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Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
1Jul-8203HistoryFultographFultograph. Still pictures by radio (Ray Kelly)
1Jul-8205ValvesDataValve data for UK types in 1927 (ex The Wireless Constructor)
1Jul-8207Book reviewSth AustraliaA History of Radio in South Australia (John F Ross)
1Jul-8207Book reviewAust PioneersAustralia's Radio Pioneers (Electronics Australia May-Aug 1974)
1Jul-8207Book reviewPhilipsIllustrated History of Philips Valves to 1935 (Fin Stewart)"
1Jul-8207Book reviewEarly WirelessThe Early Days of Wireless, (Amateur Radio Action Vol 4 iss 12,13)
1Jul-8207RestorationTipsWorkbench tips (Ray Kelly)
1Jul-8208ValvesLiebenFirst High vacuum tube? (Electron Tube History)
1Jul-8209History (Australia)PoliceVictorian Police wireless patrol
1Jul-8209TheoryHF BeamsSW Radio in 1950: Predictions by Lee De Forest in 1928
2Oct-8202TheorySuper-regenSuper-regeneration - Part 1
2Oct-8204ProfileWallaceObituary: Miss F V Wallace
2Oct-8208HistoryMilestonesHistory Milestones
2Oct-8209ValvesCold CathodeCold cathode tubes
2Oct-8213Book reviewValves70 years of Radio Tubes and Valves Part 1 (J W Stokes)
3Jan-8303History (Australia)VMZABVMZAB Radio in the Southern Cross
3Jan-8305History (military)WWIWireless in Wartime 1916-1918
3Jan-8306TheorySuper-regenSuper-regeneration - Part 2
3Jan-8311Stromberg Carlson601Stromberg-Carlson model 601
3Jan-8312HistoryBroadcastingBroadcasting 75 years ago
3Jan-8314Miscellaneous Do you remember?
4Apr-8303History19261926 Radio Showroom
4Apr-8304History (biography)ErnstAbbe Ernst
4Apr-8305History19351935 Radio Showroom
4Apr-8308HistoryMarconiMarconi time signal receiver
4Apr-8309TheorySuper-regenSuper-regeneration - Part 3
4Apr-8313Book reviewValves70 years of Radio Tubes and Valves Part 2,(J W Stokes)
5Jul-8303Profile Experiences of a radio collector
5Jul-8308History (biography)EdisonEdison, Thomas Alva
5Jul-8309History (biography)AepinusAepinus Franz
5Jul-8310ProjectEliminatorA B-battery eliminator
5Jul-8310Restoration Miscellaneous
5Jul-8311HistoryBroadcastingHistory of broadcasting
5Jul-8312AWAGigantaforteAWA Gigantaforte
5Jul-8313History (military)WWIWireless goes to war (WW1)
5Jul-8316History (Australia)FiskFisk Memorial
6Oct-8304HistoryLighthouseLighthouse communications
6Oct-8306History (Australia)BrisbaneBrisbane's first PA system
6Oct-8308AWARadiolaAWA Radiolas 1925-1932
6Oct-8308HistoryEarly wirelessEarly days of wireless

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
6Oct-8310Browning-Drake Browning-Drake receiver
6Oct-8311ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
6Oct-8313ValvesType numbersFaded valve type numbers
7Jan-8403Miscellaneous The slave of the magic lamp
7Jan-8405HistoryBroadcastingFirst Empire broadcasts
7Jan-8406AWARadiolaAWA Radiolas 1932-1935
7Jan-8408ComponentsLoudspeakerS G Brown Loudspeakers
7Jan-8409ManufacturingEmmco RadioManufacturing: Emmco
7Jan-8409ManufacturingStromberg RadioManufacturing: Stromberg-Carlson
7Jan-8410ValvesOsramOsram valve data
7Jan-8411Profile Experiences of a radio collector
7Jan-8412ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
7Jan-8412Crystal SetsDetectorMaking a crystal detector
8Apr-8403HistorySOSOrigins of the SOS call
8Apr-8404AWARadiolaAWA Radiolas 1936-1938
8Apr-8406History (biography)TraegerTraeger, Alfred
8Apr-8408Book reviewDetectorsEarly Radio Wave Detectors (V J Phillips)
8Apr-8408Book reviewBridgewaterT H Bridgewater (A Campbell-Swinton)
8Apr-8408Book reviewVintageVintage radio 1887-1929 (McMahon)
8Apr-8409ValvesMullardMullard valve data
8Apr-8411ComponentsLoudspeakerAmplion loudspeakers
9Jul-8403Miscellaneous A bid to join the AC mains
9Jul-8404ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
9Jul-8405AWARadiolaAWA Radiolas 1938
9Jul-8406ComponentsLoudspeakerSterling speakers
9Jul-8408HistoryBroadcastingAmateur Broadcasting
9Jul-8409HistoryName RadioOrigin of the term 'Radio'
9Jul-8410Philips2510Philips model 2510
9Jul-8411ProjectEliminatorAn A-battery eliminator
9Jul-8411Restoration Miscellaneous
10Oct-8405Astor1930Astor radios 1930-1933
10Oct-8406History (military)WWIWireless on the Western front - Part 1
10Oct-8411RestorationValvesReactivation of Bright Emitter Tubes (Ric Havyatt)
10Oct-8412ProjectLatheMaking and using a simple lathe
10Oct-8415ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
11Jan-8503ManufacturingAstor RadioManufacturing: The Astor Story
11Jan-8505Astor1934Astor radios 1934-1936, list of models
11Jan-8508History (military)FullerphoneThe Fullerphone (WW1)
11Jan-8516ProjectEliminatorAn A, B & C-battery eliminator
11Jan-8517Restoration Miscellaneous
12Apr-8503HistoryMarconiBelieve it or not, Marconi

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
12Apr-8504History (Australia)2UERadio 2UE, Historical data (S Huckell)
12Apr-8505History (Australia)2GBRadio 2GB, Historical data (S Huckell)
12Apr-8506History (military)WWIWireless Trench Set (50 Watts) (L Meulstee)
12Apr-8513MuseumAdelaideTelecommunications Museum Adelaide
12Apr-8514Astor1937Astor radios 1937, list of models
12Apr-8514Crystal setsCircuitsGrading Crystal sets (1926 article, edited Ray Kelly)
13Jul-8501HRSAMelbourneHRSA Display at Melbourne
13Jul-8503History (biography)FiskPioneers of wireless: Ernest Fisk
13Jul-8506MilitaryWS-38British WS38 walkie-talkie
13Jul-8523History (biography)ReberReber Grote
13Jul-8523Restoration Miscellaneous
14Oct-8501ValvesPhilipsPhilips AK1 (photo)
14Oct-8504ValvesPhilipsPhilips delivers the goods
14Oct-8508ProfileMarsdenAmateur looks back (R C Marsden)
14Oct-8510History (military)WWIWireless on the Western front - Part 3
14Oct-8516History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Journals. Pre 1939 - Part 1
14Oct-8523HistoryBroadcastingCanning the broadcast
15Jan-8605AWA45EFisk Radiola model 45E
15Jan-8607History (military)RadarAustralian AW radar
15Jan-8610ValvesPhilipsThe Philips octode AK1
15Jan-8615History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Journals. Pre 1939 - Part 2
15Jan-8619Profile Radio serviceman in the bush
15Jan-8622Book reviewAmateurSounds of Amateur Radio (Tape)
16Apr-8604AWARadioletteFisk Radiolette: 1934 models
16Apr-8606Miscellaneous The vital spark
16Apr-8610Other radios1-valve5SW (UK) on one valve
16Apr-8611History (military)RadarThe LW/AW radar
16Apr-8622Restoration Miscellaneous
16Apr-8623Project1-valveSimple one-valve set
16Apr-8624MiscellaneousRedgumBill and Wireless (poem)
17Jul-8601MiscellaneousRadiocigarette cards
17Jul-8604Crystal setsDetectorNeutron crystals
17Jul-8605AstorKismetAstor Kismet, 1933 model
17Jul-8608HistoryPoulsenThe Poulsen Telegraphone
17Jul-8614HistoryMarconiThe Marconi station at Clifden
18Oct-8603ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
18Oct-8604HRSAOrangeHRSA display at Orange
18Oct-8606AstorKismetAstor Kismet 1933 model: Correction
18Oct-8606Stromberg CarlsonModel 53The Stromberg-Carlson model 53
18Oct-8609HistoryPoldhuPoldhu Station
18Oct-8609Miscellaneous What about PA?

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
18Oct-8610History (biography)MelbaNellie Melba and Broadcasting, 1920
18Oct-8611History (Australia)Car radioHistory of the Car radio - Part 1
18Oct-8614ValvesDouble gridDouble-grid valves
18Oct-8616Crystal setsPerformanceHigh-performance crystal sets - Part 1
18Oct-8617Book reviewCinemaFrom pastures Green to the Silver Screen (John W Gerard)
18Oct-8618History (military)WWIWireless on the Western front - Part 4
18Oct-8624Restoration Miscellaneous
19Jan-8704History (Australia)Car radioHistory of the Car radio - Part 2
19Jan-8707ProfileKellyMeet Ray Kelly
19Jan-8710Healing1932Healing 1932 models
19Jan-8710Restoration Miscellaneous
19Jan-8713CroydenCar radioCroyden car radio (photo)
19Jan-8719Book reviewGolden ageThe Golden Age of Radio in the Home (John W Stokes)
19Jan-8719History (military)JapanWireless on a Japanese warship - Part 1
19Jan-8720Crystal setsPerformanceHigh-performance crystal sets - Part 2
19Jan-8723History (biography)ArmstrongArmstrong, EH: FM Pioneer
19Jan-8725CollectingValuationHow much is it worth?
20Apr-8704Crystal setsDetectorThe crystal detector
20Apr-8706Crystal setsPerformanceHigh-performance crystal sets - Part 3
20Apr-8708Miscellaneous The Electronic Window
20Apr-8709ProfileDoyle Obituary:A Doyle
20Apr-8711History (biography)JohnsonMurray Johnson: A pioneer passes
20Apr-8712History (biography)MelbaNellie Melba's farewell letter
20Apr-8713HRSAAshburtonHRSA display at Ashburton Library
20Apr-8714Other radiosA-K 33The A-K 33 revisited
20Apr-8716Gloria & AstorPortaGloria and Astor Porta receivers
20Apr-8718History (military)WWIWireless on the Western front - Part 5
20Apr-8724History (military)JapanWireless on a Japanese warship - Part 2
21Jul-8706Breville81/85Breville model 81/85
21Jul-8707ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker photos
21Jul-8713ProfileKaschMeet Darryl Kasch
21Jul-8716ManufacturingBrandsBrand names to 1940
21Jul-8721MilitaryManpackBritish manpack radio sets - Part 1
21Jul-8728Restoration Miscellaneous
21Jul-8729Book review Syntony and Spark: The Origins of Radio
21Jul-8729Book review The Continuous Wave (Aitken)
22Oct-8704History (Australia)3UZThe 3UZ story: The Early days
22Oct-8705ProfileHullObituary: M Hull
22Oct-8705ProfileMcGeeObituary: Prof J D McGee
22Oct-8708ProfileMacKinnonMeet,Colin MacKinnon
22Oct-8712AWAFisk1933 Fisk Radiola Range 1933 (See revised circuit 120E,Apr 1989 issue)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
22Oct-8715EmmcoAC3Emmco Troubadour, model AC3
22Oct-8717CollectingPromotionPromoting your collecting hobby
22Oct-8718History (Australia)AWAAWA Picturegram Service 1934
22Oct-8719ProfileJohnsonObituary: J M Johnson
22Oct-8721MilitaryManpackBritish manpack radio sets - Part 2
23Jan-8804HRSAMt GambierHRSA display at Mt Gambier
23Jan-8805HRSABrisbaneHRSA display at Brisbane
23Jan-8805ProfileKaschDarryl Kasch: photo
23Jan-8806Stromberg CarlsonModel 633 833Stromberg-Carlson models 633, 833 (Ray Kelly)
23Jan-8810ManufacturingConley-LeeConley-Lee radios (Ted Huckell)
23Jan-8811ProfileHillMeet the Collectors: John Hill
23Jan-8813ElectromaticPhonographElectromatic phonograph
23Jan-8814Book reviewLoudspeakerHRSA Loudspeaker Notebook (Ray Kelly)
23Jan-8814Book reviewLoudspeakerRadio Hornspeaker Encyclopedia (Floyd Paul)
23Jan-8818History (military)WWIAircraft Radio Sets. Spark transmitters (L Meulstee)
23Jan-8820History (Australia)3LO3LO & 2FC Shortwave trials
23Jan-8821History (Australia)TelegraphyFirst Radio-telegraph Service Overseas (Extract. J Murray Johnson)
23Jan-8824Victor Golden Tone Victor advert circa 1932
24Apr-8804ManufacturingFerrisAustralian Radio Manufacturers: Ferris Bros (W M Ferris)
24Apr-8806Miscellaneous Pictures from the past. news radio car & radios arriving by air
24Apr-8807Philips5501 5502Philips Radioplayer models 5501, 5502, of 1935
24Apr-8811MuseumGeelongGeelong Radio and Electronics Society
24Apr-8812Project1-valveAll wave Tube-crystal set and other 1-valve sets (Ray Kelly)
24Apr-8816ProfileStewartMeet the Collectors: Fin Stewart
24Apr-8818Book reviewGolden ageRadios, The Golden Age (Collins)
24Apr-8819MilitaryWWIIBritish rear link radio, models 5G, 76, R109, 21 - Part 1 (L Meulstee)
24Apr-8826Museum2LO2LO radio museum (UK)
24Apr-8827ElectromaticPhonographLetter: Electromatic phonograph (C Long)
25Jul-8804TheoryCross-modCross-modulation (T Huckell)
25Jul-8805Croyden583Classic Radios 1: Croyden model 583 (Ray Kelly)
25Jul-8807AstorModel OXClassic Radios 2:, Astor .Cassim. model OX, BOM (Ray Kelly)
25Jul-8809ComponentsLoudspeakerDevelopment of the loudspeaker - Part 1 (W Martens)
25Jul-8813ComponentsLoudspeakerLoudspeaker characteristics, various models
25Jul-8814ValvesTestingTesting antique vacuum tubes
25Jul-8815ProjectValve testerA valve tester (ed Ray Kelly)
25Jul-8819ValvesWarningsWarnings on valve usage (Graeme MacKenzie)
25Jul-8820MilitaryRear linkBritish rear link radio, models 5G, 76, R109, 21 - Part 2,(L Meulstee)
25Jul-8827MajesticModel 59Majestic model 59 of 1933, circuit of Healing 44F (Darryl Kasch)
26Oct-8803ProfileAlbertLou Albert (photo)
26Oct-8806History (Australia)3CHExperimental station 3CH, Birchip (Ed Ray Kelly)
26Oct-8807ManufacturingMajesticSome memories of the 'Dinosaurs' (John Ratcliffe)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
26Oct-8809Airzone530BClassic Radios 1: Airzone model 530B (Graeme MacKenzie)
26Oct-8811Airzone303 300Classic Radios 2: Airzone model 303, 300 (Graeme MacKenzie)
26Oct-8813Audiola492 493Classic Radios 3: 1932,Audiola 492, 493
26Oct-8815HRSAMelbourneHRSA display at Melbourne
26Oct-8817RestorationFaultsTypes of faults in radios
26Oct-8819ProfileIrelandMeet Phil Ireland
26Oct-8820ComponentsLoudspeakerDevelopment of the loudspeaker - Part 2,(W Martens)
26Oct-8824ProfileKennaObituary: V F Kenna
26Oct-8825Crystal setsCarorundumThe carborundum detector (Paul Groom)
26Oct-8826HistorySpark txFirst high-power spark transmitter (Desmond Thackeray)
27Jan-8903PhilipsBriton 1052 30A Tale of two radios: Philips 1052,and Briton 30 (Ray Kelly)
27Jan-8906ValvesRepairsSimple valve repairs (Philip Taylor)
27Jan-8908Stromberg Carlson732Stromberg-Carlson model 732,(Ray Tonks)
27Jan-8911ManufacturingRetravisionThe origins of Retravision
27Jan-8912TheoryReflexHow reflex circuits work (Ray Kelly)
27Jan-8915CollectingMiscellaneousAn enlightening discovery. a find of old valves, radios etc (B Lackie)
27Jan-8917History (Australia)TelegraphyEarly wireless telegraphy in Bathurst (Phil Ireland)
27Jan-8919ProjectCabinetMaking a (wooden) wireless cabinet
27Jan-8922Weldon1934Weldon 1934 Standard (Ray Kelly)
27Jan-8924MuseumBallaratA visit to the Orpheus Museum, Ballarat
28Apr-8902AWA120ERadiola 120E circuit (from,Oct 1987 issue) see also p19
28Apr-8903AWA55ERadiola model 55E of 1932,(Ray Kelly)
28Apr-8905RestorationTransistorLetter: Restoring Transistor radios (John Ratcliffe)
28Apr-8906HistoryBroadcastingBroadcasting 1930 style (Bill Rohde)
28Apr-8907RestorationWirewoundsWire-wound volume controls (Ray Kelly)
28Apr-8908ValvesFaultsValve faults (Graeme MacKenzie)
28Apr-8909AWAWeldon Radiola 120ECorrections: Radiola 120E and Weldon 1934 Standard
28Apr-8909Essanay Essanay model M circa 1936 etc (Ray Kelly)
28Apr-8912CollectingMajesticBritish Dinosaur. Majestic 1930 model 103 (Bob Warner)
28Apr-8913RestorationTuning coilsWinding tuning coils (Desmond Thackeray)
28Apr-8914RestorationNi platingRestoring nickel-plated parts (Bruce Orr)
28Apr-8915AstorCF HDAstor 1937 models CF and HD (Darryl Kasch)
28Apr-8919ProfileDaleObituary: George Dale
28Apr-8920HRSAAstorAn Astor night at HRSA meeting (photos)
29Jul-8903History (Australia)2KO2KO Newcastle
29Jul-8904AstorECAstor model EC 1936
29Jul-8906HistoryBroadcastingList of 1939 radio programmes (Dale O'Sullivan)
29Jul-8907HuckellEurekaHuckell 'Eureka' 1933 (Ray Kelly)
29Jul-8910ComponentsLoudspeakerAustralian horn speaker, Emmco Kurlykone (Ray Kelly)
29Jul-8911HistoryTelegraphyWireless telegraphy across the Gobi
29Jul-8913AWACR6A/BAWA CR6A/B Communications receiver 1960 (Brian Lackie)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
29Jul-8916HistoryRadioMy wireless station. a 1913 radio station (H Hildersley)
29Jul-8924History (Australia)3BA3BA Ballarat: Original transmitter. photos (Chris Long)
30Oct-8901History19261926 Radio showroom (See vol 4)
30Oct-8904ProfileRatcliffeObituary: John Ratcliffe
30Oct-8905Project1927 radioRoll your own radio. modern homebrew (Peter Freestone)
30Oct-8906CollectingMiscellaneousTrash or Treasure? - lucky auction buying (Brian Lackie)
30Oct-8907ProfileKennedyOur youngest member? -,Julius Kennedy aged 14
30Oct-8909RelianceYorkReliance York 20-valve console 1937
30Oct-8913MiscellaneousFaradayMichael Faraday and Moses (John Ratcliffe)
30Oct-8915PilotSuper WaspPilot AC 'Super wasp' (Ray Kelly)
30Oct-8919History (Australia)Huckell1935 Radio showroom. photo (See vol 4)
31Jan-9002Stromberg-Carlson837Stromberg-Carlson model 837 1937
31Jan-9006RestorationAlignmentReceiver alignment (Graeme MacKenzie)
31Jan-9008Crystal setsDetectorMolybdenum disulphide crystals (Paul Groom)
31Jan-9009GulbransenA75Gulbransen A75 1935 (Ray Kelly)
31Jan-9013HRSADisplayIREECom. 89, photos (Ray Kelly, Chris Long)
31Jan-9016RestorationAudio tfrReplacement audio transformers in 1927 Hartman Compact 6
31Jan-9018Book reviewGolden ageRadio Bygones', 'More Golden Age', 'Radio in Australia'
31Jan-9020BroadcastingHumourHowlers & Handclaps
32Apr-9006Miscellaneous Women as radio technicians (E Wilcox)
32Apr-9009AstorAC 110Astor console model AC or 110
32Apr-9012AstorKQAstor model KQ battery portable
32Apr-9014AstorEJAstor model EJ, crystal set
32Apr-9016Miscellaneous Whatizit? (Lou Albert)
32Apr-9017MilitarySutal 20The Sutal 40, German morse telegraph (Louis Meulstee)
32Apr-9020ComponentsDetectorCrystal detector that 'shimmies'
33Jul-9002ManufacturingPhilips110 Years of Electrical Manufacturing, Philips Industries
33Jul-9003RestorationTransistorRestoring Early Transistor Radios (John Ratcliffe)
33Jul-9005ProfileMackenzieFifty years' experience in radio (Graeme MacKenzie)
33Jul-9008EFCODialsEFCO Radio Dials for 1934
33Jul-9010STC500 520 620STC Models 500, 520, 620 circuits
33Jul-9013Raycophone54PERaycophone model 54PE 1939
33Jul-9015Philips2516Philips 2516 of 1930
33Jul-9017MilitaryWS-109Wireless Set No. 109. Australian (Terry Poole)
34Oct-9007Philco609Philco model 609, 1936
34Oct-9009Project1927 fiveBuild the 1927 Five
34Oct-9012RestorationBadgesReplica radio name badges (Brian Lackie)
34Oct-9013ProjectSpark TxSimulated spark transmitter (Desmond Thackeray)
34Oct-9016Book reviewRadar154 Radar Truscott 1944-5 by M E Fenton; "Secret Action of 305"
34Oct-9018Book reviewEuropeanRadios von Gestern' by Ernst Erb, European valve radio history
34Oct-9019RestorationValvesLearning the hard way!, problems with valve testers (Peter Hughes)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
34Oct-9021Lekmek701Lekmek model 701, 1934 (Ray Kelly)
34Oct-9024RestorationTransformersOpen circuit transformers (Graeme MacKenzie)
35Jan-9107History (Australia)BroadcastingBroadcasting: The first fifteen years, talk by (Neville Williams)
35Jan-9112Airzone900Airzone model 900, 1937
35Jan-9115PhilipsEliminatorPhilips battery eliminators
35Jan-9119AstorSG3Astor SG3, 1931 battery console set
35Jan-9121Tasma180Tasma 180: Typical faults (Peter Hughes)
35Jan-9125Project1920 radioLetters: Nostalgia in the mailbag; building 1920 radios (A Coghlan)
35Jan-9127ComponentsKnobsMarquis knobs advertisement
36Apr-9108AstorNeutrodyneAstor 5 valve Neutrodyne, 1927
36Apr-9110Book reviewGolden ageMore Golden Age of Radios (Stokes)
36Apr-9111RestorationTransformers240 to 210 volt stepdown transformer
36Apr-9112AWA140AWA Radiola 140, 1934
36Apr-9115MilitarySCR-578Saved by Radio (ASR Tx, SCR-578 etc) - Part 1 (Louis Meulstee)
37Jul-9104ESM503ESM Aristocrat model 503
37Jul-9106ProfileNordenholtWorld's youngest vintage radio fan
37Jul-9107HistoryPhonographA short history of disc recording ( P J Guy)
37Jul-9110STC635STC model 635, 1932
37Jul-9112Raycophone66ERaycophone model 66E
37Jul-9114ManufacturingEmmcoRadio Manufacturing: Emmco - A personal flashback (Les Munn)
37Jul-9115Stromberg Carlson574Stromberg-Carlson 574, 1938
38Oct-9107AWAC38AWA Radiola Standard 6,C38, 1927
38Oct-9110ProfileGartlanObituary: L Gartlan
38Oct-9111ManufacturingPhilips1891-1991 Philips centenary
38Oct-9115Airzone801Airzone model 801, battery console 1933
38Oct-9118ManufacturingKrieslerRadio manufacturing: The Kriesler story (Fred Lane)
38Oct-9121RestorationBakeliteRestoring bakelite cabinets (Richard Harrison)
38Oct-9122MuseumNSW QLDMuseums worth visiting in Nth NSW & SE QLD (Ray Kelly)
39Jan-9203ProfileSmithObituary: Eric Smith
39Jan-9203ProfileThompsonObituary: Murray Thompson
39Jan-9203ProfileSmithObituary: Eric Smith
39Jan-9204HRSA10th anniversaryTenth anniversary celebrations
39Jan-9206AstorBP CNAstor Mickey Mouse, BP and CN, 1934
39Jan-9208RestorationFaultsFault finding in 10 seconds (Graeme MacKenzie)
39Jan-9209VolksempfangerVE301German People's radio, Volksempfanger VE301 - Part 1
39Jan-9212History (Australia)5CKSixty years of broadcasting: 5CK Crystal Brook
39Jan-9213AWA55ETroubles with an AWA 55E (Dick Hope)
39Jan-9214ComponentsLoudspeakerAmplion driver rubber connectors
39Jan-9215ProfileMackesyThe Collector: Meet John Mackesy VK3XAO
39Jan-9216ValvesMetal sprayMetal sprayed valves, restoration
40Apr-9207ProfilePalletObituary: R H (Bob) Pallet

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
40Apr-9207ProfileDavenportObituary: L T Davenport
40Apr-9207HRSA Melbourne
40Apr-9208MilitaryHROThe HRO in the British army (Louis Meulstee)
40Apr-9212ProjectOscillatorFM on your old wireless (Grahame Jeffery)
40Apr-9214TheoryAC-DC setsAC-DC radios (Graeme MacKenzie)
40Apr-9216AWAC38Letters: AWA Radiola C38
40Apr-9217ValvesMetal sprayFeedback: Metal sprayed valve paint
