronic counter with handbookGC U
194Healig model 401EVGC W 237HP plug modules for 5245L.5262A.5261A 5275A 5238A with H.Books GC U
195Healing mantle radio red FC U 238AWA universal bridge type A56048GC U
196Healing cream mantle FC U 239Five gang tuning capacitor with gear box.GC W
197Aristone mantle radioFC U 240Zenith modulated oscillator GC U
198Philips Mantle radio model 3041BPC U 241Dick Smith CRO model Q-1280GC W
199Stromberg Carlson mantle radioGC U 242AWA portable valve radio model 451 ZGC U
200 Astor AR Baby cabinet damaged chassis goodPC U 243Panasonic s-33 DVD-CD playerNOS W
201Philips valve radio model 196GC U 244Fernsig 5010w wall mounted industial telephone NOS W
202Astor mantle radio GC U 245Mullard 1052C working and similar Philips battery only untestedFC U
203Healing mains or battery radioFC U 246Box containg six radios three working. FC RW
204Stromberg Carlson radio model 5A36GC U 247Very small Morse Key 50MM x 30MMVGC W
205Astor GN mantle VGC U 248Monarch DKL cream colour Cabinet onlyVGC U
206Philips mantle radio model 138GC U 249Mega tester Japanese perhaps WW11 vintage FC U
207Philips radio in home made cabinetGC U 250STC waterfall model 4110 cream colour small crack in cabinetGC W
208Philips transistor mantle radioGC U
209AWA mantle radio model 516MVGC U
210HMV mantle radio model C13CVGC U
211Airzone cubVGC U
212Monarch model DKLFC U
213AWA Radiola VGC U
214Kriesler model 11-99FC U
215 Taylor Valve tester Model 45C Fully calibrated and tested with manualVGC W

Program by Ron Soutter for the HRSA Australia.