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  • Saturday, 4th November 2017 12:00 Melbourne/Auction at STIRLING THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE, 44-60 JACKSONS RD, MULGRAVE, Melway 80 K3.

  • Saturday, 4th November 2017 14:00 Canberra/Meeting Biennial Bumper meet at Elwin Bell's home. Great hospitality, huge auction, and tour of an off-the-planet collection. For directions/details, watch Radio Waves.

  • Saturday, 11th November 2017 10:00 North Coast NSW/Workshop At Barry's place.

  • Saturday, 18th November 2017 14:00 Melbourne/AGM The AGM has been moved to November 18, so the forms and notice can be in the Radio Waves to be delivered in a few weeks. Map

  • Sunday, 26th November 2017 13:00 North Coast NSW/Meeting Philips HOST JOE & Margarate BASS.

  • Saturday, 2nd December 2017 12:30 Melbourne/Event Bill's Garden party. Includes crystal set display and contest & project display. Map Opens at 12:30.

  • Saturday, 2nd December 2017 9:00 Sydney/Meeting Members Swap Meeting 9 AM. Bring and Buy-Setup your own table. Mini auction if required. Map

  • Saturday, 9th December 2017 10:00 North Coast NSW/Workshop At Ron's place.

  • Saturday, 20th January 2018 14:00 Melbourne/Meeting Presentation By Alan CASE St Michael's Primary School Cnr. High street and Victory Boulevard, Ashburton.

  • Every Sunday 20:30 Amateur Radio Net There are a number of active radio amateurs in the HRSA and the net is held every Sunday night at 2030 AEST on 3.575 MHz LSB, when QRM permits, or a nearby clear frequency. Join the net if you can but if not, at least listen in from time to time.
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    • External Event may clash with HRSA events. Of interest to some members.

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    The HRSA is an organisation catering both for those interested in Australia's radio heritage and those collecting or restoring vintage radio equipment of all types. Its activities centre round its quarterly magazine, "Radio Waves" as well as holding regular meetings and sales round the country. A free sample copy of "Radio Waves", that for October 2010, can be downloaded here. It is quite a large pdf (22Mb) so may take some time to complete. Please peruse this site for other details of the HRSA as well as some information on vintage radios. Click here for details of membership.

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