40Apr-9217ValvesMetal sprayMetal sprayed valves
40Apr-9219Book reviewRestorationOld-Time Radios: Restoration and Repair (Joseph Carr)
40Apr-9219Book reviewRadarRadar Yarns (Simmonds and Smith)
40Apr-9219Book reviewSignalsAust Corps of Signals (Theo Barker)
40Apr-9221VolksempfangerVE301German People's radio, Volksempfanger VE301 - Part 2
40Apr-9222Airzone625Airzone 625 console (Darryl Kasch)
40Apr-9224History (Australia)BroadcastingThe AM broadcast band (Graeme MacKenzie)
41Jul-9207Stromberg Carlson837Stromberg-Carlson 837 console 1937 (Jim Woodhead)
41Jul-9209MilitaryModel codesIdentifying US military electronic models (John Mackesy)
41Jul-9210History (military)HeliographThe heliograph (Louis Meulstee)
41Jul-9216ScottConsoleGreat Scott. 12,valve console radio (Victor Groves)
41Jul-9218VolksempfangerDKE38German People's radio, Volksempfanger DKE 38 - Part 3
41Jul-9219ComponentsLoudspeakerMagnavox (Aust) loudspeakers to1938 (Bruce Beaver)
41Jul-9220TheoryValvesValves as Amplifiers (Graeme MacKenzie)
41Jul-9221ValvesMetal sprayMore on metal sprayed valves (Warwick Woods)
41Jul-9222Book reviewRadio artRadio Art. cabinet styles (Robert Hawes)
41Jul-9223HRSA Auction
41Jul-9226AirmasterC35The Airmaster model C35 console
42Oct-9204ProfileTazewellObituary: Stephen Tazewell
42Oct-9205ProfileMannObituary: George Mann
42Oct-9208AWARadioletteRestoring AWA Radiolettes; models 28, 37 etc (Peter Hughes)
42Oct-9214RestorationSolderingSoldering under difficulties (Graeme MacKenzie)
42Oct-9215TheoryDetectorAnode bend detection
42Oct-9215AstorANKHarry's treasure. an Astor ANK radiogram (Ken England)
42Oct-9217Stromberg Carlson736Stromberg-Carlson 736 (John Starr)
42Oct-9218ProfileTazewellReminiscences of an old radio man (Stephen Tazewell)
42Oct-9220Essanay1935Essanay 4/5 valve 1935 model (Ray Kelly)
42Oct-9221Kriesler4K70The Kriesler model 4K70 (Darryl Kasch)
42Oct-9223MilitaryR1545Saved by Radio (ASR Tx, SCR-578 etc) - Part 2,(Louis Meulstee)
42Oct-9230RestorationSafetyMains safety (Tony Zuiderwyk)
42Oct-9231HistoryMarineOrigins of long waves. marine (Richard Hope)
43Jan-9304HomebrewLittle GeneralRadio & Hobbies' kitset of 1940 (Peter Hughes)
43Jan-9305HistorySOSOrigins of the SOS call. marine (Richard Hope)
43Jan-9306Seyon2-valveSeyon 2-valve 1930 AC table model (Ray Kelly)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
43Jan-9308ProfileHarrisonMeet Richard Harrison
43Jan-9310HMV661Problems with an HMV 661 (Darryl Kasch)
43Jan-9313ManufacturingMusic MastersThe Music Masters Radio Co- Brisbane 1930. 1958 (Trevor Sherrard)
43Jan-9315EclipseAC3Eclipse Reinartz 'Simple AC3' (Ray Kelly)
43Jan-9319Crystal setsHomebrewHome-made crystal set (P J Martin)
43Jan-9322Book reviewRAAFWe Were WMMs. RAAF Wireless mechanics (Tony Zuiderwyk)
43Jan-9322MiscellaneousMarineHazards of a ship's operator (Colin MacKinnon)
43Jan-9325ProfileHawkinsObituary: George Hawkins (Bill Bond)
43Jan-9326Airzone503Airzone chassis 503, 1931 (Ray Kelly)
44Apr-9303ValvesDe ForestA look at De Forest's flame detector (Ray Kelly)
44Apr-9305Beale9WB 754BBealmania.Well, I'll Beale!! Models 9WB & 754B 1937 (Darryl Kasch)
44Apr-9308HotpointBandmaster 5A Hotpoint at the 'tip'. Bandmaster 5 portable (Tony Zuiderwyk)
44Apr-9309ProjectBatterySuper battery to power your old radio (Grahame Jeffery)
44Apr-9312ProjectConverterDC-DC converter for valve portables (John Hunter)
44Apr-9313HistoryMobile powerPower for aircraft and military radio (John Mackesy)
44Apr-9315History (Australia)Sealed setThe sealed set debacle (Colin MacKinnon)
44Apr-9319ProfileJohnsonMeet the collector - Roger Johnson
44Apr-9321Eclipse2/3-valveEclipse mantel model (Ray Kelly)
44Apr-9326RestorationFaultsPadder feedback (Peter Hughes)
44Apr-9327RestorationFaultsCommon faults in vintage radios (Russell Portas)
45Jul-9303ProjectPower supplyA Power Supply for battery radios (Ian Long)
45Jul-9306Healing73BThe big battery superhets of the 1930s Healing 1933 (Roger Johnson)
45Jul-9306Tasma8-valveThe big battery superhets of the 1930s Tasma 8 1934 (Roger Johnson)
45Jul-9309ValvesDe ForestLetter: De Forest's flame detector. comments (Tony Zuiderwyk)
45Jul-9311ValvesEM34The EM34/6FG6 indicator tube (John Mackesy)
45Jul-9313TheoryArt DecoThe Art Deco Radio. cabinet styles (Ken England)
45Jul-9315CollectingRestorationA Nostalgic Society. restoration philosophy (Jim Woodhead)
45Jul-9316RestorationFaultsCommon Faults in Vintage Radio (Russell Portas)
45Jul-9317ManufacturingHazeltineHarold Alden and the Hazeltine Company (Colin MacKinnon)
45Jul-9318PilotWaspThe Pilot AC Super Wasp 1929. 1931 (Rex Wales)
45Jul-9320HomebrewRestorationRestoring a vintage homebrew - Part 1 (Manfred Nagel)
46Oct-9303MilitaryLarkspurLarkspur - 1950s military mix and match (Louis Meulstee)
46Oct-9312BendixARN-6Radio Compass AN/ARN-6 (John Mackesy)
46Oct-9316HistoryJenvey Hallam Early Wireless Experiments by Jenvey & Hallam (Colin MacKinnon)
46Oct-9319HMV653HMV Model 653, 1938 (Darryl Kasch)
46Oct-9321Airzone537AAirzone 537A (1938) - A quality mantel set (Jim Woodhead)
46Oct-9323History (Australia)The AliceThe Alice & the Acid (X-rays and the Australian connection)
46Oct-9324HomebrewRestorationRestoring a vintage homebrew - Part 2,(Manfred Nagel)
46Oct-9327ValvesDe ForestLetter: De Forest's flame detector. comments
47Jan-9403PilotWaspThe Pilot AC Super Wasp revisited 1929. 1931 (Ric Havyatt)
47Jan-9404CollectingResearchUndertaking Historical Research -advice (Colin MacKinnon)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
47Jan-9407CollectingReferenceTechnical Topics - Suggested reading (Roger Johnson)
47Jan-9409HallicraftersS38The Hallicrafters S38 receiver 1946 (Rex Wales)
47Jan-9411MuseumFranceA Journey to Wonderland. France (Ray Kelly)
47Jan-9412RestorationFaultsCommon faults - questions and answers (Roger Johnson)
47Jan-9417AstorMickey KM KQAstor Mickey Models KM - QK, 1948. 1953 (Darryl Kasch)
47Jan-9420ProjectSpectrum A/sisA broadcast band spectrum analyser (C S Ratcliff)
47Jan-9426ValvesDe ForestLetter: The Flame Ionisation Detector, a salty tale (D Thackeray)
47Jan-9427MuseumMilitary UKA Military Collector's Dream, museums in the UK (Tony Bell)
48Apr-9403ProjectDetectorTests with a Flame Detector (John Rickard)
48Apr-9405RestorationCabinetShellac (Cabinet varnish)
48Apr-9407History (military)WWIIThe Story of a Secret Radio - Burma 1942-1945 (Arch Caswell)
48Apr-9412HistoryBreakingTrans-Oceanic Radio Barriers. 1920s (Terry Pool)
48Apr-9415RestorationFaultsLetter: Common faults (Rodney Champness)
48Apr-9417PilotWaspLetter: Pilot Super Wasp (John Stokes)
48Apr-9418AWARadioletteLetter: Restoring AWA Radiolettes (Arthur Williams)
48Apr-9418ProfileMackenzieRadio Memories of the Thirties (Graeme Mackenzie)
48Apr-9420TheoryPower supplyPower Supplies 1920-1990 (Russell Portas)
48Apr-9421ProfileAdamsObituary: Jim Adams 1920-1993 (Ray Kelly)
48Apr-9421ProfilePatyersonObituary: Lex Paterson (Ray Kelly)
48Apr-9422Raycophone57EThe Raycophone Model 57E. 1935 (Ray Kelly)
48Apr-9428ProfileWaltersDarcy Walters (Local paper article)
49Jul-9403AWA173AWA (Fisk) Radiola model 173
49Jul-9406History (Australia)JournalsAustralian radio publications before 1950 (an extensive review)
49Jul-9412TheoryPotentiometerTapping potentiometers (Pot with tapped connection) (W Woods)
49Jul-9416Project80 metres80 metre converter & BFO - construction
49Jul-9417History (Australia)32 volt 32volt lighting plants and radios (Rodney Champness)
49Jul-9418RestorationCabinetFrench polish - another practical hint
49Jul-9419Kriesler11-5Another LESS common Triple Throat Kriesler!!
49Jul-9421ProjectTRFThe TRF revisited (R & H Baby-gram)
49Jul-9422ManufacturingAirzoneThe Airzone story - My part in it (Graham MacKenzie)
49Jul-9423RestorationCapacitorDoes that capacitor need to be replaced? - Part 1 (L Champion)
50Oct-9403ValvesAV11The AWA AV11 Rectifier (Colin MacKinnon)
50Oct-9404Book review Beyond the Global Village. Arthur C Clarke (Ken England)
50Oct-9405HistoryMiscellaneous100th birthday of radio. newspaper article
50Oct-9406RestorationCapacitorDoes that capacitor need to be replaced? - Part 2,(L Champion)
50Oct-9408RestorationLoudspeakerSpeaker extension lead (Warwick Woods)
50Oct-9408ComponentsCabinetPlastics in radio manufacture (Colin MacKinnon)
50Oct-9412RestorationSafetyElectrical safety (David Latter)
50Oct-9414Other radiosTransistorOh that hum. odd fault (Keith Hoffman)
50Oct-9414ProfileGilbertLife as a wireman with Radio Corporation (H W Gilbert)
50Oct-9415Tasma180Restoration of a Tasma 180 'Baby', 1933 (Jim Woodhead)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
50Oct-9417AstorNeutrodyneThe Astor Screened Grid Plus Neutrodyne of 1929 (Ray Kelly)
50Oct-9417RestorationScreeningOpen circuit screening cans (Warwick Woods)
50Oct-9419Tasma345-460MFred Thom's Tasma "Tiger" models 345-460M (Darryl Kasch)
50Oct-9421RestorationRolaReplacing Rola speaker Transformers - Part 1 (Rex Wales)
50Oct-9427Book reviewMarconiThe early History of Radio: from Faraday to Marconi. - G Garrett
50Oct-9427ProfileHuckellObituary: Edward Dean Wallman Huckell 1897. 1994 (Ric Havyatt)
51Jan-9503AWA709C R701AWA (Fisk) Radiola, Seven Band Receivers. 1940 (Ian Long)
51Jan-9509ValvesHistoryValves: Part 1. The valve box (Fin Stewart)
51Jan-9513Book reviewLevensonsLevensons Radio, Circuit Portfolio. ed B Smith (Ray Kelly)
51Jan-9514Book reviewCrystal setCrystal Sets 'n Such. R J Young (Ray Kelly)
51Jan-9514History32 voltLetter: 32,volt and AC-DC sets (Rodney Champness)
51Jan-9516ManufacturingNorris & SkelleyRadio Manufacturing: Norris & Skelley, Melbourne
51Jan-9518Sprague500Sprague - Model 500 Interference Locator (Rodney Champness)
51Jan-9520MiscellaneousHumourElectricity!! What is it? (anon)
51Jan-9521AtwaterKent 551929 Atwater Kent model 55 (Darryl Kasch)
51Jan-9525Book reviewMarconiIn Marconi's Footsteps: Early radio. P Jensen (Tony Zuiderwyk)
51Jan-9525RestorationRolaReplacing Rola speaker Transformers - Part 2,(Rex Wales)
52Apr-9503Gulbransen1934A 1934 model Gulbransen (Ray Kelly)
52Apr-9505Atwater Kent55Letter: Atwater Kent 55. correction (Brian Smith)
52Apr-9505History (Australia)32 voltLetter: History of 32,volts (Rodney Champness)
52Apr-9506History (Australia)5DNThe Big Broadcast - 50 years of 5DN (Roger Johnson)
52Apr-9507Book reviewAstorThe HRSA Astor book - 1927 - 1937 (Ray Kelly)
52Apr-9508History (biography)MarineWireless reminiscences by an English Marine Operator circa 1910
52Apr-9509HistoryUnitsThe Answerman: 1911 terminology (Colin MacKinnon)
52Apr-9510EKCOCR61The EKCO CR61: A most remarkable car radio (Terry Pool)
52Apr-9512HistoryAir radioWireless in the 1934 Air Race - Equipment in the Douglas
52Apr-9514ValvesOscilaudionThe Oscilaudion Tube - made by H V Roome USA 1916 (C MacKinnon)
52Apr-9517RestorationTransformersAWA and Manufacturers Special products transformers - Part 3
52Apr-9518HomebrewLittle JimLittle Jim 1-valve. 1938 (Roger Johnson)
52Apr-9522RCABW7AThe RCA field intensity meter BW7A (Mike Eager)
52Apr-9525HistorySuperhetWho did invert the superheterodyne? - Part 1 (Bruce De Lacy)
53Jul-9503ManufacturingKingsleyHoward Kingsley Love presentation by the HRSA
53Jul-9505AWARadioletteThe Fisk Radiolettes 1934: Models 33, 35, 36, 38, 39 (R Kelly)
53Jul-9511HistoryUK-AustThat first wireless message from UK to Australia (C MacKinnon)
53Jul-9516Stromberg CarlsonSC-836Mongrel of the Month (1936 Stromberg Carlson Model 836)
53Jul-9519ValvesDiodesValves Part 2: From lamps to diode valves (Fin Stewart)
53Jul-9525HistorySuperhetWho did invert the superheterodyne? - Part 2,(Bruce De Lacy)
53Jul-9528PhilipsMM1The Philips model MM1
53Jul-9532Homebrew1920TRF A Nasty Experience - with a late 1920s set (Ken England)
54Oct-9504Tasma HMVM1603The Tasma M1603 & the HMV Little Nipper 61-51 (Darryl Kasch)
54Oct-9508CollectingNew collectorsLetter: For the new collector. modern radios (Bill Verrall)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
54Oct-9508Stromberg CarlsonModelMumbers Letter: Stromberg-Carlson Model numbers (Derek Jaques)
54Oct-9509TheoryLightningThe Oliver Lodge lightning arrester (W C Harris)
54Oct-9511History (military)RadarThe WW2,radar secret that wasn't a secret (Colin MacKinnon)
54Oct-9514United1920The United 4. 1920s coffin (Ray Kelly)
54Oct-9517TheorySuperhetThe early 1930s Autodyne superhet receiver (Rex Wales)
54Oct-9519TheoryAVCAutomatic Volume Control. AVC (Pat Leggatt)
54Oct-9521HistoryAir radioThe VR5 equipment of the 1934 Douglas DC2,(Louis Meulstee)
54Oct-9523ManufacturingStrombergStromberg-Carlson. the story. model D7 & 781 (Darryl Kasch)
54Oct-9527ValvesAWAThe History of the AWA expanse 'B' valve (Colin MacKinnon)
54Oct-9531ValvesDe ForestValves Part 3: Lee De Forest & invention of the Audion (Fin Stewart)
55Jan-9603AWA3BZ C55163The 3BZ coast watchers wireless set & C55163 (Colin MacKinnon)
55Jan-9608Book reviewMilitaryWireless for the Warrior. Louis Meulstee
55Jan-9608History (military)RadarLetter: WW2,secret radar (Peter Hughes)
55Jan-9608CollectingRarityLetter: Rare valves and radios (Jim Davis)
55Jan-9609Palmavox1934Fools rush in: The Palmavox 3/4 valve mantel of 1934 (Ray Kelly)
55Jan-9611History (Australia)PhilipsFocus on Philips: 50 years in Australia
55Jan-9612Book reviewPhilipsHistory of Philips valves. Fin Stewart (Ray Kelly)
55Jan-9613TheorySuperhetA simple superheterodyne receiver with AVC/AGC (Rex Wales)
55Jan-9615ProfileBurtoftA life on the ocean wave, WW2,style (Harold Burtoft)
55Jan-9616MajesticHighboy 71My favourite radio. Majestic 71 (Richard Howarth)
55Jan-9617Book reviewAstorThe HRSA Astor book Volume 2,(Ray Kelly)
55Jan-9617ComponentsCapacitorPaper capacitors: a little mathematics (Brian Smith)
55Jan-9618Columbus25EThe Kiwi connection: The Columbus 25E (Darryl Kasch)
55Jan-9621ValvesTestingWhat does that 'Good/Bad' scale really mean (Marc F Ellis)
55Jan-9623AVOMk 1Mongrel of the month - AVO valve tester Mk 1 (R L Hosking)
55Jan-9625SovietCH44-1The Soviet SCR-211 frequency meter (Louis Meulstee)
55Jan-9630RestorationPlasticRestoring plastic radios (Bill Verrall)
55Jan-9633ValvesGermanyValves Part 4: Valve developments in Germany (Fin Stewart)
56Apr-9603AWA573MAThe AWA Radiola model 573MA (Bill Verrall)
56Apr-9606ProfileHopeObituary: Richard Cotton Hope (Rex Wales)
56Apr-9607MiscellaneousHumourWolf in sheep's clothing took them all for a ride (Darcy Walters)
56Apr-9608NationalHRONational 'HRO' communications receiver (Tony Lightfoot)
56Apr-9613RestorationFaultsReceiver fault location (Rex Wales)
56Apr-9617Philips4462Philips model 4462,- The bookies wireless (Darryl Kasch)
56Apr-9620EmersonDA126My favourite radio (Philip Renouf)
56Apr-9621Cinema My Home Cinema (Jim Davis)
56Apr-9623History (Australia)BroadcastingRadio Australia's fiftieth anniversary (Rex Wales)
56Apr-9624RestorationDial cordTips on Dial Cord (Rodney Champness)
56Apr-9625ValvesUK & German ValvesPart 5: Early British and German valves (Fin Stewart)
32Apr-9625RestorationSafetySafety (Rodney Champness)
56Apr-9633Philco112The Philco 112, 1931 model (Lou Albert)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
56Apr-9635UniversityUS0University universal speaker & output meter model US0 (P Hughes)
57Jul-9603ThorolaModel 55The Thorola Islodyne, model 55 (Mike Eager)
57Jul-9604TheorySuperhetLetter: Oscillator and AGC circuits. see Issue 56 pg 13 (Julian Weaver)
57Jul-9604ValvesJapanLetter: Japanese valves (John Stokes)
57Jul-9606AWA262AWA's first monster Radiola: Model 262, 1937 (Darryl Kasch)
57Jul-9610MuseumTamworthThe Tamworth Power Station museum (Fin Stewart)
57Jul-9612Airmaster1932Restoring an Airmaster 1932,superhet 7-valve console (Ray Kelly)
57Jul-9615Other radiosGermanThe Tin Toy radio. German 1930 3-valve (Lou Albert)
57Jul-9616RestorationPlasticRestoring plastic cases (Bill Verrall)
57Jul-9619TheoryRadio designVintage radio design. from 1930 (Rodney Champness)
57Jul-9624Kriesler11-4Kriesler Beehive, model 11-4 (Peter Hughes)
57Jul-9627MarconiAD7029DMy most unfavourite radio - Marconi Aircraft Direct/finder (J Mackesy)
57Jul-9628RestorationSmall partsRestoring and replating small metal parts - Part 1 (Peter Fleury)
57Jul-9629Other radiosTransistorThe ugliest radio. like Easter Island effigy (Colin MacKinnon)
57Jul-9636ValvesWesternEl Valves Part 6: Western Electric valves (Fin Stewart)
57Jul-9630Book reviewAstor 1936The HRSA Astor Book, Vol 2' - 1935-6 (Tony Lightfoot)
58Oct-9604AWA805GInstrument of rare distinction - Radiola model 805G radiogram (I Long)
58Oct-9612TheorySuperhetLetter: More oscillator and AGC circuits (Warwick Woods)
58Oct-9613RestorationCapacitorTuning capacitor repair (Ken England)
58Oct-9614HallicraftersS38The Hallicrafters S38E (Rex Wales)
58Oct-9618Tektronix180AAn unusual device - Oscilloscope Time mark Generator (John Mackesy)
58Oct-9620PyeMR-1The Pye Model MR-1. late 1950s (Bill Verrall)
58Oct-9625MilitaryHMCSHaida HMCS Haida and her vintage. military - radios (Gerry Proc)
58Oct-9630ProjectMeggerA 500-volt megohm meter (Dave Martin)
58Oct-9632RestorationSmall partsRestoring and replating small metal parts - Part 2,(Peter Fleury)
58Oct-9633ValvesGECValves Part 7: Development of radio valves by GEC (Fin Stewart)
59Jan-9703ProjectLittle GeneralLittle General Construction Project. Part 1 (Tony Lightfoot)
59Jan-9706ScottAll-wave 15The Scott All-wave 15 (Dick Howarth)
59Jan-9710History (Australia)3AKSome history of Radio Station 3AK (Rex Wales)
59Jan-9711ProfileBisbyObituary: Doug Bisby (Cyril Casey)
59Jan-9712ManufacturingBuzzaProducts of the Buzza Company. morse keys (Colin Mackinnon)
59Jan-9713RestorationLoudspeakerHow to repair Speaker Cones with Silicone sealant (Graham Bowie)
59Jan-9714AWA461MAAWA Radiola 461MA clock radio (Bill Verrall)
59Jan-9721HallicraftersS38The Hallicrafters S38 (Rex Wales)
59Jan-9725ValvesFranceValves Part 8: French Valves (Fin Stewart)
59Jan-9731HomebrewUS 1950sSomething completely different - US kit (Darryl Kasch)
59Jan-9732Other radiosTransistorThe ultimate in old radios - the Noah's Ark novelty set (Lou Albert)
59Jan-9733Airzone5057AThe best seat in the house. Airzone chassis 537 (Richard Begbie)
60Apr-9703HRSAHistoryHow the HRSA began (Ray Kelly)
60Apr-9705AWARadioletteRestoring AWA Radiolettes (Peter Hughes)
60Apr-9710MilitaryWWIIThe radios of a brigade signals section in World War II (Doug Margetts)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
60Apr-9716ManufacturingBuzzaThe Buzza Company (Max Crago)
60Apr-9717ValvesHexodesLetter: Hexodes (Desmond Thackeray)
60Apr-9718ProjectLittle GeneralLittle General Construction Project. Part 2,(Tony Lightfoot)
60Apr-9721HistoryDetectorThe Magnetic Detector (Rex Wales)
60Apr-9722Hypresco4-valveThe Hypresco 4 (Derek Jacques)
60Apr-9724History (biography)MingayOswald Francis Mingay (Colin MacKinnon)
60Apr-9727Kriesler11-99The Kriesler Model 11-99,(Bill Verrall)
60Apr-9729History (Australia)EducationWhen I look back: The 'Tech'. Melbourne Technical College (R Wales)
60Apr-9731ValvesAmericanValves Part 9 - Early American valve makers (Fin Stewart)
60Apr-9736AstorHMQ QN MQThe wind powered 32volt Astors. HMQ, QN, MQ
60Apr-9740AWACabinetRadio replica. wooden cabinets for Radiolette 33 (Darryl Kasch)
61Jul-9704Breville20The set that doesn't exist: Breville model 20 1934 (Darryl Kasch)
61Jul-9705ComponentsLoudspeakerDeep-throated disturbance. horn speaker 1922,(Dave Bird)
61Jul-9706ProjectLittle GeneralLittle General Construction Project. Part 3 cabinet (Tony Lightfoot)
61Jul-9708RestorationCoilsRewinding superhet oscillator coils (Grahame Jeffery)
61Jul-9710Airzone555 535Airzone models 555 & 535, chassis type 500P (Ray Kelly)
61Jul-9711Book reviewSth AustraliaAdelaide's Early Radios'. Neville Ellison (Peter Hughes)
61Jul-9712Restoration1940 kitsetRestoring a 1940s kitset radio (Tony Lightfoot)
61Jul-9715Philips148The Philips model 148 AC-DC portable (Bill Verrall)
61Jul-9720Kriesler11-99Discussion: The Kriesler 11-99,(Rowe, Woods, Champness, Eager)
61Jul-9724ValvesAmericanValves Part 10: More early American valve makers (Fin Stewart)
61Jul-9728ProjectComputerBuilding your own computer (Derek Jacques)
61Jul-9733AWA461MAAWA 461MA operation (Rodney Champness)
61Jul-9733Astor5-valveNeutrodyne nasties. Astor 5-valve, 1928 (Arthur Courtney)
61Jul-9735RestorationFaultsAn elusive short circuit. 1930s mantel (Peter Hughes)
62Oct-9703KingsleyAR7The Kingsley K/CR/11. AR7 (Warwick Woods)
62Oct-9709History (biography)TaylorG A Taylor: Radio and Aviation Pioneer - Part 1 (Peter Fleury)
62Oct-9712Philips6501The Philips Model 6501 (Bill Verrall)
62Oct-9719TelefunkenT10The T10 'Standard-Volks-Apparat' - Telefunken 1927 (C MacKinnon)
62Oct-9720TheoryAmplitude ModHow does Amplitude Modulation work? (Derek Jacques)
62Oct-9722ProjectLittle GeneralDownsizing the 'Little General' (Julian Weaver)
62Oct-9722TheoryTV ValvesTelevision valves in radios (Radney Champness)
62Oct-9725AWA566MAAWA Radiola 566MA (John Manns)
62Oct-9729ValvesArcturus ValvesPart 11: 201A and Arcturus valves (Fin Stewart)
