Australia’s largest Vintage Radio exhibition

The 35th RadioFest celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the Historical Radio Society of Australia (HRSA). Many of the over 1,100 members around Australia are bringing their prized radios to display or sell.

Delight in seeing and hearing all things vintage radio Do you like the look and sound of Bakelite or wood radios? Highlights will include bakelite radios in almost every conceivable design and colour, Televisions, Crystal Sets, Military Radios, Transistors and two-way radios (manufactured by PYE and Philips nearby in the 1960s), plus spark radios from the “Titanic” era - a tragic event that caused radio transmitters to become mandatory on all ships.

Amazing Bakelite and wooden case radios
With an estimated 30,000 vintage radios in HRSA member’s collections, visitors can expect to see the best of the best, with many radios rarely or never seen in public before. Some are the only ones in existence. The entire ballroom and surrounds of the Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin (Vic) will be filled with enthusiasts savouring the 1,000+ radios and parts. You can own one of the best or rarest radios by attending the members only class auction - an auction of one hundred rare and valuable radios.

Forms to register items for inclusion in the auction.

Member's Radio restoration competition
HRSA member's restored or constructed radios will be judged for the "best in show" awards.

Musical masterpiece
The Kingston Town Hall features a rare Wurlitzer organ, rescued in 1967 from the State Theatre in Melbourne and now again fully operational. The organ's original arrival in Melbourne was a sensation, transported from the wharf to the theatre in twenty-seven lorries and reported as the largest in Australia. Scott Harrison, a HRSA member and leading Wurlitzer organist, will perform tunes of the era on each hour.

About the HRSA
The Society was started 35 years ago by Ray Kelly and a small group of enthusiasts who wanted to collect and preserve Australia’s radio history. Some members come from a radio-related career, others with no technical knowledge, just an empathy for radio collecting. There’s also a wide range of interests, like members who only collect one era, for example 1920s or the much later transistors, exclusively microphones, or Military radios. Since it’s inception, the HRSA has endeavoured to cultivate and provide the means for members to collect radios, the parts needed for them, learn about radios, restoration and the history associated with Australia’s radio heritage. A major benefit is also the cultivating of friendships. Often members meet people they knew in radio 10, 20 or even 30 years ago, resulting in animated discussions on the old days and the subsequent years.

The HRSA valve (and parts) bank
Need hard to find parts? Browse through new or excellent condition vintage radio parts, radio knobs (even replica knobs made to order), dials, valves, radio magazines, books, printed posters and so much more on display and sale. Choose from the 50,000 new or tested valves in the “Valve Bank” run by the HRSA. Other parts available to HRSA members include high voltage capacitors, authentic design power cables and rare looms, to name a few.

Join us to admire, look and learn Many members have a technical knowledge of radios, in fact some write about Vintage Radio in Silicon Chip magazine. So bring your questions! Members and visitors are also eligible to win one of many retro radio prizes. If you visit early and would like to learn about joining the HRSA, there’s a limited number of HRSA colour magazines available free, with a membership form. Or to enquire about membership now, either email or mail the Membership Secretary at the HRSA, PO Box 2283, Mt. Waverley, Vic 3149, or fill in the Membership Form.

Access all areas
The RadioFest is open to the public on Sunday April 9th 2017, between 10am and 3pm. Members have access over the three days and to the dinner, so consider joining the HRSA. At only $35, including a colour magazine four times a year, access to the Valve and parts bank, meetings and auctions, membership is outstanding value.

35th Member’s Dinner
We are pleased to announce the guest speaker at the member’s dinner will be Dick Smith, the hugely successful radio store pioneer and adventurer. Dick’s attendance has created exceptional interest and tables are nearly sold out, so members need to book soon!

Programme and event details
More information, including the programme can be seen at

The venue is the Kingston Town Hall (formerly the Moorabbin Town Hall), which is located near Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne’s south east suburbs. The website is updated as new details are available, so return regularly for the latest information.

Kevin Poulter President, HRSA