62Oct-9734Book review Stokes
62Oct-9735HMVTV 904HMV Model 904 Marconiphone 705. UK TV 1938 (Darryl Kasch)
63Jan-9804Hypresco4-valveThe Hypresco 4 revisited (Derek Jacques)
63Jan-9807History (Australia)PlasticsPioneers of the Australian plastics industry (Colin MacKinnon)
63Jan-9812ComponentsTransistorTransistor graphical symbols (Tony Zuiderwyk)
63Jan-9813EclipseUnivoxThe Eclipse Univox 5-valve TRF of 1930? (Ray Kelly)
63Jan-9816History (biography)TaylorG A Taylor: Radio and Aviation Pioneer - Part 2,(Peter Fleury)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
63Jan-9818ProjectRegulatorAn HT voltage regulator for less than $10 (Rodney Champness)
63Jan-9819LeaderLSG11LSG11 Signal generator replacement dial (Athol Manning)
63Jan-9820HMV65-34The HMV Little Nipper model 65-34 (Bill Verrall)
63Jan-9822ValvesBritish ValvesPart 12: Early British valves (Fin Stewart)
63Jan-9827History (Australia)TelevisionPreserving early Australian TV sets (Rex Wales)
63Jan-9828Other radios1-valveDiscussion: One-valve radios (Young, Kandiliotis)
63Jan-9829HomebrewLittle JimLittle Jim, 1997 (Rex Wales)
63Jan-9831History (Australia)VIMMelbourne radio. VIM (Rex Wales)
63Jan-9833HRSAAuthoringSo you want to write an article for Radio Waves? (Derek Jacques)
64Apr-9803Eddystone730/4The Eddystone 730/4 General Coverage Receiver (Ben Nock)
64Apr-9808History (Australia)TasmaniaThe early history of wireless in Tasmania - Part 1 (A P Andrews)
64Apr-9810EssanayP The Essanay Model P, 1934 (Ray Kelly)
64Apr-9811Book reviewRadiolettesAWA Radiolettes 1932-1949. Peter Hughes
64Apr-9812History (Australia)7HTA brief history of 7HT Hobart (Norm Stone)
64Apr-9815RestorationTVs & RFDLetter: Restoring B&W TVs and RFD Radios (Rodney Champness)
64Apr-9815ProjectRegulatorLetter: More on the High-Tension Regulator (Warwick Woods)
64Apr-9816AstorCQMThe Astor Model CQM (Bill Verrall)
64Apr-9819History1938 conventionThe 1938 World Radio Convention - 60th Anniversary (Fin Stewart)
64Apr-9820Stromberg CarlsonTransistor 7The Stromberg-Carlson Transistor Seven Portable (Rex Wales)
64Apr-9823ValvesBritish ValvesPart 13: More British Valve Makers (Fin Stewart)
64Apr-9827Healing412-EThe Healing Model 412-E, 1956-7 (Darryl Kasch)
64Apr-9830Other radiosRailwayTrain Broadcast receivers (Jack Ross)
65Jul-9804ProjectGraymavoxBuilding the Graymavox Superhet - Part 1 (R Havyatt, G Jeffery)
65Jul-9809History (Australia)TasmaniaThe early history of wireless in Tasmania - Part 2,(A P Andrews)
65Jul-9811HomebrewRegen setA Home-built Regenerative Set (Derek Jacques, Ray Kelly)
65Jul-9814History (Australia)TelevisionAirborne TV Relay, 1963 (Neil Wain)
65Jul-9816ProfileDraperObituary: Norm Draper (Phil Ireland)
65Jul-9817HRSAAuthoringLetter: Writing for Radio Waves (Roger Johnson)
65Jul-9817Other radiosRailwayLetter: Train Broadcast receivers (Bill Douglass)
65Jul-9818History (Australia)TasmaniaLetter: Early Wireless in Tasmania (Athol Manning)
65Jul-9820Other radiosAirlineThe Airline Special, an early 1-valve, c1925 (Lou Albert)
65Jul-9822History (Australia)Early radioEarly radio in Australia, c1900 (Rex Wales)
65Jul-9823ProfileStewartFin Stewart
65Jul-9824ValvesEuropean ValvesPart 14: European Valve Makers (Fin Stewart)
65Jul-9828Philips172The Philips Model 172, 1950s, (Bill Verrall)
65Jul-9831AirplayerModel 3A 1937 Airplayer Bakelite radio (Tony Lightfoot)
65Jul-9833MilitarySCR578Gibson Girl SCR-578 emergency radio (Adrian Heinrich)
65Jul-9834BushTR82CThe Bush TR82C, 1963 transistor (Warwick Woods)
65Jul-9839HistorySolid stateHalf a century of solid state (Warwick Woods)
66Oct-9805AstorJNThe Astor JN, widow's peak, 1940s (Warwick Woods)
66Oct-9808PalecVCTPalec VCT VCT-V (Paton meter) adapter modules (Ray Hosking)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
66Oct-9809ValvesAC typesValves Part 15: The development of AC valves (Fin Stewart)
66Oct-9813Philips2510The Philips Model 2510 revisited (Ray Kelly)
66Oct-9814History (Australia)BroadcastingMilestones in radio broadcasting technology. by date (Jack Ross)
66Oct-9819Crystal SetsLetterLetter: Crystal Sets (Leonard Jannese)
66Oct-9819ProfileBird Vale:Des Bird, 1931-1998 (Carl Schlink)
66Oct-9820ProjectGraymavoxBuilding the Graymavox Superhet - Part 2,(Ric Havyatt)
66Oct-9823TheoryWind & 32 voltOff on a windy tangent - wind generators & 32v radios (Greg Lamey)
66Oct-9825HealingS552AHealing Model S552A - Circuit and component list
66Oct-9826Book reviewWWIISecret Radio in World War II' - Darryl Kasch (Tony Zuiderwyk)
66Oct-9827ProjectW 2/4A radio building project W 2/4 Superhet
66Oct-9829MuseumNationalWaves of pleasure at the National Film & Sound Archive (R Begbie)
66Oct-9832Other radios3-valveLittle Aussie Battler. 3-valve radios, 1920s (Lou Albert)
66Oct-9835ZenithRoyal 500The Zenith Royal 500 Transistor 'Hand-wired', 1955 (Chris Rogers)
67Jan-9904NationalNC-2-40DThe National NC-2-40D (Warwick Woods)
67Jan-9909Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
67Jan-9910ProjectGraymavoxRadio Building Competition: The Winners
67Jan-9911ProjectW 2/4More on the W 2/4 Superhet (Warwick Woods)
67Jan-9912History (Australia)TasmaniaCommercial Broadcasting in 'Ye Olde Apple Isle' (Norm Stone)
67Jan-9915TheoryReflexReflex action: A beginners guide to Reflex radios (Derek Jacques)
67Jan-9919Museum2BHThe world's largest radio? - 2BH building Broken Hill (Warwick Woods)
67Jan-9920AWARadiolette 92AWA Radiolette 92; Hotpoint B64ME, C64ME; Westinghouse 920 (DK)
67Jan-9920HotpointB64ME C64MEAWA Radiolette 92; Hotpoint B64ME, C64ME; Westinghouse 920 (DK)
67Jan-9920Westinghouse920AWA Radiolette 92; Hotpoint B64ME, C64ME; Westinghouse 920 (DK)
67Jan-9921History (biography)ReinartzLetter: Reinartz and regeneration (Athol Manning)
67Jan-9922ValvesRectifiersValves Part 16: Rectifiers, Voltage Regulators & Barretters (F Stewart)
67Jan-9928ComponentsPerm tunerThe Permability Tuner (Bill Verrall)
67Jan-9929Collecting Are you a collector? Philsophy (T Lightfoot, J Mackesy)
67Jan-9931SchaubMantelResurrection of a German mantel set, 1950s (Paul Kerkin)
67Jan-9933MuseumMurwillumbahA Museum worth a family visit (Ray Kelly)
67Jan-9934HomebrewTelevisionA seven-valve TV set (Bob Young)
67Jan-9936ProjectW 2/4The two-valve superhet (Rodney Champness)
67Jan-9938Other radiosRepeaterWhat have we here? - remote area BC repeater w/turntable (Ray Kelly)
67Jan-9940RestorationDynamotorRestoring dynamotor shock mounts in Command receivers (P Williams)
68Apr-9904Homebrew1-valveA Little Home-brew, 1-valve c1920s (Peter Lankshear)
68Apr-9907ProfileWalesObituary: John Rex Wales: An appreciation (Ray Kelly)
68Apr-9908History (Australia)32 voltLetter: Thirty-two volts (Keith Lang)
68Apr-9909AWA92Letter: The AWA Radiolette 92,(Tony Lightfoot)
68Apr-9909History (biography)ReinartzLetter: Who was Reinartz (Jim Lowe)
68Apr-9909LetterTelevisionLetter: Small Television sets (Julian Weaver)
68Apr-9910History (Australia)BroadcastingMelbourne Broadcasting (Rex Wales)
68Apr-9912HomebrewTRFA long weekend project, homebrew 4-valve TRF (Phil Ireland)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
68Apr-9914CollectingValuesValues, Variety and Hope for new collectors (Richard Begbie)
68Apr-9918CalstanSuperhetA commercial two-valve superhet radiogram, Calstan (John Wolff)
68Apr-9919History (Australia)MarineThe Coastal Radio Service (Ric Havyatt)
68Apr-9920HomebrewAM TunerA wide band AM tuner (Bill Verrall)
68Apr-9924ValvesAustralianValves Part 17: Australian valves, valve collecting & repair (F Stewart)
68Apr-9930Book reviewGEC/OsramHistory of GEC and the Marconi Osram valve. Fin Stewart
68Apr-9930Book reviewAustralian radioThe Best Years of Australian Radio .Rod Smith (A Smith-Goode)
68Apr-9931Book reviewAORSM etcAORSM on CD; "1920s Music" on CDs
68Apr-9931Book reviewRidersRiders Manual of American radio circuits on CD
68Apr-9932Raycophone2-20The Raycophone Model 2-20 (Ray Kelly)
68Apr-9934AWA520-MYAWA Radiola model 520-MY: Circuit details
68Apr-9935Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
68Apr-9936Homebrew1-valveA simple one-valve regenerative set (Tony Lightfoot)
68Apr-9938Silver-Marshall1929The Silver Marshall. 1929 (Lou Albert)
69Jul-9904ProfileRich A'Bower Bird' replies (John Rich)
69Jul-9907MilitaryB-24D bomberRadio Equipment in the Liberator B-24D Bomber (Peter Williams)
69Jul-9914AstorBPJThe Astor Model BPJ, 1948 (Bill Verrall)
69Jul-9916Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
69Jul-9917ProfileJacquesObituary: Derek Jacques 1936-1999 (Bill Smith)
69Jul-9918HistoryMarineMarine Radio in the Early Fifties - Part 1 (Jeremy Bissicks)
69Jul-9923RestorationYes or NoTo restore of not to restore? - a personal question (Fraser Donachie)
69Jul-9924RestorationBakelitePreparing & Polishing Bakelite cases (K Holmes, K Hoffman)
69Jul-9926MilitaryAR8The AR8 Receiver - a notable Australian (Mike Eager)
69Jul-9929TheoryReflexReflexed radio receivers, history, development & use (R Hosking)
69Jul-9933HomebrewTinyTim Tiny Tim II (Derek Jacques)
69Jul-9934RadiolaStraight 6Resurrection of a Radiola Straight Six, 1920s (H Geale, D Moloney)
69Jul-9936AWAR7077Beat Frequency (Audio) Oscillator R7707 (Ray Robinson)
69Jul-9939Book reviewSTC ManualSTC Radio Sales Manual, 1938 (Bill Smith)
70Oct-9904MurphyB40The Murphy B40 (Naval) Receiver (Ray Robinson)
70Oct-9910RestorationYes or NoTo restore or not to restore (readers views)
70Oct-9913Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
70Oct-9914Other radios1920sRevamping a custom built. 1920s console (Lou Albert)
70Oct-9917ProjectBrowning-DrakeOur major construction project for next year (Warwick Woods)
70Oct-9918Udisco928Letters - Wide band tuners & the 3 valve Udisco 928
70Oct-9920History (Australia)USA 1924First 2-way radio communication from Australia to the USA J (Howden)
70Oct-9922Operatic30TOperatic Model 30T (Keith Hoffmann)
70Oct-9924History (biography)ReinartzWho was Reinartz? Part 1 (Jim Lowe)
70Oct-9927HistoryMarineMarine Radio in the Early Fifties - Part 2,(Jeremy Bissicks)
70Oct-9929ComponentsLoudspeakerDiaphragms for Horn Speakers and Headphones (Mike Eager)
70Oct-9930Stromberg Carlson5A26 5A36Stromberg-Carlson Models 5A26, 5A36 (Darryl Kasch)
70Oct-9932CollectingCatalogingListing your collection (Manfred Nagel)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
70Oct-9934WeldonBGIs it original? - Weldon 1930s sets (Ray Kelly)
70Oct-9936Astor MickeyGrandCircuit of Astor Mickey Grand/OZ 1935 (Photo front cover)
70Oct-9936ManufacturingSth AustraliaList of South Australian radio makers in 1939
71Jan-0004RestorationVintageResurrecting a Very Old Radio (Matthew Weatherley)
71Jan-0006ProfileKettleObituary: Ralph Kettle
71Jan-0007HistoryMarineMarine Radio in the Early Fifties - Part 3 (Jeremy Bissicks)
71Jan-0009HomebrewSmallestThe smallest valve radio. homemade (Bob Young)
71Jan-0010ComponentsLoudspeakerA guide to the Twenties loudspeakers (Derek Jacques)
71Jan-0016ProjectBrowning-DrakeBuilding the Browning-Drake. Cabinet (Doug Ellis)
71Jan-0019Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
71Jan-0020SterlingAutodyneThe Sterling Autodyne 3/4 valve mantel (Keith Lang)
71Jan-0022ProjectRestorationRestoration Project .Victoria HRSA winners (R Hosking)
71Jan-0024ComponentsLoudspeakerDiaphragms for Horn Speakers (Grahame Jeffery)
71Jan-0025History (biography)ReinartzWho was Reinartz? Part 2,(Terry Pool)
71Jan-0029Healing403EHealing Model 403E. Scales (Bill Verrall)
71Jan-0033ProfileRichHome on the Range. 1960 UK Radar (John Rich)
71Jan-0040HMV326His Master's Voice Model 326: Circuit (Photo front cover)
72Apr-000ComponentsSmithBrian Smith's Wireless Workshop Catalogue (insert)
72Apr-000Ferris74Picture front cover
72Apr-0004Ferris74 184 274The Story of Ferris Radio. Model 74 and others (John Emanuel)
72Apr-0009Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
72Apr-0010AWAR7077Using the R7077 Beat Frequency Oscillator (Ray Robinson)
72Apr-0012Healing Breville26 27Letters: Healing Model 403E; Breville Model 26, 27 Circuit
72Apr-0014ComponentsHandphoneLetter: Early Hand-phones
72Apr-0016AstorGP/GPPThe Powers of an Astor portable radio (Ian Dodd)
72Apr-0018RestorationCapacitorReplacing old electrolytics: A capacity to deceive (Mike Krochmal)
72Apr-0020ProjectBrowning-DrakeThe Browning-Drake: Cabinet and Coils (Doug Ellis)
72Apr-0023ProjectVibratorPower Supply for Vibrator Sets (Warwick Woods)
72Apr-0025BrevillePalRestoring a 1937 Breville 'Pal' (ian Gray)
72Apr-0027RestorationAlignmentReceiver Alignment - Part 1 (Graeme Dennes)
72Apr-0032RestorationVintageMore on the resurrection of a very old radio. see prev issue (P Kerkin)
72Apr-0034Philips147A Radio Restoration (Tony Lightfoot)
72Apr-0037ManufacturingVictoriaEarly Radio Makers - 1939 List of Victorian Manufacturers
72Apr-0038Kriesler11-86Kriesler Model 11-86 portable stereogram (Bill Verrall)
73Jul-0004Crystal setsHomebrewA Crystal Set revival. 2,home made sets described
73Jul-0007Crystal sets1932The Mystery Crystal Set. 1932,design rebuilt (Ray Creighton)
73Jul-0010Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
73Jul-0012Tecnico859The Tecnico Aristocrat Five-valve battery radio (Steven Kandiliotis)
73Jul-0014MilitaryCalNo 10 Restoring a Crystal Calibrator No 10 (A J Wedgwood)
73Jul-0019ProjectBrowning-DrakeLetter: Donation of 52,Browning-Drake receiver articles
73Jul-0020ProjectBrowning-DrakeFinishing the Browning-Drake. Cabinet work (Doug Ellis)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
73Jul-0021ProjectBrowning-DrakeElectronics. Final Construction (Warwick Woods)
73Jul-0023ProjectBrowning-DrakeBrowning-Drake Receiver Reference Collection (see letter this issue)
73Jul-0026RestorationToolsEver taken your radio to the dentist? - use of dental tools (R Begbie)
73Jul-0027RestorationAlignmentReceiver Alignment - Part 2,(Graeme Dennes)
73Jul-0032Radiola9-40The Radiola 9-40 (Rex Newsome)
73Jul-0035PhilipsEE20Philips EE20 Electronic Kit: Not just a toy (Paul Kerkin)
73Jul-0037CollectingNew ZealandThe New Zealand Vintage Radio Society's Easter event (Ray Kelly)
73Jul-0038Peter PanGKLPoor reception on a Peter Pan GKL (B DeLacy)
73Jul-0038Book reviewAstorAstor Radio Service. ed Ray Kelly (Bill Smith)
73Jul-0039ManufacturingNSWEarly Radio Makers - 1939 List of NSW Manufacturers
73Jul-0040Crystal setsEarlySome early crystal sets. photo back cover
74Oct-0004Astor MickeyDHThe Astor DH Mickey Grand (Warwick Woods)
74Oct-0007ProfileMacKenzieObituary: Graeme MacKenzie
74Oct-0008History (Biography)Langford-SmithFritz Langford-Smith (1904. 1966) - inc amp circuits (John McIlwaine)
74Oct-0011CollectingDisposalWill Making and Radio Collections (Ray Gillett)
74Oct-0011AWAEmpire StateThe Empire State clock (Mike Cooper)
74Oct-0012Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
74Oct-0013Book reviewGermanyRadio Katalog, .Radios von Gesten. (Fin Stewart)
74Oct-0014STCA5162STC Model A5162,(Bill Verrall)
74Oct-0015Philips100Winner of Mystery Radio Comp (on cover prev issue)
74Oct-0016RestorationAlignmentReceiver Alignment - Part 3 (Graeme Dennes)
74Oct-0022CollectingHumourWhat Species of Collector are you? (Richard Begbie)
74Oct-0025Crystal setsAerialsAerials & Earths for Crystal Sets (Matthew Weatherley)
74Oct-0028ProjectEliminatorA Universal battery eliminator (Peter Lankshear)
74Oct-0033CollectingInternetWWW Vintage Radio Resources. useful web sites (Tony Zuiderwyk)
74Oct-0034RaycophonePee-WeeRaycophone 'Pee-Wee' 1933 (Keith Lang)
74Oct-0037HRSAIndexIndex to HRSA Newsletters 1 - 43 (July 1982,-,January 1993)
75Jan-0104Stromberg Carlson506A 1936 Stromberg-Carlson Model 506 Receiver (Matthew Weatherley)
75Jan-0107TheorySymbolsRadio Circuit Symbols
75Jan-0108ProfileThomObituary: Fred Thom: Radio Pioneer (1904. 2000) (ex SMH)
75Jan-0109RestorationFlock finishTechnical Advice Service - Flock Finish (Bruce de Lacy)
75Jan-0110Batyphone1925An Early Batyphone (John Tuppen)
75Jan-0111AWAEmpire StateEmpire State' radios still top value. auction sales (Tony Zuiderwyk)
75Jan-0112History (Australia)Army RadiosWireless Signalling in the Australian Army - Part 1 (Neil Wain)
75Jan-0118Crystal setsPerformanceCrystal Sets and their Performance Part 1 (R Newsome, P Hadcraft)
75Jan-0120ProjectBrowning-DrakeBrowning-Drake: the Winners
75Jan-0122ProjectBrowning-DrakeHow I built my Browning-Drake Receiver (Jim Lowe)
75Jan-0126CollectingHumourSo you are a collector. sequel to 'Are you a collector' (John Mackesy)
75Jan-0130HickokOBQ-1The Hickok OBQ-1 VTVM (Warwick Woods)
75Jan-0132CollectingUSAAdventures in America (Fin Stewart)
75Jan-0136Book reviewInternetFrom Wireless to the Web by Peter Jensen (Allan Smith-Goode)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
75Jan-0138Philips135Not another Philips! The Model 135 (Darryl Kasch)
76Apr-0104Peter PanGKLThe Fifty-cent Bedlamp. Peter Pan GKL (Tony Lightfoot)
76Apr-0107History (Australia)1925The Marvellous Radio (1925 article for farmers)
76Apr-0108History (Australia)UK-Aust linkExperiment at Koo-Wee-Rup (first UK-Aust communication)
76Apr-0112ProjectAll wave 7Double-Conversion Superhet - ex EA 1967 (Warwick Woods)
76Apr-0116ProfileBissicksConfession of a Mistuned Youth (Jeremy Bissicks)
76Apr-0118PalecSG1Palec Signal Generator Model SG1 (Keith Hoffmann)
76Apr-0122ComponentsCarborundumLetter: Carborundum in Radio (Lou Albert)
76Apr-0123History (Australia)Army RadiosWireless Signalling in the Australian Army. Part 2,(Neil Wain)
76Apr-0127Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
76Apr-0129Crystal setsPerformanceCrystal Sets and their Performance Part 2,(R Newsome, P Hadcraft)
76Apr-0132MulgaphoneWABeginnings: A Mulgaphone returns to life (John Tuppen)
76Apr-0135ProjectB batteryA Self-contained 'B' battery for portables - Part 1 (Tony Maher)
77Jul-0104EssanayBantamThe Essanay Bantam (Neil Wain)
77Jul-0107History (Australia)High ParkThe History of the High Park HF Radio Receiving Station (Ian McLean)
77Jul-0115ValvesTestingValve testing (Jim Lowe)
77Jul-0118Airzone1933The Airzonette 'Luggage' Radio. 1933 (C S Ratcliff)
77Jul-0123TheoryDigital radioDigital Radio (Bruce Moyle)
77Jul-0124Project1-valveSE Queensland: One-valve Radio Competition - results
77Jul-0130ProfileUtberObituary: Leonard Harvey Utber 1917-2001 (Bob Young)
77Jul-0131History (Australia)Army RadiosWireless Signalling in the Australian Army. Part 2B (Neil Wain)
77Jul-0136MuseumLake BogaThe Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum (Warwick Woods)
77Jul-0137ProjectElectrolyticsA Re-former for Electrolytics (Tony Lightfoot)
78Oct-0104ProfileJanesA Canberra Collection - Les,Janes (Richard Begbie)
78Oct-0107RestorationTipsThe Radio Doctor's Tips & Tricks (Ray Hosking)
78Oct-0108Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
78Oct-0109TheorySuperhetLetter: Double-change Superhet etc (comments Rodney Champness)
78Oct-0110Diason32/6The Diason Story (Bill Smith)
78Oct-0113TheoryDigital radioDigital radio (Richard Longman)
78Oct-0115ComponentsAerialsAerials & Earths (anon)
78Oct-0116ProjectB batteryA Self-contained 'B' battery for portables - Part 2,(Tony Maher)
78Oct-0119AWAPanelThe panel radio (John McIlwaine)
78Oct-0122ComponentsLoudspeakerRola Loudspeaker Transformers (Mike Osborne)
78Oct-0127ComponentsCoilsCoils and Condensers (Matthew Weatherley)
78Oct-0129MilitaryFS-6 WS11Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army. Part 3 (Neil Wain)
78Oct-0133History (Australia)Flying DoctorEarly Flying Doctor Radio - Part 1 (Rodney Champness)
78Oct-0135ProjectVibratorA solid state vibrator - Part 1 (Warwick Woods)
78Oct-0137RestorationID PlatesBrass Identification Discs for Service Equipment (Malcolm Haskard)
78Oct-0138MilitaryOS-4BThe Boat Anchor. Oscilloscope (John Mackesy)
79Jan-0204Tasma1001Tasma Model 1001 (Bill Verrall)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
79Jan-0207ProfileNewsomeAn Intriguing Brisbane Collector. Rex Newsome (Richard Begbie)
79Jan-0209Miscellaneous Letters: Crystal Thief, Flying Doctor, Canberra meeting
79Jan-0210AWAATR 4AThe Coastwatchers Portable set - The ATR 4A (Malcolm Haskard)
79Jan-0214ProfileBissicksThe Radio Game - Part 1 (Jeremy Bissicks)
79Jan-0215HistoryCentenaryOne Hundred Years of Wireless (Ray Kelly)
79Jan-0218Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
79Jan-0220AWA690MAThe AWA Pressmatic Model 690MA Mantel Radio (Brian Lackie)
79Jan-0223History (Australia)Flying DoctorEarly Flying Doctor Radio - Part 2,(Rodney Champness)
79Jan-0226HRSACanberraA Successful Canberra Radio & Phono Fest (Richard Begbie)
79Jan-0228History (biography)MarconiMarconi's contribution to radio (Rex Newsome)
79Jan-0229MilitaryWS108 WS208Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army. Part 4 (Neil Wain)
79Jan-0237ProjectVibratorA solid state vibrator - Part 2,(Warwick Woods)
79Jan-0238ComponentsVibratorVibrator specifications. Ferrocart, Oak etc (Warwick Woods)
80Apr-020ProfileKellyFront cover. Ray Kelly
80Apr-0204ProfileKellyRay Kelly.
80Apr-0208AegisMetropolisThe Aegis Metropolis Four Kit-set Radio (B Verrall, T Lightfoot)
80Apr-0212HistoryInventorRadio Waves: Who invented their use? Part 1 (Rex Newsome)
80Apr-0214ComponentsTransformersAudio Transformers (Jim Lowe)
80Apr-0217MilitaryNo1 WS133Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army. Part 5 (Neil Wain)
80Apr-0222ProjectRestorationSE Queensland Restoration Project (Matthew Weatherley)
80Apr-0223RestorationFretclothFitting fretcloth to mantels and consoles (Ray Hosking)
80Apr-0224Paling271-MIt isn't what it seems (Darryl Kasch)
80Apr-0225BealePanchromaticIt isn't what it seems (Les Janes)
80Apr-0228ProjectAll wave twoThe All-Wave Two - construction project
80Apr-0230ComponentsCase cracksAll they are cracked up to be. humour (Joe Kerr aka Lou Albert)
80Apr-0232ProfileFranklinNotes from the North - collection activities in the NT (Fred Franklin)
80Apr-0233Stromberg Carlson55AStromberg Carlson Model 55A (Neil Wain)
80Apr-0237ComponentsTransformersA&R Voltage Doubler Type Power Transformers
80Apr-0238Philips2650Philips 'Radioplayer' Model 2650 (Matthew Weatherley)
80Apr-0241Book reviewProfileA Quirk of Fate by George Barlin (Richard Begbie)
80Apr-0241Other radiosBoskennaLetter: Boskenna Wireless (Ken Preiss)
80Apr-0242AstorHNQThe Case of the Muddy Mickey. 1952,(Warwick Woods)
80Apr-0244Other radiosVariousBack cover photos Astor GR KM, STC 5017, Monarch DKL, Adm 5AK
81Jul-020Encore57EFront cover. see page 23
81Jul-0204AstorDLA Mickey with a Difference (Ian Long)
81Jul-0207HistoryInventorRadio Waves: Who invented their use? Part 2,(Don Black)
81Jul-0208Book reviewAustralian radioMore Australian Radio. Rod Smith (Allan Smith-Goode)
81Jul-0209ProfileLeyshanThis is Heyfield calling - Fraser Leyshan (Richard Begbie)
81Jul-0212MilitaryWS19Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army. Part 6 (Neil Wain)
81Jul-0223Other radiosFrenchThree French Radios. A24A, Amplix, 57E (Jim Lowe)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
81Jul-0230Codan6924Codan: The Era after Traeger - Part 1 (Malcolm Haskard)
81Jul-0237Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
81Jul-0238MuseumPlanningPlanning a Wireless Museum (Brian Lackie)
81Jul-0240CollectingHumourVintage Radio Collecting Classic Disorder Syndrome
82Oct-0205MullardMAS 1151Mullard Model MAS 1151 (Bill Verrall)
82Oct-0209ProfileMcIlwaineJohn McIlwaine & the AWA Connection (Richard Begbie)
82Oct-0212TheoryZener diodeThe Zener Diode (Ian Batty)
82Oct-0214HomebrewLittle GeneralA little Colonel - Perhaps (Harold Norrie)
82Oct-0215History (Australia)CodanCodan: The Era after Traeger - Part 2,(Malcolm Haskard)
82Oct-0224ProfileBissicksThe Radio Game - Part 2,(Jeremy Bissicks)
82Oct-0225ProjectVibratorA solid state vibrator. Part 3 (Warwick Woods)
82Oct-0230ComponentsCohererThe Coherer: Its History and Construction - Part 1 (Don Hosking)
82Oct-0233Barlow WadleyXCR-30The Barlow-Wadley XCR-30 (Tony Lightfoot)
82Oct-0237ProjectOutput meterAn Output Meter for receiver alignment (Jim Lowe)
82Oct-0239MuseumYokohamaThey're not making them any more - Jap Military Radios (Ian Batty)
83Jan-0304AWAC38The AWA Standard Six Model C38 (Lou Albert)
83Jan-0307History (Australia)Oral historyThe Radio Industry: An Oral History Project (John Rich)
83Jan-0309MilitaryAT5 AR8Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army. Part 7 (Neil Wain)
83Jan-0314Philips65171938 Battery Operated Philips Radioplayer 6517 (Matthew Weatherley)
83Jan-0317ComponentsCohererThe Coherer: The Filings Coherer - Part 2,(Don Hosking)
83Jan-0321Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
83Jan-0325HomebrewLittle JimLittle Jim - Another Version. 1956 (Peter J Martin)
83Jan-0327ProfileAlbertFrom Salonola to Sealed Set - Lou Albert's Story (Richard Begbie)
83Jan-0330ProjectOutput meterAn Output Meter for receiver alignment. Correction to circuit
83Jan-0331RestorationAsbestosAsbestos Exposure and Radio Collecting (Joseph G Jackson)
83Jan-0333Stromberg Carlson5V15Stromberg Carlson 5V15 Amenities Receiver (Ray Robinson)
83Jan-0335Homebrew2-valveLeith wins competition with radio. also on front cover (Leith Tebbit)
83Jan-0336TelefunkenT9Tales of a Telefunken. 1927 Model T9 (John Tuppen)
83Jan-0338Book reviewStanleyThe Pye Man. .Rise & Fall of C O Stanley. (Allan Smith-Goode)
83Jan-0339MuseumTokyoMuseums of Tokyo: The Sony Museum (Ian Batty)
84Apr-0304ProfileBellOne of Vintage Radio's best kept secrets. Elwin Bell (R Begbie)
84Apr-0308AWA500MYThe AWA Radiolette Model 500MY (Bill Verrall)
84Apr-0308AWA500MYThe AWA Radiolette Model 500MY. Photo front cover
84Apr-0310Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
84Apr-0311ProjectOutput meterAn Output Meter for receiver alignment. another correction to circuit
84Apr-0311MullardMAS 1151Mullard Model MAS 1151. correction to,Oct 02,article
84Apr-0312ComponentsCohererThe Coherer: Lodge-Muirhead Wheel Coherer - Part 3 (Don Hosking)
84Apr-0315AWAC38Letter: The AWA C38. further comments (Lou Albert)
84Apr-0315ProjectElwood 3-6The Elwood 3-6: A 1950s style mantel radio - Part 1 (Woods, Ellis)
84Apr-0316BraunBSK239DThe Braun BSK 239 D (Warwick Woods)
84Apr-0318ProfileHallObituary: Ian Charles Hall (1950-2003)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
84Apr-0318ProfileReberObituary: Grote Reber (1911-2003)
84Apr-0319ProfileDe LacyObituary: Bruce De Lacy (1926-2003)
84Apr-0319AWA500MYTuning Drive Cord Replacement
84Apr-0321WillsoniaS53The Super 5 Willsonia. S53 (Don Maisch)
84Apr-0326ValvesAWAAWA in WWII. Part 1 Valve Production (John McIlwaine)
84Apr-0328CollectingPhotographyRadio Photography (Kevin Poulter)
84Apr-0330RestorationCordsFinishing off a Power cord (Ray Hosking)
84Apr-0331HRSAInternetThe HRSA Web Site (Bruce Moyle)
84Apr-0334Book reviewAustralian radioEarly Radios in Australia by Rex Newsome (Richard Begbie)
84Apr-0335Conlon1946A 1946 Conlon Radio (Matthew Weatherley)
85Jul-0304Farmers1937Do you know this radio? - 1937 8ED (Jim Lowe)
85Jul-0307ProfileLackieFifty years on, the passion remains - Brian Lackie (Richard Begbie)
85Jul-0310RestorationLoudspeakerOld speaker repair on a 1930 model Astor (Brian Rowe)
85Jul-0311History (Australia)AWAAWA in WWII. Part 2,(John McIlwaine)
85Jul-0314AWAC17020Australian Army amenities receiver Type C17020 (John McIlwaine)
85Jul-0318ProjectElwood 3-6The Elwood 3-6: A 1950s style mantel radio - Part 2,(Woods, Ellis)
85Jul-0318ProjectElwood 3-6The Elwood 3-6 - Photo front cover
85Jul-0326ManufacturingStrombergMemories of the Stromberg-Carlson production line (Ron Freestone)
85Jul-0327MagazinesSilicon ChipLetter: The value of 'Silicon Chip' (Tony Maher)
85Jul-0328AstorEH/77An Astor EH/77 (Tony Lightfoot)
85Jul-0331MuseumPlanningRunning a Radio Exhibition - a personal view (Richard Begbie)
85Jul-0334ProjectAll wave 7The All-Wave Seven Plus. construction project report. see,Apr 01
85Jul-0336HRSA20th AnnivPhoto gallery of the HRSA 20th Anniversary
85Jul-0336Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
85Jul-0337BraunBSK239DThe Braun BSK 239 D. photos
85Jul-0337RestorationValvesGluing valves to their bases
85Jul-0338RestorationToolsBuilding a chassis support (Jim Lowe)
85Jul-0340History (Australia)RiverinaRiverina radio - an archaeological dig (Chris Morgan)
85Jul-0343ProfileWentworthObituary: Allan Wentworth
85Jul-0344Farmers1937Back cover: Photos for Farmers article page 4
86Oct-0304BushEBS-64A Strange Bush (Jim Lowe)
86Oct-0307Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
86Oct-0310Farmers1937Letters: The Farmers Radio (3)
86Oct-0310ProjectAll wave 7Letter: The 'All-Wave Seven Plus'
86Oct-0312MilitaryMN26MN26 Compass Receiver Conversion (Keith Hoffmann)
86Oct-0312MilitaryMN26MN26 Compass Receiver. Photo front cover
86Oct-0315Book reviewAustralian radioAustralian Radio History by Kevin Apps (Richard Begbie)
86Oct-0316ProjectCapacitorA Capacitor Leakage Tester (Bruce Moyle)
86Oct-0321HistoryInventorA 19thC Speculation on the Possibilities of Radio (Rex Newsome)
86Oct-0322ProfileHavyattA Link with Aussie Radio History - Ric Havyatt (Richard Begbie)
86Oct-0325ProfileRogersObituary: Colin Rogers (1913-2003)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
86Oct-0326RestorationG64MEHow far does one go? - Hotpoint G64ME (Lou Albert)
86Oct-0327History (Australia)Bush ChurchAid The Bush Church Aid Society Radio Network (Malcolm Haskard)
86Oct-0333AstorGRThe Astor 'Football'. Model GR (Bill Verrall)
86Oct-0335MilitaryWS22Wireless Signalling in the Australian Army. Part 8 (Neil Wain)
87Jan-0404RestorationYes or NoWhither Radio Preservation & Restoration - Part 1 (Graeme Dennes)
87Jan-0407ProjectPower SupplyBench Power Supply for Transistor Radios - Pt 1 (Warwick Woods)
87Jan-0408RestorationResistorRepairing a Wire-wound Resistor (Brian Rowe)
87Jan-0410IgranicIgranicThe Immortal Igranic (Lou Albert)
87Jan-0412Book reviewBairdJohn Logie Baird - A Life (Richard Begbie)
87Jan-0413MoviereviewO Brother where art Thou (Kevin Poulter)
87Jan-0414MilitaryT1154Building a low power replica of the T1154 (J Tom Clayton)
87Jan-0418ProfileSteinwedelObituary: Trevor Steinwedel
87Jan-0420ProfileHarrisRadio Men and their Sheds (Tony Maher)
87Jan-0421Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
87Jan-0422AWA520Restringing an AWA 520 'Fridge' Radio (Ray Hosking)
87Jan-0423ValvesRepairsPainted Valve Restoration (Allan Smith-Goode)
87Jan-0424HRSACanberraThe Canberra Corroboree (Richard Begbie)
87Jan-0426KingsleyAR7My Search for a Decent Communications Receiver (Peter Laughton)
87Jan-0428PatonVCTRepairing the Paton-VCT-V Valve & Circuit Tester (Aub Topp)
87Jan-0431Miscellaneous An Exhibition for Commercial Radio Australia (Richard Begbie)
87Jan-0432Kriesler11-81Kriesler Model 11-81 (Bill Verrall)
87Jan-0434RestorationCapacitorNew Old-style Capacitors (Tim McEgan)
87Jan-0435History (Australia)RadarWartime Activities of AWA - Radar (John McIlwaine)
87Jan-0436ProjectTransformersDo-It-Yourself Power Transformers (Paul Kerkin)
87Jan-0438AstorSportsterAttack on a Leatherette (Manfred Nagel)
87Jan-0439RestorationWireMaking Shielded Wire with Woven Cotton Inner (Ray Robinson)
88Apr-0404History (Australia)Beam WirelessRockbank, Fiskville and the Beam Wireless - Part 1 (Ian McLean)
88Apr-0409HMVRangemasterThe HMV Rangemaster - two views (Bill Verrall & Tony Lightfoot)
88Apr-0413Univox1934 modelCan you Help? - The 1934 Univox (Warwick Woods)
88Apr-0414CollectingDisposalOn the Disposal of a Collection (George Newlands)
88Apr-0417Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
88Apr-0418AstorMantel1930 Restoration of an Astor mantel c1930 (Brian Rowe)
88Apr-0422ProjectPower SupplyBench Power Supply for Transistor Radios - Pt 2,(Warwick Woods)
88Apr-0425MuseumTasmaniaA Model for all Collections (S.P.A.T.) (Richard Begbie)
88Apr-0428RestorationYes or NoWhither Radio Preservation & Restoration - Part 2,(Graeme Dennes)
88Apr-0431Farmers1937Farmer's Radio - Epilogue (Jim Lowe)
88Apr-0432Other radiosPortablesThe Great Valve Portable Competition (Bruce Moyle)
88Apr-0433HRSAMelbourneA Day at the Farm (Tony Maher)
88Apr-0434RCARadiola 60Assembling & Restoring an RCA Radiola 60 - Part 1 (Paul Kerkin)
88Apr-0437RestorationShield basesMaking Valve Shield Bases (Ray Robinson)
88Apr-0438ProfileLoweRadio Men and their Sheds - Jim Lowe (Tony Maher)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
89Jul-0404AWARadiophoneThe AWA Radiophone of 1924 (Lou Albert)
89Jul-0405RestorationYes or NoWhither Radio Preservation & Restoration (Letters)
89Jul-0406AstorMantel 1930Restoration of an Astor mantel c1930 (Letter)
89Jul-0406Book reviewBairdJohn Logie Baird - A Life (Letter)
89Jul-0407History (Australia)Beam WirelessRockbank, Fiskville and the Beam Wireless (Letter)
89Jul-0407Other radiosPortablesThe Great Valve Portable Competition (Letter)
89Jul-0408History (Australia)Beam WirelessRockbank, Fiskville and the Beam Wireless - Part 2,(Ian McLean)
89Jul-0414Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
89Jul-0415USAAC/DC TRFTwo US 110 volt, AC/DC, TRF Receivers (Jim Lowe)
89Jul-0419HistoryTelevisionLets Look at Television or "Pictures by Radio" (Rex Newsome)
89Jul-0422MiscellaneousInternetVintage Radio on the Internet (Tony Maher)
89Jul-0423MilitaryWS-22The Wireless Set No 22,(Aust) Yellow Band ZAA4811 (Neil Wain)
89Jul-0428RCARadiola 60Assembling & Restoring an RCA Radiola 60 - Part 2,(Paul Kerkin)
89Jul-0433Airzone610Can you Help? - Member's unidentified sets (Airzone 610 - ed)
89Jul-0434RestorationYes or NoThe Great Restoration Debate - Time to Lighten Up? (Richard Begbie)
89Jul-0438ProfileCabenaObituary: Brian Eccleston Cabena (1922-2004)
89Jul-0438ProfileManningObituary: Athol Manning (1916-2004)
89Jul-0438ProfileLankshearRadio Men and their Sheds - Peter Lankshear (Tony Maher)
89Jul-0439ComponentsResistorResistor Colour Codes
89Jul-0439PeterPan BKJPeter pan Model BKJ (1946-7) Circuit
89Jul-0440AstorMickeyWireless Weekly Advertisement December 15th 1933
90Oct-0404Other radiosTransistorThe First & Early Transistor Radios (Warwick Woods)
90Oct-0409RestorationYes or NoLetter: Radio Restoration & Preservation (Graeme Dennes)
90Oct-0409HistoryBroadcastingCan you help: Broadcasting stations & Clandestine Communications
90Oct-0411AWAB17 B18 B29AWA Radiola Transistor Portables B17, B18 & B29 (Bill Verrall)
90Oct-0415ProjectBattery currentTwo Battery Current Sniffers (Jim Lowe)
90Oct-0418HistoryBroadcastingMore about Radio Australia, 1955-9 (Ray Kelly)
90Oct-0419ProfileVerrallRadio Men and their Sheds (Tony Maher)
90Oct-0420MilitaryARBThe ARB Receiver - CRV-46151 - Part 1 (Ray Robinson)
90Oct-0424AWAVariousAWA Mark of Excellence in Radio (Advert reprint 1960s)
90Oct-0425ProfileStewartKen Stewart & Collecting Transistors {title revised} (Richard Begbie)
90Oct-0428History (Australia)Flying DoctorDevelopment of Radios in the FDS - Part 2,(Rodney Champness)
90Oct-0432ProfileJohnsonObituary: Roger Johnson (1950-2004)
90Oct-0432ProfileBurtoftObituary: Harold Burtoft (1920-2004)
90Oct-0432ProfileSnashallObituary: Ron Snashall (1924-2004)
90Oct-0434RegencyTR-1The Regency TR-1 All-Transistor Radio (Ross Smith)
90Oct-0436Philips115Philips Model 115 (Tony Lightfoot)
90Oct-0438Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
90Oct-0439ProfileSmithNew HRSA Life Member: Bill Smith
90Oct-0439ProfileMcIlwaineNew HRSA Life Member: John McIlwaine
91Jan-0505ProfileEldridgeThe Ten-Pound Pom with get-up-and-go (Richard Begbie)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
91Jan-0508History (Australia)Beam WirelessRockbank, Fiskville and the Beam Wireless - Part 3 (Ian McLean)
91Jan-0511Gulbransen70Big Mama: Queen of the Cathedrals (Lou Albert)
91Jan-0512Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
91Jan-0513History (Australia)Flying DoctorDevelopment of Radios in the FDS - Part 3 (Rodney Champness)
91Jan-0517ComponentsMicrophoneReisz Microphones (Ric Havyatt)
91Jan-0519ProjectElwood 3-6The Elwood 3-6: A Parade of Elwoods - photos of sets built
91Jan-0520MilitaryARBThe ARB Receiver - CRV-46151 - Part 2,(Ray Robinson)
91Jan-0522Book reviewOutback radioRadio in Outback Australia by R D Champness (Malcolm Haskard)
91Jan-0523Van RuytenConsole 1936Van Ruyten DC (32v or 6v)? Vibrator Console (Greg Lamey)
91Jan-0526ProfileLameyRadio Men and their Sheds (Tony Maher)
91Jan-0527Miscellaneous240v wiringAustralia's 240v Wiring Standards (Graeme Dennes)
91Jan-0529Magazines Radio & Hobbies,The Quisling, the pipe and how R & H won the war (Richard Begbie)
91Jan-0532MilitaryWS-22The Wireless Set No 22,(Aust) ZAA4854 (Neil Wain)
91Jan-0537ProfileBurtoftEulogy: Vale Harold Burtoft
91Jan-0538ProfileMacKinnonObituary: Colin MacKinnon (1941-2004)
91Jan-0539Other radiosConsoleCan you Help? - Member's unidentified sets - console cabinet
91Jan-0539Airzone610Can you Help? - response to,July 2004 query
91Jan-0540PeterPanVarious Copy of advertisement from REW August 26th 1949 with 3 sets
92Apr-0506Raycophone41ECathedral reborn (Barry Poor)
92Apr-0508Granger175Granger Assoc - The Company and its Products (Malcolm Haskard)
92Apr-0514RestorationCompetitionNat. Restoration Competition 2004 (Doug Ellis & Mike Osborne)
92Apr-0517ComponentsMeterMeter Problems - Measure Resistance & FSD (Ian Batty)
92Apr-0520Miscellaneous Letters: The Radio Pipe (Lou Albert)
92Apr-0520ComponentsMicrophoneLetters: Reisz & other Microphones (Jim Davies)
92Apr-0521CossorMelodymakerThe Cossor Melodymaker (Bill Verrall)
92Apr-0525Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
92Apr-0526ProfileLangObituary: Keith Jack Lang (1924-2004)
92Apr-0526ProfileBaillieObituary: James Edward (Jim) Baillie (1951-2004)
92Apr-0527StarliteFivestarStarlight - Starbright, Joe Kerr (Lou Albert)
92Apr-0529Book review When Radio was the Cat's Whiskers - Bernard Harte (R Begbie)
92Apr-0530ProfileBegbieThe Glories of 1920s Radio 80 Years on (Richard Begbie)
92Apr-0535Other radiosConsoleCan you Help? - Member's Unidentified Console
92Apr-0536ComponentsTransformersSpecifications of Ferguson Power Transformers (Mike Osborne)
92Apr-0538ProfileRogersRadio Men and their Sheds. Chris Rogers (Tony Maher)
92Apr-0539AstorJPPCircuit & Advert for 1955 Astor Concert-master (Kevin Poulter)
93Jul-0505History (Australia)AWAAn Unexpected Encounter with Ernest Fisk (Richard Begbie)
93Jul-0510AWAR51 R81A Tale of Two Radiolas - R51 & R81 (Warwick Woods)
93Jul-0513History (Australia)AWAFisk & (Billy) Hughes (Jock Given)
93Jul-0518AWA1548MAThe AWA Radio Model 1548MA (Bill Smith)
93Jul-0521History (Australia)AWAThe End of an Era: Sir Lionel Hooke - 1895 - 1974 (Phillip Geeves)
93Jul-0522AWAFiskRadiogram The Ernest Fisk Model HMV Radiogram (Ray Kelly)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
93Jul-0523ProfileSheardRadio Men and their Sheds - John Sheard (Tony Maher)
93Jul-0524Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
93Jul-0525Breville730Breville Model 730 (Tony Lightfoot)
93Jul-0531ProjectRegulatorAn Electronic Choke Replacement (Jim Lowe)
93Jul-0534RestorationSafetyLetters: Radio Warning - Fire Hazard (Ted Baker)
93Jul-0534RestorationBatteryLetters: The Standard Cell - A curious repair (Kevin Leydon)
93Jul-0535RestorationPanelsFront Panels, Labels & Dials - Design & Restore (Kevin Poulter)
93Jul-0538RestorationAlignmentA Superhet Receiver IF Alignment Question (Graeme Dennes)
93Jul-0539History (Australia)AWATrue Story: The First Bakelite Radiolette Moulding (John McIlwaine)
93Jul-0540AWAReceiversPictures of Five Models - 520M, 517MZ, 516M, 512M & R84
94Oct-0505ValvesDe ForestThe Flame Detector: A Working Model? (Don Hosking)
94Oct-0511ProfileHoskingIn The Bakelite Doctor's Surgery (Richard Begbie)
94Oct-0514History (military)WWIICodes Used by the Coastwatchers, Pt 1 (Malcolm Haskard)
94Oct-0519ProjectBattery 2vA (replacement) 2-volt 'A Battery' for Farm Radios (Tony Maher)
94Oct-0524CossorMelodymakerThe Cossor Melodymaker - circuit correction (See,Apr 05 issue)
94Oct-0524ProfileSmithRadio men and their Sheds - Bill Smith (Tony Maher)
94Oct-0525Other radiosConsoleHelp needed - Member's Unidentified Console (Manfred Nagel)
94Oct-0525Crystal setsHelpHelp needed - Member's Unusual Crystal Set (Richard Wood)
94Oct-0525History (Australia)AWAHelp needed - Copying AWA Archive material (Malcolm Haskard)
94Oct-0525History (Australia)BroadcastingHelp needed - Early Broadcasting Station Information (Bruce Carty)
94Oct-0527ProfileMannsObituary: John Manns (1931-2005)
94Oct-0527ProfileThompsonObituary: William Thompson (1922-2005)
94Oct-0527ProfileKilbyObituary: Jack Kilby, Inventor of the Integrated Circuit (1924-2005)
94Oct-0528HRSAMelbourneHRSA Display at Melbourne Museum in May 2005
94Oct-0529ProjectLittle GeneralReflexing the Little General (Jim Lowe)
94Oct-0533MilitaryT1154/R1155Memories of the T1154 Transmitter & R1155 Receiver (Fred Lane)
94Oct-0534ComponentsTransformers1948 Product List of "Red Line" Equipment Pty Ltd
94Oct-0535AWA1548MALetters: The AWA 1548 Radio (John McIlwaine)
94Oct-0536MilitaryCommand RxDesign Appreciation - WWII Command Receivers (Jack Whittaker)
94Oct-0538MonarchMinstrelMonarch Minstrel CKP (Max Johnson)
94Oct-0540EclipsePeter Pan 1949Advertisement for Peter Pan portable radio
95Jan-0605ProfileKellyObituary: Tributes to Ray Kelly (1921-2005) from members
95Jan-0607ProfileWoodsLife Membership for Warwick Woods
95Jan-0608TheoryRadioStarting off in Radio (Reprint of 1948 Radio World article)
95Jan-0613Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
95Jan-0615HRSACanberraThird Radio & Phonofest at Canberra report (Richard Begbie)
95Jan-0618HRSAMelbourneLetters: Bouquet for our Auctioneers (Laurie Harris)
95Jan-0618ValvesDe ForestLetters: Flame Detector Re-visited (John Rickard & Tony Maher)
95Jan-0618MiscellaneousRadioLetters: Digital Radio (Richard Begbie)
95Jan-0619ProfileCarsonRadio Men and their Sheds - Dave Carson (Tony Maher)
95Jan-0620ProjectHomebrewHRSA National Construction Project (members homebrew items)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
95Jan-0622History (military)WWIICodes Used by the Coastwatchers, Pt 2,(Malcolm Haskard)
95Jan-0628HRSAMelbourneVictorian Group Swaparama (Tony Maher)
95Jan-0629Kriesler11-7Radio that Wouldn't Shut up - fixing an 11-7 (Matthew Weatherley)
95Jan-0632MilitaryWS-122The Wireless Sets No 122,(Aust) & WS-122,MK2,(Neil Wain)
95Jan-0639ProfileRidouttObituary: Phil Ridoutt (1944-2005)
95Jan-0639ProfileFreedman Obituary: Frank Freedman (1924-2005)
95Jan-0640Crystal setsHelpHelp needed - Member's Unusual Crystal Set (Ric Havyatt)
95Jan-0640EILHCR-62Brief spec & pic of the EIL Communications Receiver Model HCR-62
96Apr-0605Project1-transistorBuild a One-transistor Super-Radio (HRSA 2006 Construction Project)
96Apr-0611ProfileRenoufCollecting memories along with mantels (Phil's collection)
96Apr-0615Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
96Apr-0616Other radiosDual-ToneThe Dual-Tone Mantel (Tony Lightfoot)
96Apr-0619ProfileLeyshanObituary: Fraser Leyshan (1926-2005)
96Apr-0619ProfileGrimsdaleObituary: Dick Grimsdale (1929-2005)
96Apr-0620MilitaryCommand RxLetters: Command Receivers (John Mackie)
96Apr-0620ValvesDe ForestLetters: Flame Detectors (Don Hosking)
96Apr-0622ValvesCathode RayAbout the Cathode ray Tube. A Brief History (Ian Batty)
96Apr-0626ProfileEllisRadio Men and their Sheds. Doug Ellis (Tony Maher)
96Apr-0627ProfileKellyObituary: Vale Ray Kelly: More Tributes
96Apr-0628Granger174Granger Associates. Follow up. Model 174 (Malcolm Haskard)
96Apr-0630Other radiosCoffinCan you Help? - Member's unidentified sets. Coffin Radios
96Apr-0631AdvanceDMM2The Advance DMM2,Digital Multimeter (John Mackesy)
96Apr-0633ProjectVTVMHow to make a portable VTVM. Valve Voltmeter (Jim Lowe)
96Apr-0640Other radiosMantelsPictures of some radios in the next Melbourne auction
97Jul-0606ProfileWilliamsAnd now for the HTSA. Greg Williams collection (Richard Begbie)
97Jul-0611History (Australia)Television 1956TV sales advertisement showing Ron Snashall
97Jul-0612Granger174Letters: Update on previous issue article (Malcolm Haskard)
77Jul-0612Other radiosDual-ToneLetters: Correction for Dual-Tone circuit (Tony Lightfoot)
97Jul-0612Project1-transistorLetters: Comments on Super-Radio Project (Bill Smith)
97Jul-0612Other radiosColmovoxCan you Help? - Response to request. Coffin Radios
97Jul-0613Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
97Jul-0614History (Australia)TelevisionTelevision for Australia. How it happened (John McIlwaine)
97Jul-0616AWATV setsSpecs and circuit for AWA Radiola Models 201, 202, 203
97Jul-0620Crystal setsTesterOn Air Crystal Set Tester. Project (Matthew Weatherley)
97Jul-0622Project1-transistorBuild a One-transistor Super-Radio (HRSA 2006 Construction Project)
97Jul-0623History (Australia) Television
97Jul-0627ProfileO'TooleRadio Men and their Sheds. Ian O'Toole (Tony Maher)
97Jul-0628Other radiosConsoleRestoration of a Cottage Battery Three c1930 (James McLachlan)
97Jul-0630TheoryDetectorAbout that second diode.. double diode triodes (Keith Kunde K8KK)
97Jul-0633Book reviewAstorThe Astor Story by Rod Smith (Allan Smith-Goode)
97Jul-0635HistoryDetector.The Magnetic Detector. - History & Demo Unit (Don Hosking)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
97Jul-0641TelequipmentS31Test Equipment Repairs: Telequipment S31 (Ian Batty)
98Oct-060History (Australia)TelevisionCover - Early Television Equipment Photos
98Oct-0605History (Australia)TelevisionEarly Television in Australia - (Kevin Poulter)
98Oct-0612History (Australia)TelevisionChanges to Television Transmission Sites. (John Williamson)
98Oct-0614AstorSJTelevision My SJ Astor Television. (Wayne Davis)
98Oct-0615Project1-transistorJim Lowe's One Transistor Super Radio
98Oct-0618ComponentsPolyvariconsUsing Polyvaricons in Simple Receivers. (Matthew Weatherley)
98Oct-0619History (Australia)CentenaryRadio Transmission Centenary. (Laurie Maher)
98Oct-0620History (biography)MaclurcanThe Clever, Quirky Mr Maclurcan. (Richard Begbie)
98Oct-0624ProfileOsborneRadio Men and their Sheds. Mike Osborne (Tony Maher)
98Oct-0625Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
98Oct-0626HistoryTelevisionA History of TV Camera Tubes. (Ian Batty)
98Oct-0631MuseumKurrajongIan O'Toole's Radio Museum. (John Rich)
98Oct-0633HealingA449EHey presto. The Healing A449E. (Lou Albert)
98Oct-0635History (Australia)Noise StationThe Atmospheric Noise Measuring Station. (Malcolm Haskard)
99Jan-0705MullardMBS1112Restoring a Battery Powered Mullard MBS112,(Lauren Capel)
99Jan-0708ComponentsCapacitorUnderstanding Polyester Capacitor Codes (Mike Osborne)
99Jan-0709HistoryHertz WavesHertzian Wave Generation & Detection (Don Hosking)
99Jan-0714ProfileMorrisRadio Men and their Sheds. Bill Morris (Tony Maher)
99Jan-0715Stromberg Carlson4A17The Stromberg-Carlson Model 4A17 (Matthew Weatherley)
99Jan-0720HRSA Melbourne
99Jan-0721History (Australia)ARTS&PThe Australian Radio Technical Services & Patents Co (Ian Batty)
99Jan-0723Other radiosWerringCan you Help? - Member's unidentified sets. a Werring Radio set
99Jan-0724ProfileO'TooleBoatanchors, Biscuit Tins & Broadcast. Ian O'Toole (Richard Begbie)
99Jan-0728AstorSJLetters: The SJ Assor revisited (John Williamson)
99Jan-0729CollinsVHF-101Collins VHF-101: 1960s Air Comms & Nav System (John Mackesy)
99Jan-0732History (Australia)2CAMore History for the HRSA. 2CA Canberra (Richard Begbie)
99Jan-0733Book reviewBroadcastingHits 'n' Memories of Australian radio by Wayne Mac (A Smith-Goode)
99Jan-0735History (Australia)BuzzaBuzza Products Ltd. Morse keys (Ric Havyatt)
99Jan-0738Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
99Jan-0739AWATeleradioCan you Help? - Member's unidentified sets. Teleradio model info
99Jan-0740Project1-transistorBack cover with photos of member's sets
100Apr-070HRSAIssue 1 InsertReproduction of Issue No 1 of the journal in,July 1982
100Apr-0705Gecophone8 valveAn eight valve superheterodyne Gecophone (David Bond)
100Apr-0707ProfileOsborneThe earliest collector. Mike Osborne new HRSA President (R Begbie)
100Apr-0712HRSAWarragulHRSA radio display at Old Engines expo 21/10/06 (anon)
100Apr-0713Other radiosDual-ToneLetter: The Dual-Tone Mantel. final correction (Ted Baker)
100Apr-0713Other radiosWerringLetter: Werring Radio (Lindsay Allen)
100Apr-0714History (Australia)WoomeraHF Transceivers for Woomera Rocket Range (Malcolm Haskard)
100Apr-0726HRSAJaycarHRSA members to get discount at Jaycar stores (Richard Begbie)
100Apr-0730MiscellaneousRadio mastNZ Radio mast collapse. five frantic days (Peter Lankshear)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
100Apr-0732AWAC87The AWA Radiolette Model C87. photo on front cover (Kevin Poulter)
100Apr-0733ProfileWaltersObituary: Darcy Walters. 1930-2006 (Barbara Walters)
100Apr-0733ProfileMcEganRadio Men and their Sheds. Tim McEgan (Tony Maher)
100Apr-0734Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
100Apr-0735HMV64-52HMV Model 64-52,. an unusual fault (Matthew Weatherley)
100Apr-0737History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 1(Colin McKinnon)
100Apr-0740Other radiosAustralian radioBack cover. Photos of selection of Australian Radios (Kevin Poulter)
101Jul-0705Mullard51The Mullard Model 51 AC/DC Radio (Tony Lightfoot) also front cover
101Jul-0710Other radiosAC/DC setsThose Dangerous AC/DC Radios (Graham Donaldson)
101Jul-0712HallicraftersS38Restoring a Hallicrafters Model S-38 Receiver (Aub Topp)
101Jul-0715History (Australia)ElectricityElectricity Supplies in Australia in 1938 (Jim Lowe)
101Jul-0717AWA526MThe AWA Radiola 526M AC/DC Radio (Bill Smith)
101Jul-0720ProfileLightfootRadio Men and their Sheds. Tony Lightfoot (Tony Maher)
101Jul-0721ValvesBase diagramsPage 16 Supplement. some common valve base diagrams
101Jul-0721HRSAMelbourne25 years of the HRSA. and a party to match (Richard Begbie)
101Jul-0728RestorationWheatstone BdgThe Life Story of a Wheatstone Bridge (Malcolm Haskard)
101Jul-0729HRSAMelbourneLetters: A Wonderful Event (Brian Lackie & Lou Albert)
101Jul-0730ProfileLanghansMicrophones Galore and the Pefect Alibi (Richard Begbie)
101Jul-0733Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
101Jul-0734History (Australia)TelevisionEarly Days of TV in Central Gippsland (Laurie Daniel)
101Jul-0735History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 2,(Colin McKinnon)
101Jul-0740HRSA Melbourne
102Oct-0705National42GTThe 1941 National 42GT (Richard Wood)
102Oct-0708HistoryConelradThe US Emergency Broadcast Procedure from the 1950s
102Oct-0709HistoryTelephoneWho did invent the Telephone? (Malcolm Haskard)
102Oct-0710Fleetwood1052COverhauling a Fleetwood 1052C Portable Radio (Tony Lightfoot)
102Oct-0713ProfileSnydersRadio Men and their Sheds. Stan Snyders (Tony Maher)
102Oct-0714HRSA SE Queensland
102Oct-0717ProjectB BatteryA 90V 'B' Battery for Valve Portable Radios (Tony Maher)
102Oct-0724ProfileLankshearIt all began with a song. Peter Lankshear (Richard Begbie)
102Oct-0728Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
102Oct-0729Other radiosJubileeRadio & Hobbies Jubilee Portable (Bill Smith)
102Oct-0733ComponentsTransformersFinding the Impedance of Output Transformers (Jim Lowe)
102Oct-0737AWA450PZAWA's 450PZ Personal Portable Radio (Tony Lightfoot)
102Oct-0742History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 3 (Colin McKinnon)
102Oct-0744AstorPortaBack cover .1927 Advert by Louis Coen for Astor Porta portable radio
103Jan-0805History (Australia)AWA TeleradioAWA and the Teleradio. Part 1 (M Haskard, T Bell & R Robinson)
103Jan-0810ValvesRepairsRepairing Paint-Shielded Valves (David Aberdeen)
103Jan-0811Pye39J/HPye Model 39J. an 11 band Radio (T Lightfoot & J Mackesy)
103Jan-0816Crystal setsHelpInfo wanted on illustrated set (Matthew Weatherley)
103Jan-0817Hewlett Packard524B88 valves and Counting. HP Frequency counter (Morris Odell)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
103Jan-0820ProfileFranklinRadio Men and their Sheds. Fred Franklin (Tony Maher)
103Jan-0821Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
103Jan-0822HRSAPortablesA Portable Picnic Day. various models compared (Bruce Moyle)
103Jan-0825Mullard68The Top Portable. Mullard 68 (Tony Maher)
103Jan-0826ComponentsCapacitorsReading and Converting Capacitor Values
103Jan-0826History (Australia)ABCABC Radio. How it began (Ken Simpson-Bull)
103Jan-0827EddystoneEC10Mk II,The Eddystone EC10 Mk II (Ian Batty)
103Jan-0832HistoryTelephoneLetter: Inventing the Telephone (Rex Newsome)
103Jan-0832ComponentsTransformersLetter: Problem Transformers (John Horan)
103Jan-0833ProfileSheeranA Quiet Contibutor from Way-back. Howard Sheeran (Richard Begbie)
103Jan-0838ProjectHikersRevisiting the Hikers. Part 1. Hikers One (Laurie Harris)
103Jan-0839ProjectLittle GeneralLittle General. 1961: NSW North Coast Group Project (David Small)
103Jan-0841AstorKMAstor Model KM Mickey (Tony Lightfoot)
103Jan-0844AWAC87Back cover .1932,Advert by AWA for the Fisk AWA Radiolette C87
104Apr-0805Eddystone770U MkI/IIThe Eddystone 770U MkI/II (Ian Batty)
104Apr-0811ProfileCashionBetween two monarchs. Graeme Cashion (Richard Begbie)
104Apr-0814ProfileJustinRadio Men and their Sheds. Michael Justin (Tony Maher)
104Apr-0815History (Australia)AWA TeleradioAWA and the Teleradio. Part 2,3BZ (M Haskard, T Bell & R Robinson)
104Apr-0820ComponentsTransformersLetter: Output transformers (Ted Baker)
104Apr-0821RestorationLeatheretteLetter: Leatherette Restoration (Ted Linn)
104Apr-0821Crystal SetsFM bandLetter: A Crystal Set for FM? (Ian Herbert)
104Apr-0822AWA525MLetter: AWA Radiola 526M Tuning Range (Tony Lightfoot)
104Apr-0822HRSARulesLetter: HRSA Rule Changes (B Lackie, J McIlwaine, R Begbie)
104Apr-0823ComponentsResistorThe Humble Resistor (Gerry O'Hara)
104Apr-0826TheoryOhms LawOhm's Law and Resistance (Cooke & Marcus 1945)
104Apr-0827ProjectHikersRevisiting the Hikers. Part 2,. Portable Superhikers (Laurie Harris)
104Apr-0831ValvesDouble gridThe Double-Grid Valve (Terry Pool)
104Apr-0835Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
104Apr-0836MagazinesAWA RadiogramAn Unexpected AWA Radiogram
104Apr-0838RussianVolna-KVolna-K. Russian Navy HF Receiver (Ray Robinson)
104Apr-0843ProfileFerrisObituary: William M Ferris. 1914-2007 (John Emanuel)
104Apr-0843ProfileBeaverObituary: Bruce Beaver. 2007 (Brian Lackie)
104Apr-0844ValvesConversionValve Conversion Factors. (Jim Lowe)
104Apr-0846MiscellaneousHumourThe Ground Wave (Dr J O Kehr Ph D)
104Apr-0847History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 4 (Colin McKinnon)
104Apr-0848ComponentsResistorBack Cover - Resistor Colour Code
105Jul-0806Philips112EPhilips Model 112E (Tony Lightfoot)
105Jul-0810History (Australia)MaclurcanMr MacLurcan in the News. 85 years on (Richard Begbie)
105Jul-0812ProfileRenoufRadio Men and their Sheds. Phil Renouf (Tony Maher)
105Jul-0813History (Australia)AWA TeleradioAWA and the Teleradio. Part 3 (M Haskard, T Bell & R Robinson)
105Jul-0822Scott-TaggartST-100John Scott-Taggart ST-100 receiver (Matthew Weatherley)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
105Jul-0824KingsleyK525cadet Who made the 1950/60s Kingsley Radios (John Williamson)
105Jul-0825ComponentsTransformersOutput transformer replacements (Bob Yorston)
105Jul-0826ProfileMcPhillipsDentists start with Crystal sets. Dr Bill McPhillips (Richard Begbie)
105Jul-0829MagazinesAWA RadiogramLetter: AWA Radiogram - Journal (John McIlwaine)
105Jul-0830HRSARulesUpdate of the Rules of the HRSA (Mike Osborne)
105Jul-0831Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
105Jul-0833ProjectReceiversThe Need for an Antenna. tuner/preamp as antenna (Jack Whittaker)
105Jul-0834ProjectHikersSuperhikers Construction. Sequel (Laurie Harris)
105Jul-0836PalmavoxMini1940 Three Babies. small sets (David Bond)
105Jul-0836ArvinRE-79Three Babies. small sets. inc circuit (David Bond)
105Jul-0836FerrisAM TunerThree Babies. small sets (David Bond)
105Jul-0837AWA607TRestoration, circuit and photo (Tony Maher, Doug Ellis, Bill Smith)
105Jul-0838RestorationChassisRadio Chassis Restoration (David Oliver)
105Jul-0840Weldonette1930sMantel Weldonette, Australia's rarest radio? (Graham Donaldson)
105Jul-0843History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 5 (Colin McKinnon)
105Jul-0845ValvesDouble gridThe Double-Grid Valve. more information (Terry Pool)
105Jul-0847Reliance50-BPhotos of a restored Reliance Model 50-B (Ted Gill)
105Jul-0848Atwater KentAdvertisementAtwater Kent colour advertisement, 1920s on back cover
106Oct-080AWATransistor 7Cover: Pictures and Circuit (Kevin Poulter)
106Oct-0807History (Australia)WallaceThe Marvellous Mrs Mac. alias F V Wallace. Pt 1 (Richard Begbie)
106Oct-0811Other radiosLink TrainerElectronic Devices ED4/57 Link Trainer (Ian Batty)
106Oct-0814ProfileBegbieRadio Men and their Sheds. Richard Begbie (Tony Maher)
106Oct-0816RestorationFault FindingRadio Serviceman's Trouble Finder Chart
106Oct-0818TheoryAntennasAntenna Tuners and Wave Traps (Jim Lowe)
106Oct-0822Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
106Oct-0823History (Australia)AWA TeleradioAWA and the Teleradio. Part 4 (M Haskard, T Bell & R Robinson)
106Oct-0828ProfilePoorEducation of Young Barry. Barry Poor (Richard Begbie)
106Oct-0831History (Australia)BroadcastingLetter: Requesting Information (Bruce carty)
106Oct-0831Other radiosFarmersLetter: The Farmers Radio (Jim Lowe)
106Oct-0832RestorationDecalsDecals (Waterslide Wet Transfers (Ray Robinson)
106Oct-0833HistoryScott-TaggartJohn Scott-Taggart FIP, MIRE. 1897-1979 (Matthew Weatherley)
106Oct-0835MiscellaneousInterferenceOvercoming ADSL Interference (Peter Lankshear)
106Oct-0836Book reviewBakelite RadiosAustralian Bakelite Radios, P Sheridan & R Singer (Kevin Poulter)
106Oct-0837History (Australia)Radio AustraliaRadio Australia, Shepparton (Rodney Champness)
106Oct-0843Healing401AA Mystery Healing Golden Voice Console
106Oct-0846History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 6 (Colin McKinnon)
106Oct-0848AstorAdvertisementAstor 1948 advertisement on back cover
107Jan-0907HomebrewLittle GeneralMy Favourite Radio: Little General (Jim Lowe)
107Jan-0910ProfileFraserRadio Men and their Sheds. John Fraser (Tony Maher)
107Jan-0910Kriesler11-99Kriesler 11-99 circuit. Picture front cover
107Jan-0911History (Australia)AWA TeleradioBeyond the Teleradio. other AWA types (Malcolm Haskard)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
107Jan-0915ProfileMaherA battery starved childhood & a radio rich life (Richard Begbie)
107Jan-0920Aristone4-valve reflexAristone 4-valve Reflex Receiver (John Wolff)
107Jan-0922History (Australia)South AustraliaEarly Wireless Telegraphy in South Australia (M J Gooley)
107Jan-0925History (Australia)WallaceLetter: Aunty Vi (Lyle Carpenter)
107Jan-0926ProjectFM-2The FM-2,Tuner. 2,valve FM receiver (Ian Batty)
107Jan-0933History (Australia)WallaceThe Metamorphosis of Miss Wallace. Pt 2,(Richard Begbie)
107Jan-0936Crystal SetsHomebrewA Simple Radio to Build for the Grandchildren (Tony Maher)
107Jan-0938HRSACanberraRadio Fest Reflections (Ian Batty)
107Jan-0941HomebrewHikersMantel Hikers? (Ian Malcolm)
107Jan-0942Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
107Jan-0943Kriesler11-25 1950Kriesler 78rpm Table Radiogram 11-25 (Matthew Weatherley)
107Jan-0945History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 7 (Colin McKinnon)
107Jan-0946ProjectHikersThe Spirit of Hikers. Display Day - and back cover (Laurie Harris)
108Apr-0907MilitaryWS-122My Favourite Radio: WS-122,(Rodney Champness)
108Apr-0909Tasma810The Millar's Tasma (Alistair Craill)
108Apr-0912History (Australia)BroadcastingMV Kanimbla: Australian Radio Ship (David Bond)
108Apr-0913ProfileWilliamsonRadio Men and their Sheds. John Williamson (Tony Maher)
108Apr-0914Mullard651 651AA Tale of Two Mullards. Models 651 & 651A (Tony Lightfoot)
108Apr-0919ProjectHT controlEasy Starting for Old Radios (Jim Lowe)
108Apr-0922HeathkitAmateur gearLetter: Request for Information (Malcolm Haskard)
108Apr-0922ProjectFM-2Letter: The FM-2,Tuner. Comments (John Hunter, Ian Batty)
108Apr-0923AstorHNQCircuit diagram
108Apr-0924History (Australia)Barlin 2CAExhilarating Ride of a True Pioneer. George Barlin (Richard Begbie)
108Apr-0929Healing501ECircuit diagram of this 1946 model, photos on front & rear cover
108Apr-0930ProfileBakerObituary: Ted Baker 1922,. 2009 (family member)
108Apr-0931ProjectFM-2Tuner Updated details of prototype FM 2,with circuit (Ian Batty)
108Apr-0932ProjectAntenna LoopAerial for the Concrete Jungle (Bruce Leary)
108Apr-0933Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
108Apr-0934SanwaHCR-62The HCR-62,Communications Receiver (Malcolm Haskard)
108Apr-0937AirvoyceConsoleHelp Requested (Richard Wood)
108Apr-0938ProfileColmanOur Most Venerable Member. George Colman (Richard Begbie)
108Apr-0940RestorationSocketThe Right Connection. power socket for RA1-B (Brian Holcombe)
108Apr-0941STC528Amazing Rescue of an STC 528 (Richard Wood)
108Apr-0943History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 8 (Colin McKinnon)
108Apr-0945AstorQN1935 32volt DC Astor Model QN (Matthew Weatherley)
108Apr-0947AstorTransistorColour advertisements for Astor transistor radios
109Jul-0905AWA45ERestoring a 45-E console, one of AWA's finest sets (Ray Hosking)
109Jul-0908ProfileFolwellRadio Men and their Sheds. Graham Folwell (Tony Maher)
109Jul-0909History (Australia)MackayMackay 1937 Expedition Radio. Part 1 (Ray Robinson)
109Jul-0911ProfileO'BrienThe Untold Story of Member No 5. Morris O'Brien (Richard Begbie)
109Jul-0914HRSABendigoEaster in Bendigo (Ian Batty)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
109Jul-0915Eilco6104The .Lunch Box. transceiver for Outback Australia (Malcolm Haskard)
109Jul-0919AWAModel 24Circuit of AWA Radiolette Model 24. picture inside cover.
109Jul-0920ProfileColmanLetter:Update on last month's article (Richard Begbie)
109Jul-0920HRSA N Coast
109Jul-0920ProfileBakerLetter: A Personal Note (Harold Norrie)
109Jul-0920History (Australia)3LOLetter: What can replace AM? (John Blackman)
109Jul-0921RestorationStoryGonna Fix it for Dad (Rex Newsome)
109Jul-0922HRSAMember listYellow section, member list Pt 1. Post codes 0812-2999
109Jul-0924Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
109Jul-0925ProfileCraillTrue Tales from a Radio Tragic (Alistair Craill)
109Jul-0926Kriesler11-20Kriesler Model 11-20 (Matthew Weatherley)
109Jul-0928HistoryStoryEarly Radio. You'll find it everywhere (Richard Begbie)
109Jul-0929Project2-TransistorTwo-Transistor Triumph (Tony Lightfoot)
109Jul-0930RestorationPortablesPeter Pan & National Radios restored (Fred Franklin)
109Jul-0932Gulbransen726The Gulbransen Model 726 (David Bond)
109Jul-0933ProjectVibratorA Simple Mosfet Vibrator for Farm & Car Radios Pt 1 (Tony Maher)
109Jul-0938WilesWonderfulMy Favourite Radio and Why. Wiles Wonderful Wireless (Lou Albert)
109Jul-0940HRSATransistorThe Great Transistor Picnic. Competition results
109Jul-0941HotpointBandmaster DWThe Radio Mystery (John Fleming)
109Jul-0942MiscellaneousDigital radioWhat will Digital do to AM (Richard Begbie)
109Jul-0943History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 9 (Colin McKinnon)
109Jul-0944HumourTelephoneNetworks (Brian Lackie)
109Jul-0945AWARadiolaInside back cover .1963 Advert by AWA for Portables and Mantels
109Jul-0946AWA45ECovers. AWA 45E console front and rear views
110Oct-0905AWAB58 & B65AWA B58 & B65 Transistor Portables (Ian Malcolm)
110Oct-0908AWA45EUnder chassis layout (see previous issue)
110Oct-0909ProfileNorriePillar of HP and now HRSA. Harold Norrie (Richard Begbie)
110Oct-0913Master ToneVariousMaster Tone Products. Burnells (David Littlely)
110Oct-0914TelefunkenD779 WKA Telefunken Restoration (Jim Lowe)
110Oct-0918Book reviewItalian booksSette Libri Fini. 7 fine Italian radio books. (Ian Batty)
110Oct-0920LeaderLSG-11A Leader LSG-11,makeover (John Williamson)
110Oct-0921RestorationWrinkle paintLetter: Black Crinkle Paint (John Fleming)
110Oct-0921CollectingPricesLetter: Prices then and now (John Rich)
110Oct-0921MagazinesRadio WavesLetter: Radio Waves in colour (Rodney Champness)
110Oct-0922HistoryWWIIMemories of Morse. usage (Vera Mummery)
110Oct-0922HRSAMember listYellow section, member list Pt 2,. Post codes 3000-7330
110Oct-0923ProjectFM-2Solid-State Tuning for the FM-TWO (Ian Batty)
110Oct-0925ComponentsMicrophoneBrief History of the Microphone Pt 1 (Ron Langhans, Richard Begbie)
110Oct-0928Collins618TMy Favourite Radio. Collins 618-T (John Mackesy)
110Oct-0930Tasma585Circuit and connections diagrams. pictured front and back covers
110Oct-0931AWA55EAWA's classic Radiola 55E Duoforte radiogram (Barry Poor)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
110Oct-0936ProjectVibratorA Simple Mosfet Vibrator for Farm & Car Radios Pt 2,(Tony Maher)
110Oct-0940CollectingBakerTed Baker auction report (Richard Begbie)
110Oct-0941History (Australia)MackayMackay 1937 Expedition Radio. Part 2,(Ray Robinson)
110Oct-0945ComponentsMicrophoneHistorical illustrations inside back cover
111Jan-1005ProfileAlbertBegbie Lou Albert & Richard Begbie become life members
111Jan-1006HMVC21ANow this is a Farmers Radio (Paul Ament)
111Jan-1008AWA/AGE657MEMy Favourite Radio. Bandmaster 657ME (Ric Havyatt)
111Jan-1009Other radios1950AC mini Doctors Casebook. Cute but Sad Mystery Radio (Ray Hosking)
111Jan-1011ProfileOostLife of High Adventure at Sea and on Air. Joe Oost (Richard Begbie)
111Jan-1015AstorCPNThe Astor CPN transistor radio (Ian Malcolm)
111Jan-1018HomebrewTransporta 7Letter: The R&H Transporta 7 (Ric Havyatt)
111Jan-1018AWA45ELetter: 45E restoration and the Newcolian (Lou Albert)
111Jan-1019ProfileAlbertRadio Men and their Sheds. Lou Albert (Tony Maher)
111Jan-1020Other radiosParasetBuilding a Replica of the Paraset. Part 1 (Peter Jensen)
111Jan-1023ProjectMini TransmitterSolid State Mini Transmitter. Part 1 (Mike Osborne)
111Jan-1026History (Australia)MackayMackay 1937 Expedition Radio. Part 3 (Ray Robinson)
111Jan-1029HumourHelen'sRadio Story (Alistair Craill)
111Jan-1030ZenithH724Zenith Model H724 AM-FM Radio (Tony Lightfoot)
111Jan-1033HRSANSWNorth Cst
111Jan-1034ComponentsMicrophoneBrief History of the Microphone Pt 2,(Ron Langhans, Richard Begbie)
111Jan-1037ProfileFiskObituary: Dr Ernest Kevin Fisk (Richard Begbie)
111Jan-1038AWA586MARestoration of a painted AWA Radiola 586MA (Alistair Craill)
111Jan-1040Diason32/6 50/6 110/6 Diason DC radios presentation to D Leason (see rear cover)
111Jan-1042Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
111Jan-1043History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 10 (Colin McKinnon)
111Jan-1045ComponentsMicrophoneHistorical illustrations on front & inside back cover
112Apr-1005HomebrewLittle General70th Anniversary. The R&H Little general (Kevin Poulter), Front cover
112Apr-1008HomebrewLittle GeneralThe 1957 Little General (Alistair Craill)
112Apr-1010RestorationCapacitorReproduction Collins Plug-in Caps (John Mackesy)
112Apr-1011ProfileGeorgeThe Enthusiast who never stands still. L George (Richard Begbie)
112Apr-1014ProfileLackieRadio Men and their Sheds. Brian Lackie (Tony Maher)
112Apr-1015Healing601T 700TThe Healing 601T & 700T Transistor Radios (Ian Malcolm)
112Apr-1017HistoryTransistorTransistor Industry in Australia (Mark Burgess)
112Apr-1020ProjectMini TransmitterSolid State Mini Transmitter. Part 2,(Mike Osborne)
112Apr-1021TheoryPower supplyHow your Radio works. power supply. Part 1 (Ian Batty)
112Apr-1024AWA55ELetter: The Mystery of the Radiola 55E Duoforte (Ian Jeffrey)
112Apr-1024Diason32VLetter: Diason again (Hugh Paton)
112Apr-1025History (Australia)BroadcastingThe Great Broadcast Stoush of 1923 - Part 1 (Richard Begbie)
112Apr-1028Other radiosParasetBuilding a Replica of the Paraset. Part 2,(Peter Jensen)
112Apr-1033AWAR52Radio Doctors Casebook. Its never the Valve (Ray Hosking)
112Apr-1035Homebrew5-valveMy Favourite Radio. Homebrew 5-valve (John Nicholson)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
112Apr-1036RestorationDialsNew Dials for Old. (Peter Lankshear)
112Apr-1037AstorFPAstor Model FP Radio. (Tony Lightfoot)
112Apr-1040ComponentsBakelite/CatalinChemical Composition of Bakelite/Catalin (Bruce Wilkie)
112Apr-1042Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
112Apr-1043History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 11 (Colin McKinnon)
112Apr-1044ProfileColmanObituary: George Colman 1914-2010 (Richard Begbie)
112Apr-1045Sparton1166Details of Auction Sale of Sparton Nocturne, $38,400, Rear cover
113Jul-100AWA611TRadiola 611-T. photos front cover
113Jul-100AstorJPPAstor radiogram model JPP - photos inside cover
113Jul-1005RestorationWorkshopPlanning the Radio Workshop. Part 1 (Graeme Dennes)
113Jul-1008ProfileDonaldsonGraham Donaldson, a quiet achiever (John Murt)
113Jul-1011Ferris77 73Ferris Model 77/73, the dodgey car radio (Owen Kemp)
113Jul-1015ProfileChampnessRadio Men and their Sheds. Rodney Champness (Tony Maher)
113Jul-1016Kriesler41-41Kriesler 41-41 'Minimantel' and some of its relatives (Ian Malcolm)
113Jul-1018History (Australia)BroadcastingThe Great Broadcast Stoush of 1923 - Part 2,(Richard Begbie)
113Jul-1022TheoryPower supplyHow your Radio works. power supply. Part 2,(Ian Batty)
113Jul-1025WagnerTransceiversWagner HF Transceivers (Malcolm Haskard)
113Jul-1029AWA611TMy Favourite Radio. AWA 611T (Bill Smith)
113Jul-1030Other radiosParasetBuilding a Replica of the Paraset. Part 3 (Peter Jensen)
113Jul-1034HRSACar radioA Day on the Farm. HRSA (Vic) car radio event (Laurie Harris)
113Jul-1035RestorationLoudspeakerVintage Speaker Repair (Lloyd Hatfield)
113Jul-1036ProjectFM-2My FM-TWO radio (Rod Williams)
113Jul-1038AstorJPPThe Recalcitrant Radiogram (Ray Hosking)
113Jul-1041History (Australia)FM BroadcastingLetter: Early FM Broadcasts and Receivers (Peter Harrop)
113Jul-1043ProjectFM-2FM-TWO Competition (Ian Batty)
113Jul-1044ProjectFM-2FM-TWO Rear cover photos
114Oct-100Lekmek805Lekmek 1937 console 805. photo on front cover
114Oct-100ProfileEagerHRSA member Mike Eager - photos inside cover
114Oct-1006AWA267My Favourite Radio. AWA Fisk Radiola 267 (Laurie Harris)
114Oct-1008ValvesTestingValve testing (Keith Stenhouse)
114Oct-1011ManufacturingSherwoodSherwood radio: 1934-1948 (Dr Bronte Somerset)
114Oct-1013MilitaryWWII aircraftWireless Sets Employed in Allied WWII Aircraft (Malcolm R Haskard)
114Oct-1018Lekmek805Lekmek 1937 console 805. circuit
114Oct-1019ProfileEagerIn Honour of One of our best. Mike Eager (Richard Begbie)
114Oct-1022TheoryAudio StagesHow your Radio works. Audio Stages. Part 3 (Ian Batty)
114Oct-1025AstorHPN GPNThe Astor Models HPN/GPN Transistor Radios (Ian Malcolm)
114Oct-1027RestorationWorkshopPlanning the Radio Workshop. Part 2,(Graeme Dennes)
114Oct-1030StabilacRegulatorThe Stabilac AC. A Vintage Voltage (Mains) regulator (Morris Odell)
114Oct-1032TheoryExtra ValvesAdding an Extra Valve to a Radio (Peter Lankshear)
114Oct-1035RestorationRectifier5Y3 to 80 vlave adaptor (Ron Sharp)
114Oct-1040Magazines Overseas magazines received contents

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
114Oct-1041History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 12,(Colin McKinnon)
114Oct-1044TheoryCircuitCan you solve this circuit puzzle? (Rex Newsome)
114Oct-1045HRSARadioFestRear Cover inside. photos of the Canberra RadioFest
114Oct-1046ManufacturingDiamondRear Cover. Advertisement for Diamond A and B Batteries
115Jan-110HomebrewRF OscillatorFront Cover. R&H Cover. Service Oscillator,April 1947
115Jan-110PyeRomanyInside front cover. Advertisement for Pye Transistor set
115Jan-1105Crystal SetsRestorationCrystal Sets. Geoff trengove
115Jan-1106ProfileRossObituary: Neil Ross 1933-2010 (Ray Tampion)
115Jan-1107HomebrewVibra-FiveMy Favourite Radio. 1947 R&H Vibra-Five kitset (Greg Lamey)
115Jan-1109ProjectVoltmeterDesign for a 1000 ohms/volt analogue DC voltmeter (Graeme Dennes)
115Jan-1113HealthProstateHealth Advice (Kevin Poulter)
115Jan-1113ProfileGillRadio Men and their Sheds. Ted Gill (Tony Maher)
115Jan-1114ComponentsMotorLetter: Electric Motors (John Rich)
115Jan-1114Valves12AX7Letter: 12AX7 Use: Mystery of Receiver (Bob Yourston)
115Jan-1114HRSARadioFestLetter: The 2010 Canberra RadioFest (Brian Lackie)
115Jan-1115UnknownTesterLetter: What is it. test equipment (Dave Small)
115Jan-1115ManufacturingByerLetter: Sherwood Radio (Ross Stell)
115Jan-1115ScopeSparesLetter: Scope Iron Spares (Ian Davies)
115Jan-1115TheoryCircuitLetter: A puzzle .,Oct 10 p44 (John Churchill)
115Jan-1116STCTransistorTwo Early STC Transistor radios (John Wolff)
115Jan-1118ProfileEagerMike Eager. a postscript (Mike Osborne)
115Jan-1119ComponentsStabilytAn Unusual Electronic Component. The Stabilyt (Morris Odell)
115Jan-1120TheoryDetectorsHow your Radio works .Detectors & Demodulators 1. Part 4 (Ian Batty)
115Jan-1125Kriesler11-7Helen's 11-7 (Alistair Craill)
115Jan-1128HRSARadioFestNational Radio & PhonoFest. a first for the HRSA (Richard Begbie)
115Jan-1132CroydenConsoleA Croyden (or Saxon) Reborn (Ray Hosking)
115Jan-1134KingsleyK/S9The Kingsley K/S9. pre-selector (Ray Robinson)
115Jan-1136HomebrewClockWhat is this? Clock or Radio? (Jim Lowe)
115Jan-1137ManufacturingAWVThe Introduction of AWV Semiconductors to Australia (Guy Burgess)
115Jan-1140StabilacRegulatorLetter: The Stabilac (John Williamson)
115Jan-1141Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
115Jan-1142History (Australia)JournalsAustralian Radio Magazines & Books - Part 13 (Colin McKinnon)
115Jan-1144ProjectMini TransmitterSolid State Mini Transmitter. Club Project (Mike Osborne)
115Jan-1146MullardSouvenirRear Cover. Advertisement for Mullard Souvenir model1954
116Apr-110AWAMantelsFront Cover. selection of photos of post-war Radiola mantels
116Apr-1105RestorationGeneralRepair-Restore-Renovate. discussion (Ian Batty)
116Apr-1111EddystoneAll World 2Conservation, Testing & Operating an All World Two (O'Hara, McQueen)
116Apr-1118Aristone307Restoration of an Aristone 307 (Geoff Holland)
116Apr-1121TheoryDetectorsHow your Radio works .Detectors & Demodulators 2,. Part 4 (Ian Batty)
116Apr-1125ProfilePoulterRadio Men and their Sheds. Kevin Poulter (Tony Maher)
116Apr-1125HealthAdviceProstate Cancer & High Blood Pressure (Kevin Poulter)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
116Apr-1126PyeModel 750My Favourite Radio. Pye Model 750 (Fin Stewart)
116Apr-1128ProfileSWL in WWIILetter: Teenage Shortwave Listening in WWII (Laurie Daniel)
116Apr-1128ProjectVoltmeterLetter: 1000 ohm/volt meter. correction (Graeme Diennes)
116Apr-1128ProjectVoltmeterLetter: Comments on 1000 ohm/volt meter (Harold Norrie)
116Apr-1129UnknownTesterLetter: What is it. test equipment - explanation (Bob Rayner)
116Apr-1129ComponentsStabilytLetter: The Stabilyt. comments (Tor van der Lende)
116Apr-1130UnknownNavigatorLetter: Mystery DF Radio. Australian D/F set (Bob Yorston)
116Apr-1130AWA40Hz setsLetter: AWA Radios for 40Hz mains (John McIlwaine)
116Apr-1130Kriesler11-7Letter: Minimum Volume Effect (Rodney Champness)
116Apr-1130PhilipsPP1 & PP2The Philips PP1 & PP2,Transistor Radios (Ian Malcolm)
116Apr-1133ProfileSmithThe Philosopher of Radio Waves. Bill Smith (Richard Begbie)
116Apr-1137Philips2652The Fate of a Philips 2652,(Daniel Flakelaar)
116Apr-1139HRSALaTrobe ValleyNew HRSA group formed. photo (Rod Foster)
116Apr-1141History (Australia)BroadcastingEarly History of Australian Broadcasting. NSW. Part 1 (Bruce Carty)
116Apr-1144Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
116Apr-1145AWAMantelsRear Cover. more photos of post-war Radiola mantels
116Apr-1146AstorMantelAdvertisement for Astor radios in,January 1947
117Jul-110AWATV RadiolaFront Cover. AWA 1958 TV
117Jul-110RCARadiola 60 62Front Cover inside. 1929 RCA Radiolas Models 60 & 62
117Jul-1105TelevisionBritishTwo Early British TV Sets (Robert Larobena)
117Jul-1108CollectingTrendsTrends, Values & Pitfalls in Australian Radio Collecting (Ralph Folds)
117Jul-1110HRSACompetitionBest Farm Radio, competition picnic (Laurie Harris, Ron Soutter)
117Jul-1112Philips930APhilips 930A (Ray Robinson)
117Jul-1114BroadcastingTransmitterInstalling an AM Broadcast Transmitter. Part 1 (Walter Lindenbach)
117Jul-1117ProfileWilkleRadio Men and their Sheds .Bruce Wilkie (Tony Maher)
117Jul-1117HealthAdviceBeware of Interactions (Kevin Poulter)
117Jul-1118HallicraftersS27The Hallicrafters S27. FM from a Boatanchor (Morris Odell)
117Jul-1121TheoryRF StagesHow your Radio works .Radio Frequency Stages. Part 5 (Ian Batty)
117Jul-1126ProfileCarrThe Car Radio Family. John Carr (Richard Begbie)
117Jul-1129Crystal SetsCircuitsVarious Crystal set circuits
117Jul-1130AstorRSThe Astor Model RS Transistor Radio (Ian Malcolm)
117Jul-1132Kreisler11-81My Favourite Radio. The Kreisler 11-81 (Bob Yorston)
117Jul-1134FenderAmplifierFender Little Champ Guitar Practice Amplifier (Fred Franklin)
117Jul-1135ProfileJamiesonObituary:Henry Jamieson (Warwick Woods)
117Jul-1136AWAForest PhoneReminiscences of Wireless Communication. Part 1 (W R Philpot)
117Jul-1138MilitaryWWII aircraftWireless Sets Employed in Allied WWII Aircraft (Malcolm R Haskard)
117Jul-1140TheoryRF ImagesLetter: RF Images (Ian Malcolm, Ron Soutter)
117Jul-1140TheoryExtra ValvesLetter: Adding an Extra Valve to a Radio (David Palfreyman)
117Jul-1141PhilipsTransistorsLetter: Early Philips Transistors (John Crawford)
117Jul-1142History (Australia)BroadcastingEarly History of Australian Broadcasting - NSW. Part 2,(Bruce Carty)
117Jul-1145HMVTropicanaRear Cover inside. Photo HMV Tropicana Mk 2

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
117Jul-1146AWATV 221CRear Cover. AWA Radiola TV 21in console Model 221C
118Oct-110STCBantamFront Cover .STC Bantam mantel radio advertisement, 1954
118Oct-110AWA429MAFront Cover. AWA Radiola Model 429MA, 1950
118Oct-1105STCBantamReflections on a red 1957 STC Bantam (Graham Parlslow)
118Oct-1109ProjectAntennaBuild a simple, strong, outdoor lightweight aerial (John Nicholson)
118Oct-1111PhilipsPM2505Measurement Tip. analogue meter (Graeme Dennes)
118Oct-1112MilitaryAvionicsRAAF Caribou Avionics lives again (ian Johnston)
118Oct-1116AstorCFRestoration of a 5-valve Astor Aladdin Model CF (Ray Hosking)
118Oct-1119RestorationRustremoval Rust removal (Bruce Wilkie)
118Oct-1121HistoryForecastSome interesting speculations (Rex Newsome)
118Oct-1122BroadcastingTransmitterInstalling an AM Broadcast Transmitter. Part 2,(Walter Lindenbach)
118Oct-1124Magazines Overseas magazines received contents
118Oct-1126HMVConsortThe HMV Consort Transistor radio (Ian Malcolm)
118Oct-1128AWAForest PhoneReminiscences of Wireless Communication. Part 2,(W R Philpot)
118Oct-1132HomebrewLittle JimMy Favourite Radio. 1938 Little Jim (Matthew Weatherley)
118Oct-1135RestorationIF transformersRepairing IF Transformers (Ray Robinson)
118Oct-1136Healing551AA Restoration for the Picnic: Healing 551A (Alistair Craill)
118Oct-1140General Radio Co1201-CGeneral Radio Co Regulated Power supply type 1201-C (Fred Franklin)
118Oct-1141ProfileWainObituary: Neil Leonard Wain (Jim Gordon)
118Oct-1142BushDAC90ALetter: Restoring the Bush DAC90A Radio (Fred Franklin)
118Oct-1143History (Australia)BroadcastingEarly History of Australian Broadcasting. Part 3 (Bruce Carty)
118Oct-1145AWATransistor 7Rear Cover inside. Photo AWA B series Radiola 7, circa 1962
118Oct-1146Pye39JRear Cover. Pye 39J (UK) Sept 1950 advertisement
119Jan-120HallicraftersSX-28Front Cover. Hallicrafters SX-28 Receiver
119Jan-120Crystal SetsHomebrewFront Cover. Competition winners sets
119Jan-1205HallicraftersSX-28Out of Egypt. A Hallicrafters SX-28 Receiver. Part 1 (John Mackesy)
119Jan-1208CollectingRadiosCollecting & Restoring Radios. A Balanced View (Peter Sheridan AM)
119Jan-1212CollectingRadiosNovice Collector's Buying Guide (Buck Wiser)
119Jan-1215ComponentsCabinetA Boost to Bakelite Polishing (Manfred Nagel)
119Jan-1216Other radiosTransistorCould you fix a Spark Plug novelty radio (Ian Malcolm)
119Jan-1218ProfileLoweJim Lowe. A Life lived to the Full (Richard Begbie)
119Jan-1221TheorySuperhetHow your Radio works. The Superhet. Part 6-1 (Ian Batty)
119Jan-1228BushDAC90ALetter: The Bush Restoration Challenge (Ian Batty)
119Jan-1228ComponentsLoudspeakerLetter: Centre Tapped &c Speakers (Brian Holcombe)
119Jan-1228ComponentsBatteryLetter: A Note of Appreciation. Battery Collecting (Laurie Harris)
119Jan-1229Other radiosAmerican-5Letter: Let there be Light. AC/DC set Dial Lamps (Lou Albert)
119Jan-1230TransmitterHomebrewA Low Power AM Valve Transmitter (Morris Odell)
119Jan-1233BushDAC90My Favourite Radio. The Bush DAC90 (Bruce Wilkie)
119Jan-1237ComcoVHF ReceiverA Comco Receiver (Aub Topp)
119Jan-1238ProfileO'BrienObituary: Morris O'Brien 1923-2011 (Doug Dowe)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
119Jan-1239AWA703 the 7-BandAWA Radiola Model 703 (Ray Gillet)
119Jan-1242BroadcastingTransmitterPut together an AM Broadcast Transmitter. Part 3 (Walter Lindenbach)
119Jan-1244Magazines Magazines received. contents
119Jan-1245HealingMinorRear cover inside. Advert: The Amazing Healing Golden Voice Minor
119Jan-1246HallicraftersSX-28Rear Cover. Hallicrafters SX-28 Receiver internal views
120Apr-120AWARadiolaFront Cover. AWA .Big brother. Radiola circa 1938
120Apr-120AstorOtherFront Cover. Advertisement for Astor's 1938 range
120Apr-1205Other radiosMawsonBuilding a replica of Mawson's antarctic radio. Part 1 (John Gillies)
120Apr-1210ProfileHavyattObituary: Alaric (Ric) Havyatt 1917-2011 (Richard Begbie)
120Apr-1212MilitaryAmenities V5Restoring a Model V5 Amenities Receiver (Ray Robinson)
120Apr-1217AdvanceSignal GeneratorA Tale of Three Signal Generators (Fred Franklin)
120Apr-1219Peal1052AMy Favourite Radio. 1938 Peal 1052A, STC 257 (Alistair Craill)
120Apr-1221TheorySuperhetHow your Radio works. Converters & Faults. Part 6-2,(Ian Batty)
120Apr-1226AstorP3BThe Astor P3B Transistor (Ian Malcolm)
120Apr-1228ValvesElectradLetter: Electrad Diode (Norman Leal)
120Apr-1228ProfileVariousLetter: Jim Lowe, Ric Havyatt and Morris O'Brien (Lou Albert)
120Apr-1229CollectingCollectingLetter: Collecting Old TVs (Rodney Champness)
120Apr-1229HistoryBroadcastingLetter: Old Radio Plays (Jeff Kilgour)
120Apr-1229CollectingRadiosLetter: Collecting Radios (Alan Ford)
120Apr-1229ComcoVHF ReceiverLetter: Wrong Direction (Aub Topp)
120Apr-1230HistoryMingayMingay. The Mover & Shaker of Australian Radio (Richard Begbie)
120Apr-1234CroydonConsoleHelp Needed (Rob Wasley)
120Apr-1235HallicraftersSX-28Hallicrafters SX-28 Restoration. Part 2,(Brian Goldsmith)
120Apr-1241Magazines Magazines received. contents
120Apr-1242ProfileBardenObituary: Tony Barden 1943-2012,(Richard Begbie)
120Apr-1242Other radiosUnknownRadio Identification (Brian Thompson)
120Apr-1243CollectingValuesRadio Collecting and Values (Ian Dodd)
120Apr-1245HRSARadiofestRear cover inside. Advert: For the 2012,HRSA Melbourne Radio Fest
120Apr-1246Malvern StarMantelRear Cover. Advert: Malvern Star 1946 mantel radios
121Jul-120AWA552GAFront Cover. AWA Radiolagram 552GA
121Jul-120HotpointW55MG5Front Cover. Advertisement for Hotpoint radiograms
121Jul-1205ScharnburgStrauss RadiogramScharnburg Strauss radiogram restoration (Alistair Craill)
121Jul-1210Other radiosMawsonBuilding a replica of Mawson's 1911 radio. Part 2,(John Gillies)
121Jul-1214ToshibaBowl radiosThree of my favourite radios (Bruce Wilkie)
121Jul-1219Other radiosRadiogramSome favourite radiograms (Glenn Amer)
121Jul-1221TheorySuperhetHow your Radio works. Antennas. Part 6-3 (Ian Batty)
121Jul-1225Crystal setsHomebrewThe Five Circuit Crystal Set (Bert Pitt)
121Jul-1228Crystal setsHomebrewHigh Sensitivity, Portable Crystal Set (Ron Soutter)
121Jul-1231ProjectCrystal Set2011 Club Project. Build the Best Possible Crystal Set (Mike Osborne)
121Jul-1232MilitaryLorenz WWIIGerman WWII Luftwaffe Aircraft Radio Lorenz E10aK (Michael Kane)
121Jul-1236HallicraftersSX-28Hallicrafters SX-28 Restoration. Part 3 Oscillator (Brian Goldsmith)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
121Jul-1237Book reviewBroadcastingAustralian Radio History. by Bruce Carty (Ian Batty)
121Jul-1238EmmcoConsoleLetter: Radio Identification (Bert Pitt)
121Jul-1238Crystal setsHomebrewSarah's Crystal set
121Jul-1244Magazines Magazines received. contents
121Jul-1245AWARadiolaRear cover inside. Advert: For 1952,Radiola models
121Jul-1246MusicMaster Type 400Rear Cover. Advert: 1925 Music Master type 400 (USA)
122Oct-120AWA437PFront Cover. AWA Radiola 437P. 1952
122Oct-120CarusoConsoleFront Cover. Advertisement for Caruso Radio consoles
122Oct-1205CollectingProvenanceTurning Artefacts into History (Richard Begbie)
122Oct-1208MilitaryIdentificationThe Military Collector (John Mackesy)
122Oct-1209ScharnburgStrauss RadiogramScharnburg Strauss radiogram restoration - postscript (Alistair Craill)
122Oct-1210AmbassadorViscountThe Ambassador .Viscount. Radiogram (David Bond)
122Oct-1212MilitaryHistoryMilitary Wireless Experiments, Heathcote 28/3/1910 (Brian Kirkby)
122Oct-1218AWARadiola 92The Fisk Radiola 92,(Les Lutze)
122Oct-1221HeathkitHistoryHeathkit Legacy of Communications Equipment Pt 1 (Malcolm Haskard)
122Oct-1225Book reviewRadiophone.A Radiophone in every home. by Sanders & Clark (Richard Begbie)
122Oct-1226HRSAPortablesA Portable Picnic Day. various models compared (Laurie & Tee Harris)
122Oct-1228Other radiosMawson Building a replica of Mawson's 1911 radio. Part 3 (John Gillies)
122Oct-1234PhilipsTransistorPhilips PS 2, 3, 4 & 5 Transistor Radios (Ian Malcolm)
122Oct-1236ElectrosoundAmenitiesElectrosound Amenities Receiver (Ray Robinson)
122Oct-1239PhilipsModel 108AZPhilips Radioplayer Model 108AZ (Jim Easson)
122Oct-1242MuseumTektronicsLetter: Tektronics Oscilloscope Museum (Bob Forbes)
122Oct-1242RestorationSpeaker ClothLetter: Speaker Cloth Repair
122Oct-1245ArvinTransistorRear cover inside. Advert: For Arvin Hopalong Cassidy radio (USA)
122Oct-1246Lafayette Radiogram
123Jan-130AWAC54 Front Cover. AWA C54 console. 1929
123Jan-130Tasma1002Front Cover. Tasma 1002,- 1947
123Jan-1305TransportaModel 6, 7 kitsThe Transporta Portable Series. Australian kitset legend (Laurie Harris)
123Jan-1310AWAC17020AWA C17020 Amenities Receiver (Ray Robinson)
123Jan-1314ProfilePhilipsRadio Men and their Sheds. John Philips (Tony Maher)
123Jan-1315HRSA30thAnniversary Coming together for the big event - 30th anniv. (Richard Begbie)
123Jan-1320TheorySwitchesIts Switchcraft. Philips/Mullard Switch Circuitry (Ian Batty)
123Jan-1326History (Australia)CinemaMy Parent's Projection. cinema electronics (John Williamson)
123Jan-1331Book reviewMilitaryWireless for the Warrior. Louis Meulstee (Trevor Bell)
123Jan-1332MilitaryR-2A/ARR3 WWIIR-2A/Arr3 Airborne VHF/FM Radio Receiver (Michael Kane)
123Jan-1336RestorationAWA Empire SteThe Flooded Empire State (Graham Donaldson)
123Jan-1339Magazines Magazines received. contents
123Jan-1340HRSAAwards30th Anniversary Awards pictured, co-ordinators remarks (Bob Forbes)
123Jan-1343AWACentenaryLetter: Centenary Function details (Ross Stell)
123Jan-1343HRSAAuctionsLetter: Deceased Estate sales format (Brian Leckie)
123Jan-1343HRSACrystal SetsMelbourne Crystal Set Competition (Mike Osborne)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
123Jan-1344HeathkitHistoryHeathkit Legacy of Communications Equipment Pt 2,(Malcolm Haskard)
123Jan-1345AstorGPSRear cover inside. Advert: For 1955 Astor Portable Model GPS
123Jan-1346NationalWristTwist Rear Cover. Advert: For 1972,National Wrist, Twist Radio R72
124Apr-130AWATVFront Cover. AWA TV console
124Apr-130PyeTechnicoFront Cover. Pye Technico 'Consolette' - c1957
124Apr-1305Philips14TT 101Philips 17TT 101 Television set (Owen Kemp)
124Apr-1310RestorationTelevisionTelevision Service in the 1950s (Ronald R Thomas)
124Apr-1312OperaticAidaThe Restoration of Aida. (Alistair Craill)
124Apr-1314RestorationToolsSpecial Tools (Ray Robinson)
124Apr-1316ValvesBase IS-1Capt S R Mullard & the Interservice Valve base IS-1 (Fin Stewart)
124Apr-1318AstorBPJMy Favourite Radio. Astor BPJ (Robert Wasley)
124Apr-1320TheoryBiasA matter of Bias (Ian Batty)
124Apr-1328MuseumLauncestonAn interesting place to visit in Tassie (Bob Forbes)
124Apr-1329ProjectTelevisionB&W Television after analogue transmission stops (Graeme Dennes)
124Apr-1333ProfileEassonRadio Men and their Sheds. Jim Easson (Tony Maher)
124Apr-1334ProjectSignal TracerConstruction Project. Signal Tracer (Bob Forbes)
124Apr-1336RestorationSignal TracerUsing a Signal Tracer (Warwick Woods)
124Apr-1337HomebrewTelevisionA Home-made 5 inch TV Receiver (John Phillips)
124Apr-1338RecordingTelevisionHistory of Television Recording in Australia (Andre Switzer)
124Apr-1341RestorationTelevisionB&W Television Servicing. my experiences. Pt 1 (John Williamson)
124Apr-1345ProjectAM RadioA simple AM radio (Ron Soutter)
124Apr-1348Magazines Magazines received. contents
124Apr-1349PhilipsKR576Rear cover inside. 1986 Philips Television &VCR (Kevin Poulter)
124Apr-1350AWATelevisionRear Cover. AWA 1970 space age television (Kevin Poulter)
125Jul-130AWARadiolaFront Cover AWA Portable Radiola Super, model C25
125Jul-130AWAVariousFront Cover. Advert for 1954 Radiola domestic models
125Jul-1305AWAHistoryAWA's Foundation (Tony Griffiths)
125Jul-1307AWAHistoryErnest Fisk at AWA (Jock Given)
125Jul-1309AWAHistoryThe Sealed Set debacle (Colin MacKinnon)
125Jul-1313AWAHistoryRadiola enters the Home (John McIlwaine)
125Jul-1315AWAHistoryDesign of AWA domestic radio receivers (Neville Coffill)
125Jul-1316AWAHistoryCar radio (John McIlwaine)
125Jul-1318AWAHistoryThe Marconi School of Wireless (John McIlwaine)
125Jul-1320AWAHistoryConsumer Product Engineering in AWA (1945-88) (Colin Platt)
125Jul-1322AWAHistoryAWA Production Post-War on the Ashfield Site (Colin Platt)
125Jul-1324AWAHistoryThe AWA Building at North Ryde (Kevin A Long)
125Jul-1326AWAHistoryAWA Valve Manufacture: The Australian Scene (John McIlwaine)
125Jul-1328AWAHistoryThe History of AWA Broadcasting (John McIlwaine)
125Jul-1329AWAHistoryReniniscences of living with AWA Equipment (Peter Lankshear)
125Jul-1332AWAHistoryThe Radiotron Designer's Handbook (Ross Stell)
125Jul-1335AWAHistorySome 1930s AWA Products (Photos)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
125Jul-1336AWAHistoryThe History of AWV Semiconductors (Mark Burgess)
125Jul-1338AWAHistoryRationale of Design of AWA's first transisitor portable (Graham Moore)
125Jul-1340AWAHistoryAWA- The Transistor Years (Ian Malcolm)
125Jul-1342AWAHistoryManufacturers Special products (MSP) (Graham Moore)
125Jul-1344AWAHistoryAWA's Military Production (Ray Robinson)
125Jul-1352AWAHistoryAWA's Melbourne Reminiscences (John Williamson)
125Jul-1354AWAHistoryAWA Today... How it got here (Jock Given)
125Jul-1357AWAHistoryRear cover inside. Collage of AWA photographs
125Jul-1358AWAHistoryRear Cover. The AWA range in March 1953, celebrating 40 years
126Oct-130HMVVariousFront Cover. HMV Little Nipper advertisement of 1952
126Oct-130AWA879PFront Cover. AWA advertisement for first Australian transistor radio
126Oct-1305Filter-Flex1927The Filter-Flex circa 1927 (Jim Easson)
126Oct-1310RestorationEngravingFilling Engraved Legends (Ray Robinson)
126Oct-1312MuseumLackieBrian Lackie Museum: Stage 2,official opening (Barry Poor)
126Oct-1314PhilipsModel MM2Philips Model MM2,Philadelphia Transistor Radio (Ron Sharp)
126Oct-1317HistoryTransistorsTransistors. People & Processes. Part 1 (Ian Batty)
126Oct-1330SteanePA amplifiersTwo 5W PA amplifiers by Steane's Sound Systems (Graham Scott)
126Oct-1334TelevisionA/D ConversionLetter: Analogue to Digital TV conversion (John Hunter)
126Oct-1335AstorBPJLetter: Circuit errors Astor BPJ & Key AP7681 (Rodney Champness)
126Oct-1336AWAHistoryLetter: Several commenting on AWA Issue 125
126Oct-1337AWARadarAWA's Military Output. Radar (Ray Robinson)
126Oct-1338Book reviewMilitary.Wireless at War. by Peter Jensen (Malcolm Haskard)
126Oct-1340ManufacturingHoffman (US)H Leslie Hoffman founder of Hoffman Radio Corp (Ron Wesenberg)
126Oct-1343ProfileRobertsonObituary: Bruce Robertson 1937-2012,(Richard Begbie)
126Oct-1343ProfileSmith-GoodeObituary: Alan Smith-Goode 1931-2013 (Philip Renouf)
126Oct-1343ProfileIngramObituary: Thomas Lewis Ingram 1932-2013 (Keith Beeby)
126Oct-1344ProfileYoungObituary: Bob Young 1932-2013 (Vintage Radio Club)
126Oct-1345BroadcastingHistoryBroadcast. The Cinderella of Radio (Richard Begbie)
126Oct-1348Book reviewBroadcasting.Broadcasting in Australia. 1923-4. by Ron Langhans (Richard Begbie)
126Oct-1349STCHistoryRear cover inside. STC Stereo-gram advertisement of 1960
126Oct-1350HotpointBandmasterRear Cover. Hotpoint advertisement of 1946
127Jan-140AstorVariousFront Cover. advertisement of February 1959
127Jan-140RadiofestAWA (USA)Front Cover. Dispays at the Antique Wireless Association meeting (US)
127Jan-1405MilitaryWS-1 (UK)Wireless Set No 1 (Ray Robinson)
127Jan-1413GoblinClock radioThe Goblin Time Spot Clock Radio (Harold Norrie)
127Jan-1415RadiofestAWA (USA)The Antique Wireless Association (USA) (Dan Bedford)
127Jan-1418HistoryTransistorsTransistors. People & Processes. Part 2 (Ian Batty)
127Jan-1425ProfileNewsomeObituary: Rex Newsome 1932-2013 (Richard Begbie)
127Jan-1426ManufacturingEllsworthEllsworth Radio Mfg Co & Eric Anderson. engineer (Ron Wesenberg)
127Jan-1430AWATest gearAWA's military output: Test equipment (Ray Robinson)
127Jan-1433AstorHMQ QNA Tale of two Astors (HNQ & QN) (Richard Wood)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
127Jan-1436RestorationTelevision B&WTelevision Servicing. my experiences. Pt 2,(John Williamson)
127Jan-1439MiscellaneousInterferenceRadio Interference from LED Lights (Keith J Stenhouse)
127Jan-1440Magazines Magazines received,. contents
127Jan-1442HistoryTransistorsLetter: Transistors ., People & Processes. errors. Part 1 (Ian Batty)
127Jan-1444ValvesRe-juvenatingRejuvenating Thoriated Tungsten Tubes (Norman Leal)
127Jan-1445HRSAMeetingRear Cover: Bill's Garden party, December 2013. HRSA (VIC)
127Jan-1446HRSAProjectRear Cover: HRSA Construction Project entries 2013
128Apr-140HealingGolden VoiceFront Cover. advertisement of,January 1946
128Apr-140HealingVariousFront Cover. advertisements of,Apr/Jul 1953
128Apr-1405Healing401E 1946Healing 401E kitchen radio (Graham Parslow)
128Apr-1410RestorationCapacitorsOld for Old capacitors (David Oliver)
128Apr-1412History (military)AWAAWA's Military Research (Ray Robinson)
128Apr-1413ProfileElliottRichard Elliott. Memoir of a misspent radio youth (Richard Begbie)
128Apr-1417ProjectMeterDesigning a simple amp and voltmeter (Graeme Dennes)
128Apr-1418ProjectFM for AM setFM from your AM radio (Bob Forbes)
128Apr-1420Book reviewElwellCyril Frank Elwell. by Ian L Sanders (Richard Begbie)
128Apr-1421HRSAPaymentsWrong methods of paying your subscription (Jim Easson)
128Apr-1422MilitaryWS-128WS-128 Backpack Transceiver (Ray Robinson)
128Apr-1431TheoryTransistorsTransistors. Characteristics. Part 1 (Ian Batty)
128Apr-1440Filter-Flex1927The Filter-Flex story 2,(Jim Easson)
128Apr-1444MiscellaneousLED HashLetter: LED Hash/noise (Bob Forbes)
128Apr-1444MilitaryWS-1 (UK)Letter: Two corrections (Ray Robinson)
128Apr-1444HistoryAstorLetter: Material needed to revise Astor book (Jim Easson)
128Apr-1445KreislerRadiogramRear Cover:. advertisement for radiogram of May 1953
128Apr-1446BrunetPhonesRear Cover: advertisement for Brunet phones of December 1926
129Jul-140AstorGSFront Cover. Astor, 'Widow's peak' GS radio
129Jul-140PhilipsVariousFront Cover. 1949 advertisement for various Philips radios
129Jul-1405History (Australia)SSB transceiversAn SSB story. covers Telecom SSB transceivers 1975 (Hugh Paton)
129Jul-1409Crystal SetsVariometerA Variometer Crystal Set (Fred Franklin)
129Jul-1411Steinite990 1927Steinite 990 Series Restoration (Peter Eldridge)
129Jul-1416RestorationDecalsHow to make white Decals (Ray Robinson)
129Jul-1419TheoryDual voltageSelector in Dual Voltage AC/DC power supplies (Graeme Dennes)
129Jul-1420HRSABattery setsRadio Picnic Day. battery models competition
129Jul-1422ProjectPortablesA Portable Picnic Day. various models compared (Bruce Moyle)
129Jul-1428ProjectSignal TracerSignal Tracer - project competition winner (Peter Caprin)
129Jul-1430ProfileEassonJim Easson. He wanted to be an accountant (Richard Begbie)
129Jul-1434RestorationCapacitorsLetter: Old for Old capacitors (Marc Chick)
129Jul-1435MarconiCR-100Mystery Radio? (Ron Sharp). appears to be naval CR-100 (indexer)
129Jul-1436History (military)AWALetter: AWA's Military Research (Ross Stell)
129Jul-1437AstorHistoryLetter: Early Astor Radios. Help needed (Jim Easson)
129Jul-1438TheoryTransistorsTransistors. Characteristics. Part 2,(Ian Batty)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
129Jul-1447Magazines Magazines received. contents
129Jul-1449PhilipsWWII radioRear Cover:. advertisement by Philips re- WWII underground radio
129Jul-1450Philips101 108Rear Cover: 1947 advertisement for Philips Models 101 and 108
130Oct-140MarconiMark III receiverFront Cover. WWI Marconi crystal receiver Mark III
130Oct-140HRSARadiofestFront Cover. Photos from the September 2014 RadioFest
130Oct-1405HMVStereogramsFour HMV stereograms and stereo AM in Australia (Graham Parslow)
130Oct-1411History (Australia)TelevisionColour TV in Australia. Part 1 (Graeme Dennes)
130Oct-1416AWARadiolette 27AWA Radiolettee Model 27 Receiver (Ray Robinson)
130Oct-1419ProfileRosengreenObituary: Athol Rosengreen (John Carroll)
130Oct-1420TheoryDual voltageLetter: Selector in Dual Voltage AC/DC power supplies (John Mackie)
130Oct-1420MilitaryAWA 101Letter: From Darwin to Adelaide on a 101 (John Wagener)
130Oct-1421TelevisionServicingLetter: Early TV Servicing (Mike Griffiths)
130Oct-1421AstorBookLetter: Astor Book one. help still wanted (Jim Easson)
130Oct-1421HistoryTransistorsLetter: Transistor Temperature Symbols (Ross Stell)
130Oct-1422MilitaryBC-1206On the gentle art of NDB listening and the BC-1206 (David Brown)
130Oct-1425RestorationPaintworkHandy Hint on Paintwork. wrinkle finish (Manfred Nagel)
130Oct-1425Magazines Magazines received. contents
130Oct-1426ValvesSolid stateSolid-state replacement for early valves (Mike Osborne)
130Oct-1430AstorDQPThe Astor DQP (Bob Forbes)
130Oct-1432MilitaryBC-312BC-312 Receiver (Ray Robinson)
130Oct-1441HRSARadiofestAnother Radio Fest to remember (Richard Begbie)
130Oct-1442ProfileMaherTony Maher: A well deserved life membership (Richard Begbie)
130Oct-1443ProfileLackieBrian Lackie: A well deserved life membership (Richard Begbie)
130Oct-1445HRSARadiofestRear Cover. Photos from the September 2014 RadioFest
130Oct-1446ManufacturingEnglandRear Cover. Radio production in England in 1934
131Jan-150Airzone550Front Cover. Green Airzone model 550
131Jan-150Project1-valveFront Cover. 1-valve project entries
131Jan-1505ElectrosoundModel 414-1The Electrosound model 414-1 steel cased mantel (Alistair Craill)
131Jan-1509ProjectSmall partsCasting small parts (Ray Robinson)
131Jan-1514KingsleyAR7Restoring a Kingsley AR7 receiver (David Brown)
131Jan-1518History (Australia)TelevisionColour TV in Australia. Part 2,(Graeme Dennes)
131Jan-1523ProfileOakleyObituary: Ken Oakley (Richard Begbie)
131Jan-1523ProfileWaltersObituary: John Walters (Philip Renouf)
131Jan-1524HomebrewMaerstroThe Little Maestro mantel - homebrew or commercial? (Tony Smith)
131Jan-1526HistorySuperhetThe Superheterodyne. A History. Part 1 (Ian Batty)
131Jan-1535RadametaSignal GeneratorRadameta Signal Generator (Bob Forbes)
131Jan-1537Project1-valve1-valve competition prizewinners
131Jan-1538Humour Letter: Email addresses (Richard Elliott)
131Jan-1538TheoryTransistorsLetter: Transistor Characteristics (John Crawford)
131Jan-1539RestorationCapacitorsLetter: Replacing leaky capacitors (Rodney Champness)
131Jan-1539HistoryTransistorsLetter: Transistor Temperature Symbols. correction (Ross Stell)

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
131Jan-1539History (Australia)TelevisionLetter: British and American TV standards (John Hunter)
131Jan-1542Project1-valveBuilding the compactron Unicorn. a winning entry (Bert Pitt)
131Jan-1545Project1-valveRear Cover. 1-valve project entries
131Jan-1546ValvesOsramRear Cover. Osram valve poster. 1920s?
132Apr-1502HRSADetailsHRSA Details
132Apr-1505HistorySuperhetHistory of the Superhet Part 2
132Apr-1513Construction2015 ContentestHRSA Contest for 2015
132Apr-1514TelephoneDIIIThe DIII Telephone
132Apr-1516ProfileBattyRadio Men and their Sheds: Ian Batty
132Apr-1517ProfileObituartiesObituaries: J. de Haas and L. Whittle
132Apr-1518RestorationFreed EisemanFreed Eisemann Radio Cabinet Restoration
132Apr-1521MuseumNationalAustralian Radio Museum
132Apr-1522HistoryRolaHistory of Rola
132Apr-1525NewsHonoursAustralia Day Honours
132Apr-1525How toLitzHowto solder Litz Wire
132Apr-1526HistorySecretTwo Men and a Secret Wireless
132Apr-1531HistoryNQRNot Quite Right Radios
132Apr-1533Crystal SetCompetitionCrystal Set Competition Results
132Apr-1534Unicorn1-valveUnicorn One-Valve Superhet Radio
132Apr-1536AstorDPMAstor DPM Restoration
132Apr-1538CompassARN7The ARN7 Compass Receiver
132Apr-1541Book review Book Reviews
132Apr-1543Book reviewAstorAstor Book 1 Revision
133Jul-1502HRSADetailsHRSA Details
133Jul-1505Restoration1950 Stromberg CarlsonModel 5A39
133Jul-1510PicnicResultsLaurie's Picnic at the farm.
133Jul-1512RestorationRayoDyneRayoDyne Model 15 Series A
133Jul-1514CompetionWinIdentify the Radio. Win a prize.
133Jul-1514WarningDisclaimerDisclaimer and Warnings.
133Jul-1515RestorationRF ValvesHow to fix sheilded valves.
133Jul-1516HistoryRadio & RadarWas Butement a pioneer of Radio and Radar?
133Jul-1525HistoryTM ValveThe TM type Valve
133Jul-1526HistoryWW2German WW2 Amenities Radio
133Jul-1533Simon BuxtonObituarySimon Buxton
133Jul-1534LettersEditorVarious Topics
133Jul-1536Book ReviewSW ReceiversShort Wave Receivers
133Jul-1536Data BookOn Line Philip's Valve data book online.
133Jul-1537HistorySID's story.Sid's Story
133Jul-1540ConstructonOne ValveUnusual One Valve Radio.
134Oct-1501PresidentReportFrom the President.

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
134Oct-1502HRSADetailsHRSA Details.
134Oct-1503HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer.
134Oct-1504HRSANewsSociety News.
134Oct-1505VariometerRepairVariometer Repair.
134Oct-1510CompetionWinnerRadio Identification Competition Winner.
134Oct-1511RestorationTasmaTasma 1105 Radio: Restoration
134Oct-1516ServicemanTailsServiceman Who Tells: An Unusual Fault.
134Oct-1518Power SuppliesSolid StateTransistor Power Supplies and Bias
134Oct-1529Test GearCountersA Frequency Counter.
134Oct-1530ProfileObituaryGerry Wells 1929-2014.
134Oct-1532HistoryMemoriesMemories of Other Days.
134Oct-1533HistorySailorsConfessions of a Sailor.
134Oct-1537UltrasonicCleaningUltrasonic Cleaning.
134Oct-1538LettersEditorLetters to the Editor.
134Oct-1542RestorationWire RecorderPyrox Wire Recorder CWR-P2.
135Jan-1601PresidentReportFrom the President.
135Jan-1602HRSADetailsHRSA Details.
135Jan-1603HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer.
135Jan-1604HRSANewsSociety News.
135Jan-1605HistoryFMAustralia's Early FM Experiments.
135Jan-1610BookReviewCrosley JM 8 Radio Book.
135Jan-1615ReviewPersonThe Amazing Mr Fessenden.
135Jan-1624HistoryRadioThe Astor 1948 KP Portable Radio.
135Jan-1628RepairAudioTransistor Radios: The Audio Stages.
135Jan-1636Project20162016 Construction Project Competition.
135Jan-1638BookReviewBook Review: Console Radios.
135Jan-1639ServicemanTailsServiceman: An Old Radio Repaired.
135Jan-1642HardwareRestorationUgly AWA Knobs ?.
135Jan-1643MembersNewNew Members.
135Jan-1644LettersEditorLetters to the Editor.
135Jan-1648CompetitionWinnersRadio Restoration Competition Winners.
135Jan-1649HealthAdviseHealth Advice.
136Apr-1601PresidentReportFrom the President.
136Apr-1602HRSADetailsHRSA Details.
136Apr-1603HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer.
136Apr-1604HRSANewsSociety News.
136Apr-1605HistoryCar RadioFrom the Beginning.
136Apr-1610SevicemanTalesA Silent Car Radio.
136Apr-1611FerrisBrothersFerris Car Radio.
136Apr-1613FerrisBrothersFerris Car Radio FM to AM Converter.
136Apr-1614RestorationRCARCA Radiola III.

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
136Apr-1617RestirationCranmmondCrammond School Bus Radio.
136Apr-1618RestorationHotpointHotpoint Bandmaster B64ME.
136Apr-1622Theory Transistor Converters and IFs.
136Apr-1627ConstructionRepairsRust Remover.
136Apr-1627MembersNewNew Members.
136Apr-1628PoulterKevinOn The Circuit.
136Apr-1632ConstructionTest Eq:RF Sweep Generator.
136Apr-1636WhatsNewNew Car Radio Technology.
136Apr-1638RestortionHitachiHitachi Car/Portable Radio TM816U.
136Apr-1639ConstructionCarNovel Car Radio Antenna.
136Apr-1639ConstructionCrystalCrystal Set Competition Results.
136Apr-1640Construction2 Valve RadioHRSA Construction Project part 2.
136Apr-1642ObituaryMember#2Obituary: Doug Dowe.
136Apr-1643MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received.
136Apr-1644LettersEditorLetters to the Editor.
137Jul-161PresidentReportFrom the President
137Jul-162HRSADetailsHRSA Details
137Jul-163HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
137Jul-164HRSANewsSociety News
137Jul-165Stromberg Carlson888Stromberg Carlson Radio Model 188
137Jul-1612RCAAR-1264An RCA Theramin
137Jul-1614ServicemanTransformersServiceman: Those Troublesome Trannies
137Jul-1616DELCO RadioPRC-64AThe PRC-64A HF Transmitter Receiver
137Jul-1623ProfileBattyRadiomen and their Sheds: Ian Batty
137Jul-1624ProfileHallSteve Hall - The Man and his Radio Collection
137Jul-1626RestorationAsbestosAdios Asbestos
137Jul-1627RestorationTimberWood in the Days of Bakelite
137Jul-1628Stromberg Carlson51A12Stromberg Carlson Radio 51A12 (1951)
137Jul-1632EkcoBAW 98Ekco BAW98 Radio
137Jul-1635ProfileGill and Scott DouglasObituaries: Ted Gill and Alan Scott Douglas
137Jul-1636BrevilleZBA 431My first Multimeter - 73 years on
137Jul-1639MembersNewsNew Members
137Jul-1640HistorySA BranchIn the Beginning (SA Group)
137Jul-1642LettersEditorLetters to the Editor
137Jul-1643MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
137Jul-1643CompetitionWinRadio Identification Competition
137Jul-1644CompetitionWinnersFarm Radio Competition Results
137Jul-1646AWAB33AWA B33 Tuning Condenser Troubles
137Jul-1648Profile Obituary: John Sheard.
138Oct-161PresidentReportFrom the President

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
138Oct-162HRSADetailsHRSA Details
138Oct-163HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
138Oct-164HRSANewsSociety News
138Oct-165History (Australia)TelevisionA Television Special
138Oct-166ProfileParslowRadio Men and their Sheds: Graham Parslow
138Oct-167RestorationUnknownDigger Radio
138Oct-1610AstorECASTOR Mickey Grill Cloth Replacement
138Oct-1613Classic13 CLClassic Restoration Saga
138Oct-1619RepairPCBSoldering on Printed Circuit Boards
138Oct-1623KingsleyKF/C6Kingsley KF/C6 6 Meter Converter
138Oct-1626ServicemanHumServiceman: Hum Tracing
138Oct-1628DELCO RadioPRC-64ABattery Replacement for the PRC-64A
138Oct-1631MembersNewsNew Members
138Oct-1631MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
138Oct-1631CompetitionResultsRadio Identification: Winners
138Oct-1632AdvanceE2Advance E2 RF Signal Generator
138Oct-1637Ferris90Ferris 90 Car Valve Portable
138Oct-1644LettersEditorLetters to the Editor
138Oct-1647ProfileEllis and LloydObituaries: Doug Ellis; Leo Lloyd
139Jan-171PresidentReportFrom the President
139Jan-172HRSADetailsHRSA Details
139Jan-173HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
139Jan-174HRSANewsSociety Notes
139Jan-174HRSANewsFrom the Treasurer
139Jan-175MuseumSPARCA Canadian Radio Museum
139Jan-178AWAR52GWA Rare AWA Radio
139Jan-1710SterlingSparkTransmitter W/T No. 1
139Jan-1716TraegerBaby TransceiverTraeger Pedal Radio Replica
139Jan-1718GecophoneSmoker's CabinetGecophone Radio
139Jan-1720MembersNewsNew Members
139Jan-1720MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
139Jan-1721ConstructionPower SupplyPower Supplies for Battery Radios
139Jan-1724LettersEditorLetter to the Editor
139Jan-1725ProfileBarlinObituary: George Barlin
139Jan-1728HistoryAerialsThe Aerial and Earth
139Jan-1730HistoryProgramsStay Tuned
139Jan-1731CompetitionResultsConstruction Project Results
139Jan-1732HistoryVolume ControlThe History of the Volume Control
139Jan-1737ServicemanKP-200Serviceman: A Kingsley Record Player
139Jan-1738AdvanceE2Improving the Advance Signal Generator
139Jan-1740ConstructionCrystal SetA Twenty-first Century Crystal Set

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140Apr-171PresidentReportFrom the President
140Apr-172HRSADetailsHRSA Details
140Apr-173HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
140Apr-174HRSANewsSociety Notes
140Apr-175Philips132Philips Radio 132
140Apr-1710TelefunkenE52Telefunken E52 Military Radio
140Apr-1715HistoryAstor MickeyAstor Mickey vs Disney Corporation
140Apr-1716RestorationMeterRestoring Meter Dials
140Apr-1718AWA712 CAWA 712 Console Radio
140Apr-1722RestorationLeather CaseNew Leather Cases for Transistor Radios
140Apr-1723HRSADisclaimerDisclaimer and Warning
140Apr-1724ConstructionPower SupplyPower Supplies for Battery Radios Part 2
140Apr-1732MembersNewsNew Members
140Apr-1733ServicemanTuning FaultServiceman: Tuning Fault
140Apr-1733MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
140Apr-1734HistoryAustralian RadioAustralian Radio Timelines
140Apr-1736HistoryRadio on TitanicWireless and the RMS Titanic
140Apr-1744ConstructionCrystal SetTwenty-first Century Crystal Sets part 2
140Apr-1747LettersEditorLetter to the Editor
140Apr-1748Music Masters535Shabby Chic
141Jul-171PresidentReportFrom the President
141Jul-172HRSADetailsHRSA Details
141Jul-173HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
141Jul-174HRSANewsSociety Notes
141Jul-175ConstructionCompetitionA Two Valve Radio
141Jul-177MembersNewsNew Members
141Jul-178Airmec871The Airmec 871 Signal Generator
141Jul-1714MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received
141Jul-1715HistoryBroadcastingThe ABC Open Day in Darwin
141Jul-1716Scharnberg Strauss71The Jukebox 'Strauss
141Jul-1718PersonalPortablesFour Personal Portables
141Jul-1720PhilipsTinniesPhilips Portable Valve Radios 1948-57
141Jul-1726ServicemanHPM and B17The Old and the New
141Jul-1727CompetitionWinRadio Identification Competition
141Jul-1728CompetitionResultsBattery-Powered TRF Competition
141Jul-1730HotpointM65MEDon't Plug it In!
141Jul-1732ConstructionPower SupplyPower Supplies for Battery Radios Part 3
141Jul-1738ProfileJohnstonOn the Circuit: Ian Johnston
141Jul-1742TransportaAllThe Transporta Radios
141Jul-1743DELCO RadioAN/PRC-64ABattery Power for the AN/PRC 64A
141Jul-1747ReportCrystal SetCrystal Set Report

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
141Jul-1751HistoryHRSA NSWHistory of the HRSA in NSW
142Oct-171PresidentReportFrom the President
142Oct-172HRSADetailsHRSA Details
142Oct-173HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
142Oct-174HRSANewsSociety News
142Oct-175MilitarySCR-522The Restoration of T/R SCR-522
142Oct-179ComponentsSpeaker TransformerSpeaker Transformer Replacement
142Oct-1710HistoryRolaRola Nights
142Oct-1711MembersNewsNew Members
142Oct-1712DiasonP58A Rejuvenated Diason Portable
142Oct-1715RestorationTipsBakelite Polishing
142Oct-1716MilitaryBC-342The BC-342 Communications Receiver
142Oct-1721ServicemanCN-396AReviving the Vidor
142Oct-1723ProfileBraidA Radio Man's Collection
142Oct-1725HistoryNational PanasonicNational Radio (Japan)
142Oct-1728BookWritingPublish and Nearly Perish
142Oct-1731LettersEditorLetters to the Editor
142Oct-1732CompetitionResultsRadio Identification Competition Results
142Oct-1733MilitaryBC-611BC-611 Inverter
142Oct-1738HistoryBarraBarra Project: My Involvement
142Oct-1739HomebrewTest GearA Homebuilt Battery Tester
143Jan-181PresidentReportFrom the President
143Jan-182HRSADetailsHRSA Details
143Jan-183HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
143Jan-184HRSANewsSociety News
143Jan-185HomebrewTRFHome Brew Pickup
143Jan-188CompetitionResults35th Anniversary Award Winners
143Jan-188LetterEditorLetter to the Editor
143Jan-189HistoryPioneersRadio Pioneers of Australia
143Jan-1811MilitaryMCR1MCR1 Radio (Type 36/1)
143Jan-1818Healing401BThe Healing 401B Receiver
143Jan-1823AuctionDetailsOn the Circuit: Lou Albert's Sale
143Jan-1827ServicemanKLServiceman: Astor KL Radio
143Jan-1829Transporta7 RFRTV&H Transporta 7 RF
143Jan-1832AVOTest GearThe AVO Test Bridge
143Jan-1836AWA581AWA 581PZ and 581PY Radios
143Jan-1839MembersNewsNew Members
143Jan-1840CollectionPlastic CabinetsPolystyrene Plastic Radio Cabinets
143Jan-1845Cartoon Social Isolation by Technology
143Jan-1846HistoryVideo TapeVideo Editing
144Apr-181PresidentReportFrom the President

Issue Date Page Make/Type Model Article
144Apr-182HRSADetailsHRSA Details
144Apr-183HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
144Apr-184HRSANewsSociety Notes
144Apr-185CollectionDisposalWhither your Radio Collection?
144Apr-188Scharnberg Strauss52Scharnberg Strauss Model 52
144Apr-1812HistoryAerialsAntarctic Aerials
144Apr-1817ObituaryColemanRobert Coleman
144Apr-1818Sachsenwerk383WKSachsenwerk Olympia 383 WR
144Apr-1823HRSANewsTwo Life Memberships awarded
144Apr-1824CompetitionResults2017 Crystal Set competition
144Apr-1825How to RestorationRestorarion or "Ruination"
144Apr-1829Military1-1771-177 Valve Tester
144Apr-1838ProfileMurfettAll in the Family: Evan Murfett
144Apr-1841ProjectTwo ValveHRSA Radio Construction
144Apr-1845LetterEditorLetters to the Editor
144Apr-1847ServicemanVariousThe Serviceman who Tells
144Apr-1848MembersNewsNew Members
145Jul-181PresidentReportFrom the President
145Jul-182HRSADetailsHRSA Details
145Jul-183HRSAActivitiesActivities & Disclaimer
145Jul-184HRSANewsSociety Notes
145Jul-185HistoryRadioFirst Official Wireless Message UK to Australia
145Jul-1812How toRestorationHow to repair Handles
145Jul-1813Scharnberg Strauss1936Scharnberg Strauss Art Deco Console Restoration
145Jul-1820AWA500MYAWA Radiolette 500MY
145Jul-1823STC831STC 1941 Model 831
145Jul-1829AegisSpeakerExtension Speaker Remote Control
145Jul-1830HomebrewAmplifierStereo Walkman Valve Amplifier
145Jul-1832ProfileJohn MontgomeryRadio Man and his collection John Montgomery
145Jul-1835HistoryReceiversShips' Wireless Receivers
145Jul-1837CompetitionResultsHRSA Picnic and competition
145Jul-1842HMV660HMV Model 660 (1940)
145Jul-1844MembersNewsNew Members
145Jul-1844MagazinesReceivedMagazines Received

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